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chris: welcome to the the new season of total drama island the incredebul powers lets meet are contestents say hello to the diva of fasion and has a tiny brain lindsay:is this total drama island the incredebul powers chris:yeah lindsay:ok oh bạn are must smal then I imagen chris: tiếp theo up is a girl with all brains and is smaller then see looks beth:lindsay is that bạn lindsay:yes beth:eeeeeeeeeeeeeh lindsay:eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh chris:lets get on with the hiển thị nexh is a man with that likes to read and is a no it all noah:chris do bạn have my mediahelp here chris yeah sure noah*walks aan* chris and the girl with a brain and is a cei courtney:nice to meet bạn all and am here to wen this season chris tiếp theo up is a jovenile that has wen its duncan*fors a night* chris:easy your layer says if bạn do that bạn wil go back to juvu duncan;ok chris:siera,cody,heater,zoey,mike,izzy and tyler toon in after this brack to see what drama happens next
posted by angelchamp3
Courtney:Hey guys!
Duncan:Hey babe.*kisses Courtney*
Courtney:Where's Trent?
Duncan:You mean Elvis?
Courtney:You need to stop making fun of him with that name...but,yes.
Geoff:You don't know?!
Duncan:Elvis Mất tích his lunch today in math!*laughs*
Bridgette:That's funny because??
Duncan:He was doing a math câu hỏi at the front of the class right?
Duncan:Well,he just Mất tích it..all on the floor!
Courtney:Why are bạn guys laughing if he's sick?!
Gwen:Because it's funny.*laughs again*
Courtney:I'm going to the bathroom.
Bridgette:I'll come...
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Chris: ok we have alot to do today! Let me just say that we are brnging back someone!
All: not agin!
Chris: yes! we are! It's Rayven!
Rayven:Yeah i'm back!
Chris: she filed a lawsew on the hiển thị cause she got unfarly voted off bởi someone *everyone looks at Jordan*
Ray: who's team is she going to be on?
Chris: she's going to be on team funny!
Rayven: no! I'm going on team random!
Chris: aaaaaaaaa........ why?
Rayven: because I want to vote off jordan!
Chris: ok! ummmmmmm....... Zoey! your moveing to team funny!
Zoey: ok!
Jax: No Zoey bạn can't go!

Zoey's POV: Jax thinks we are really going out! It was just...
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Episode 16: “Dial M For Merger”

“AAAHH!” I screamed as one bởi one, the campers fell into a pit. I had to do something!
I did a flip in. What, it was always good to practice my gymnastics!
Duncan and the others; Leshawna, Justin, Courtney, Harold and Beth were lying there, possibly unconscious. I stepped over to Duncan.
“Wake up,” I whispered. “Duncan… please…” Nothing happened.
I kissed him.
His eyes flitted open. It worked!! “Kiyurie…?”
The others were starting to wake up also… then Chris explained the challenge. A Spy Challenge… and the teams merged! Yes! No thêm competing...
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posted by TdiFan4Everz
Please Stop All Of The Fighting! I Mean Guys, Seriously? This Is A Website! It Would Be thêm Reasonable If It Was Real Life.....Fanpop Is A Website Where bạn Can Make Internet Buddies & Share Your tình yêu For Stuff! If bạn Pick A Fight, Make A "Tdi fanpop Fights" Fanclub! But Think About It: What If Someone Reports This Club Because Of All The Fighting And Then It Gets Deleted! Look At Us, We Have 1,461 Fans! We Cant Go That Far Again Until A Long Time! Just Plzzzzzz Stop The Fighting! And bạn Know What Else Is Messed Up? All The Users Younger Than 13 (Like Me) Are InStart The Fights! This...
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The Frist Ever NoahxIzzy Story

"Beautiful Soul"

One fine saterday morning at play'a'day losers Noah sat down at the nước ép, nước trái cây bar đọc his book. All the other camper were still sleeping in.
The was the time that Noah chearshed; Right now he had, peace, quite and alone. He disliked most of the campers, but most of all Izzy. She Never
left him alone. she would always tezze him about is sleep Kiss with Cody -Witch Wasnt His Falt- But The Fact Now Remains That Noah Would Gladley
take 100 Katies and Sadies anyday befor he even thought of hanging out with Izzy.But Today He Didnt Have To -For Now Anyway-...
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posted by Trent-lover123
tiếp theo day

Roxy:Hey hikaoru and koaru lets set up karens and kyoyas weding tee hee. Koaru:I will get the weding cake. Hikoaru:I will get the hoa and peddles. Tamiki:WHAT THERE GETING MARRIED!!! Roxy&twins:fooled bạn hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!Andrea:Hey wair are they anyway??? Karen:Kyoya I gess we have a relation ship right? Kyoya:I gess so, so girlfriend what do bạn want to do. Karen:hmmmm bạn now we shou.... Roxy&twins:YOU GUYS ARE HUCKING UP THAT IS SO CUTE WHAT ARE bạn GOING TO DO FIRST HUH HUH HUH!!!!! karen&kyoya:YOU GUYS ARE SO ANOYING SO GET OUT AF ARE BESNESS AND HOW...
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
 "Duncan is going down...I hope..."
"Duncan is going down...I hope..."
My mind burned. I was terrified. I thought Duncan loved me, and this was how he shows it?!

I turned the TV off and ran out of the room, screaming, desperately looking for a place to hide. Duncan was gonna kill me. If I fought him, I'd be roadkill. But I still wondered why he was pissed.

My nightgown fluttered around my ankles as I darted around the foyer. All the dorms weer closed, and my voiced echoed around the large couloir. I gripped onto a metal đài phun nước and fell to my knees as if a twister was batting the university. My body shivered, my head throbbed, my entire world was spinning as I...
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posted by TDIlover226
I just wanna tell bạn about something.
As most of bạn know, my bestest friend on the whole Internet is Lolly4me2.
Did bạn know, that a long time ago, me and lolly4me2 hated each other's guts?
Yep, we hated each other big time.
But we became friends, and forgot about it.
Just throw'n it out there, for anyone who thinks that forgiving and forgetting is impossible.

Me bored. So me write short bài viết that probably won't make a difference what so ever...