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emisa123 posted on Nov 23, 2008 at 02:23PM
create a TDI character. post how they look like, their name, what their like, and who they like.
Only three winners!

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hơn một năm qua EarthBoundShine said…
He has green hair and has Noah's hair style, has Ezekiel's hat but it's blue (like my icon). He has dark-white skin, and his name is Matt. He is nice, but can be VERY mean when pushed to the limit.
He is on the Killer Bass.
16 Years old!
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AilaMCrazy commented…
Medium length hair and has brown highlights and a gray and white t áo sơ mi and black short pants black sneakers and i tình yêu âm nhạc name:Brooke personalities: aggressive sarcastic mean ruthless friends: Gwen and Duncan hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua emisa123 said…
She has long, wavy brown hair. and she always wears a light purple t shirt and dark purple shorts.
Her name is Magenta or Maggie for short. She is very sporty, loves music, and is nice but she sure can fight! Her friends are Gwen, Trent, Bridgette, and Leshawna
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hơn một năm qua lydiascats said…
She has Gwen's hair color and Heather's hair style. She has pale skin, and wears a dark blue star shirt and denim capris.
She has anger issues, and is very crazy, but her IQ is 3902.
Her name is Emily, or Em for short.
hơn một năm qua HazlAngl2 said…
Name: Jorki (Short for Jake-Robbie Corklyn Ihlo)
Age: 11
Dresses: Casual, Cody's hair, Ezekiel's jacket, Cac'e shorts, and camo shoes.
team: Screaming Gophers
personality: He likes to party and is learning to surf. He is smart and has an I.Q. of 500/1000. He has high blood pressure, however, and can faint when very hot or cold. He tries to avoid fights, and loves pizza (especially pepperoni). He can climb tree's, and can skate okay. He is a good spot (litterally) and is good at sports, too. He likes junk food (but not plain popcorn) and likes to watch CSI:Miami, read adventure stories, and watch T.V. He hates school.
hơn một năm qua johnnytwilight said…
Name: Megan
Dresses: In skinny Jeans and band tees,And converse
Team Killer Bass
Personality:Party animal! Dropped out of school when 15 Her BFF is Heather From season 1
hơn một năm qua Wakko11 said…
I i am thinking of mine.
hơn một năm qua Bridgette101 said…
Dresses:Bridgette hair Katie's shirt Gwen's lips Bridgette's eys and Katie's bodie.
Team:Killer Bass
She is care-free and loves dolphins and sports.
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hơn một năm qua Dragondaisy said…
big smile
age 12

Favorite Food: Cornbread!!!!! Probably...

Hobby: Singing alternative music out loud very horribly, always doing something that has to do with David Cook, and drawing

Music: Alternative (rock) and Post-grunge

Fav. Music Artist: David Cook!!!!! (Hell yeah), To Have Heroes second... Nickelback third....


Loves: DAVID COOK!!!! Andy Skib, Neal Tiemann, Joey Clement, Kyle Peek, Dragons, Insects..reptiles...amphibians

Hates: David Cook haters XD(Archuleta lovers are fine as long they don't hate Cook), uhh... annoying people, Camp rock(SERIOUSLY!?!?!? You call THAT rock!?!?!)

Wears: Plaid shirts, funny captions on shirts, loose fitting jeans...(tight jeans make me itchy)

uhh....this is also me in real life

This is my favorite song XD (Gosh I'm so freakin obsessed with this guy)

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hơn một năm qua cprulz said…
Charlie, age 32, still lives with mom,footlong dark blonde hair,never combed,likes spaghetti, he eats it for every meal,he dropped out of school at 13,he picks his nose and puts it in his hair with his leftover spaghetti. Do you really want Charlie on YOUR team?
EDIT:lol nooby. Hi, im back on Fanpop! Yay!
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hơn một năm qua DUNCAN77TRENT7 said…
hơn một năm qua ShinigamiGirl06 said…
Name:Shawnna Happney
Clothes:Duncan's shirt with Gwen's skin and body but with Courtney's hair(but long to her legs) and Tyler's eyes
Likes:Anime,Twilight,Manga,Drawing,Skille­t-F­all­ing Inside The Black
Past:She likes anime and listening to music.She tries to skip school and did today.Her theme on the boat is Falling Inside the black by Skillet.She hates Heather,Courtney,Lindsay,Katie and Sadie and Beth.Her friends are Owen,Trent,Bridgette,Geoff,DJ,Harold,Her bestest friend is Izzy.She's been friends with Izzy since she was little.Her brother is Joshua.She is on the Killer Bass and has a HUGE and i mean HUGE crush on Duncan! So please tell me if i won!
hơn một năm qua crazychick1213 said…
Hair color- Gwens hair, but Brown with bright red tips.
Clothes- Black tee, jeans, Black van shoes,
Crush- Someone back home
Likes- Alternative rock bands, Being crazy, and being random.
Team- Screaming Gophers
About- She loves to run around and be random. She always talks about "Nick",her crush back home. She brags about her friends being on youtube (SOMMPAproductions) She will do anything to the extreme. She is a dead on tom-boy. Message me if I won.
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hơn một năm qua rockzsanders said…

I just came up with a whole buncha new stuff about Hayley:

Nickname: Hails (that's what I call my cuz', Hailey.)

Reason Eliminated: She cursed. A LOT. Kinda scared the others b/c she threw a temper tantrum.

Theme: "Crank That" by I Set My Friends On Fire♥ AKA, the Screamo Soulja Boy =)
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hơn một năm qua TDIfangirl said…
Um, okay, I didn't make this character, but I made her look.
She's Daisy from Mario, and has Gwen's hairstyle and look, but it's edited a bit. Hope this counts! Oh, and if you want anymire info, read TDI Bios: Daisy.
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hơn một năm qua sam182 said…
Alright ha
Name: Sam
Looks : Brown hair, blue eyes, she always wears a cap or some sort of hat. She has baggy pants and a blue shirt and wears a yin - yang necklace.

Story: She is from boston, she has 5 older brothers. She never gets her own clothes, cuz her family is a little big so she always has to wear her brothers old jackets and shirts. But her mom help her fixed them so they fit her well. She rides a Yamaha black motorcycle that her dad gave her when she turned 16. At the age of 14 she was suspended from school when they catch her playing cards and gambling in the bathroom.

personality: She tries to be cool with everybody even though she has some trust issues. She develope them since the time her brother Joe told her to jump from a second floor and promised to catch her. He didn´t cuz he is an idiot. And she broke her ancle. Since then she don´t trust people, especially Joe. She is sweet but hates corny persons. And the hardest thing for her is to say "I love you". Hates conflicts. Always remebers everyone´s birthday and hates to judge people before getting the chance to know them.

Likes: Sports, especially hockey, rock music, playing pool, poker and the Beatles.

Dislikes : She is afraid of heights, dislikes Wannabes, people who tell you to "grow up" all the time, drama queens and hates responsabilities and school. She is kind of go with the flow.

Crush : Another character I invented named jake ha

Friends : Brigette, Gwen, Trent, Geoff, Izzy...

Team : Killer bass

So it´s kind like me if I was a toon. Except for some little details i made up :D
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 Alright ha Name: Sam Age:16 Looks : Brown hair, blue eyes, she always wears a mũ lưỡi trai, cap hoặc some sort of
hơn một năm qua 789703011 said…
friends:heather,noah,duncan,courtney and izzy
hates:every1 else
 name:sara chrus:duncan friends:heather,noah,duncan,courtney and izzy hates:every1 else
GwenRocks11 commented…
omg! my name is really Sara hơn một năm qua
busterlover commented…
i am Những người bạn with Noah hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua BlastWave said…
My Characeter is called Elton (actual name is Reginald), and he dresses like Elton John. In fact, he's an Elton John groupie!
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hơn một năm qua xxXsk8trXxx said…
Name: Dawn
Age: 17
Hobbies: Drawing, playing heavy metal guituar, partying
Personality: Fun, hyper, tougher than Eva, party animal
Friends: Sierra,Izzy, Bridgette, Geoff, Trent, Noah, Cody, Beth, Heather,Gwen
Enemies: Duncan,Leshawna,Tyler,Courtney
Boyfirend: Noah
Fear: Red Mugs
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 Name: Dawn Age: 17 Hobbies: Drawing, playing heavy metal guituar, partying Personality: Fun, hyper
busterlover commented…
NOAH is mine MINE hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua sexybaby9087 said…
HAIR:blonde with blue streets
and she looks like this:but sorry im a not good drawer
 NAME:Crystal LIKES:Justion EYE COLER:Hazel HAIR:blonde with blue streets FRIENDS:Gwen,Trent,Izzy,
hơn một năm qua giovannimtz said…
Mixture Of Trent And Izzy!
Friends:Bridgette, Izzy, Trent, Geoff, Gwen, LeShawna, Beth, And Linsay( And Trizzy vs Heather
Eye Color: Greenish Blue
Huge Crush:Justin!
Team:Killer Bass
Hair:Orange With Blue Sreets(Lines)
Hobbies:Drawing Like Gwen, Being Crazy Like Izzy, And Being Sweet Like Trent.
Sports:Swimming, Tennis, And Kickball!
Message Me If I Win, Bye

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hơn một năm qua codyismine said…
name - karen
age - 16
hair - long blonde hair
bridgette skin
green eyes
likes- animals, life, and lots of thinks more
dislikes- ppl like HEATHER
team - screaming gophers
friends- the most of the ppl at the island
enemies - heather..and harold too
crush - cody!
ooh and her fave color its blue! :P
 name - karen age - 16 hair - long blonde hair bridgette skin green eyes likes- animals, life, an
busterlover commented…
if she's Những người bạn with noah bạn are mean hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua GWENxTRENT said…
big smile
motto:*sigh* Karma, you gotta hate it
hair:spikey like alice in twilight but with diffrent colors like hayley wilams from paramore
team:screaming gophers
friends:every one on the island (from TDIfangirl styel)mostly daisy, heather,and chris
BFFLs (Best friends for life):Izzy, the host TDIfangirl,D.J gwen, duncan,and leshawna
sports:soccer and tennis
what she wants to be when she grows up:a writer and pro soccer player
music:rock 'n roll, alternative, some folk, genre.metal,pop,pop rock, rock,and some unknown genre
books:the twilight saga,harry potter
fav cancled show: pushing daisies
lives in: new york
she a 'kick back and relax' type of girl. but some times she's always on her toes. she began playing soccer at the age of 8 and began writing at the age of 7. a punk with some gothic. she hates her life because it's never the way she wants it to be. she doesn't care what anybody says about her. she only cares for her family, her friends,and her crush. he always looks out for her and always helps her in her time of need. she can really relate to him and can share all of her secrets with him.
crush:duncan. (but some times if he get's on her nerves)

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hơn một năm qua izzzyroxmysocks said…
IQ:188(wow like izzy!)
 name:anabell age:15 eyes:blue IQ:188(wow like izzy!)
hơn một năm qua Lolly4me2 said…
Name: Sofia (Sofie) Izanami
Age: 16
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Red (orange)
TDI Team: Killer Bass
Dislikes: Courtney, Duncan and Geoff
Crush: Buddy (link's OC)
Friends: Izzy, Beth, Noah, Cody, Lindsay, Leshawna, DJ, Sierra, Alejandro (she thinks)
Favorite Music: J-pop and Alternative
Favorite Band/Music Artist: Vocaloids, Flyleaf, Paramore, etc.
Elimination Reason: She wasn't eliminated. Sofie was in the "Camp Castaways" challenge, trying to find her way back to camp. It got dark and she found the Loser Boat. She climbed inside and drove it, trying to find her way back to camp. When she ended up at Playa Day Losers, Chris told her she couldn't go back at camp.
TDA: Not Qualified (Intern)
TDWT: Qualified
Advantages: Seduction (pfft much)
Disadvantages: Over-sociability, daydreaming, can't draw, organize properly, or cook
Theme Song: "I'm Alive!" - BECCA
Siblings: 1 older, 17 year old sister named Lucy, 1 younger, 13 year old brother named Peter.
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, making clothes

TDI Bio:
Sofie has a history at all of her schools as being a loner, coming into school every morning with a look that could kill saying "I should be fucking your mom." She slacks off in high school and has never made her family proud, unlike her prodigy-child younger brother. Lucy, the eldest sister, is "goth" and doesn't share many interests with her, either. Sofie likes to draw but has been told she is quite bad at it, and cannot cook to save her life. Unless it's Instant Ramen for one. When with the right crowd, Sofie unleashes her full potential-- being a happy-go-lucky otaku who lives for the thrill of caffeine and free hugs. She has never gone out with a boy; nonetheless has been interested in any and believes all men on Earth should be annihilated in one explosion (like the dinosaurs) except for her father and the creator of Pokémon, though she is tagged as "eye-candy" for the boys at her school due to her pre-mature growth. She enjoys cussing people out from behind wire fences, playing violent video games (violently), taking random pictures of herself and deleting them, beating up her younger brother, touching people, internet, throwing things out windows, and smashing electronics with meat cleavers.

Addition Tape:
*work in progress*

PS: Mail me if I won!

Profile Picture: (By yours truly)
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 [u]Name:[/u] Sofia (Sofie) Izanami [u]Age:[/u] 16 [u]Eye color:[/u] Green [u]Hair color:[/u] Red (ora
busterlover commented…
i am noahs friend hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua ultimatefredde said…
age: 14
eye color: brown
IQ: 250
hair color: brown
skin: white
team: killer bass
loves: izzy
friends: cody,ezekiel,noah,izzy, tyler, owen
audition tape: Hacking a computer.
Elimination reason:He slept in the challenge
Eliminated after coming back reason: None, He won.
TDA team: killer grips


a lazy,lacking motivation kid. but he has an amazing 250 IQ and a lot of creative ideas for comics.
even though he is a bit dumb to attract girls
when there is a problem he lives his laziness aside to help his friends and teamates.

(that's me in real life) :P
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busterlover commented…
I like EZEKIEL not u hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua downsie said…


outfit:purple ti-shirt with a glitter heart in the middle, black jean three quaters and pink trainers.

fave colour:purple (my fave colour that is)

eye colour:blue

hair:black and red

relationship:with sam (one that i made up aswell)

hobbie:football and shoping

description:tall, pretty, sporty, and fussy.

madonna is up for challanges, she never gets into trouble, always polite and helpful. madonna is always up for challanges. her boyfriend sam is always on the same team as her. they sleep in the same room at home. they put their tents right next to eachother.
they pretty much just loooove eachother now
pandabow55 commented…
name:mai age:15 outfit: long black vest with white buttons going straight down so it with be symmetrical black váy that is like gwens but its just black she also wered black boots with white knee socks she has straight black hair that reached her elbows and bangs that have an even amount of hair on each side hobbies: drawling and cleaning description: tall pretty has light blue eyes and arttistic (she also has OCD) mai will always take the challege and if she sees something asymmetrical she destroys it she dose her best to stay out of trouble so far she has no crush exept duncan but she trys not to like him because he is is asymmetrical but she cant help it hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua TDILova123 said…
Lots if out fits......but my fave out fit.I have biger make it look real
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 Lots if out fits......but my fave out fit.I have biger make it look real
hơn một năm qua Flo_and_Trent said…



friends:Trent,Katie,DJ,Gwen(Sort of),Courtney,Geoff,Bridgette,Izzy

enemies:Heather,Justin,Duncan(Sort of)

favourite song:Anything Rock!

favourite instrument:Bass Guitar!

Can't live without her ipod!

She loves vampires,music,sleep,books,and her sister.

She hates chocolate,eating cow,rap,and her job(sometimes)

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 name:Flo age:15 crush:Trent! friends:Trent,Katie,DJ,Gwen(Sort of),Courtney,Geoff,Bridgette,Izzy e
hơn một năm qua GWENxTRENT said…
i have two! hope it's OKz!

name: river
age:15 1/2
hair: long green hair that's always in pig-tails
eyes:depends on her mood
mad:dark black
sad:greenish blueish
mottos: "i didn't push my luck, my luck pushed me first" and "i'm a werewolf loving vampire"
firends:(all not from TDI) bridgette, zoey, renesme, gwen, heyley, lucy, izzy, michelle, kaylee(sibling), inara,
hates:justin, holly, jessica
siblings: jenny, kaylee, ned
band:paramore, Lady GaGa, the piercesthe ting tings,moringwood,mute math,nelly furtado,taylor swift,kerli,all american rejects,tree days grace,jordin sparks,the veronicas,amy lee,
life: river cage has been adopted at the age of 7 and thinks she's a vampire...because she is, but that doesn't mean she's on team edward, or jacob, she's on team switzerland!
can't live without: (like Flo_and_trent) HER MUSIC!!!!
hơn một năm qua topez99 said…
big smile
Lilly!!! friends Hayley, Dawn, J.G, And MAGGIE! Enimes Summer (Grrrrr) and Eva! Reashionship a love treiangle between Cody and Ezickiel! I.Q. 999!!! Themesong Don't wanna think about you,SimplePlan. She discribes herself as the "Musicly obbsesed Geek" She rarely curses unless if it is an emergency! She never had any friends so she thinks of her ipodtouch as her best friend a awesome fact about her is that se loves both Noah and cody who should she pick??? To learn more about Lilly visit ThaiBra's youtube channel! The awesome spot for all tdi fanfics!!! p.S MESSEAGE ME IF I WIN!!!!
 Lilly!!! Những người bạn Hayley, Dawn, J.G, And MAGGIE! Enimes Summer (Grrrrr) and Eva! Reashionship a tình yêu
busterlover commented…
I tình yêu EZEKIEL AND NOAH hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua iCelineTV said…
Name: Christina/Christine
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Properties: Kinda wavy, ponytail in back, thin streaks of darker blonde.
Eye color: Gray
Wears: Light green shirt and skirt, blue necklace.
Favorite color: Green
Favorite type of movie: Horror and Comedy
Friends: Gwen, Izzy, LeShawna, Brigette
Hates: Courtney
Personality: Tomboy and sort of crazy....
 Name: Christina/Christine Hair Color: Blonde Hair Properties: Kinda wavy, ponytail in back, thin str
hơn một năm qua gwenfan3445 said…
Likes-drawing,scary movies,goths,black,midnight blue,thunder storms
Dis-likes-tv,non-scary movies,preppies,pink,light blue,really sunny days
team-screaming gophers
Motto-greetings are depressing,life is pointless
eye color-red contacts
Audition- I'm auditioning because life is pointless,and i need the money to sell my sister for medical reserch
Caroline-*bleep*off u *bleep*!!! oh *bleep* the camra is on,*bleep*

Erin-*puts sigh infront of camra saying "soory were having technacle difficulties plese do not pick Caroline for TDI"
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 Name-Caroline-lynn Likes-drawing,scary movies,goths,black,midnight blue,thunder storms Dis-likes-tv,n
busterlover commented…
she should like noah hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua sam182 said…
Hey guys. What's up. When I posted my character last time, I mention she liked a guy named Jake. Well I decided to create him, so here it goes ha.
Name: Jake
Team: Screaming gophers
Story: His from Tennessee. Lives with his dad.
Friends: Gwen, Izzy, Geoff, Duncan.
Likes: Country music, animals.
Personallity: His kind of serious and a little shy. But his cool and nice when he gets to know people better.
eyes: gray
favorite color : blue
Zodiac sing : Cancer

 xin chào guys. What's up. When I đã đăng my character last time, I mention she liked a guy named Jake. Well
hơn một năm qua samdunk12 said…
big smile
wheres baby phat make up and jewelry has katies body leshawnas skin and heathers hair name:Tasha crushes:DJ Justin likes:leshawna lindsay courtney trent tyler katie sadie and duncan hates:heather harold bfffl:bridgette enemy:gwen lives in ny city lost to harold on tdi.
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hơn một năm qua pop9ana said…
cindy 16

friends witf duncan ,courtney, gwen,.

rock bans nickelbak kid ,rock.

fav coler any thing dark

p.s no cindy is not me
last edited hơn một năm qua
 cindy 16 Những người bạn witf duncan ,courtney, gwen,. rock bans nickelbak kid ,rock. fav coler an
hơn một năm qua BlastWave said…
Name: Reginald "Reggie" Kenneth
Age: 16
Eye Color: Blue
Team: Killer Bass
Appearance: Wears funky sunglasses everyday. Wears tight jumpsuits on occasion. Always has a piano with him.
Huge fan of: Elton John
hơn một năm qua TDI_Angel said…
Name: Macy
Gender: Female
Age: She never reaceled it, but we think it's around 16.
Eyes: One blue-ish gray and one brown eye
Hair: Brown and always in a high-ponytail
Accent: Southern
Team: Killer Bass
Family: She's Duncan's older sister
Catchphrase: When angry- "Y'Know what?!"
Friends: Best friend- Izzy, Other friends- Ezekiel, Owen (sometimes Duncan is her friend)
Enemies: Duncan (usually), Tyler (for reasons neither of them have said), Noah (cause she always taunts him for "kissing a guy")
Crush: No one.
Likes: Izzy, writing fanfiction's with random pairings that will never happen, secrets, walking in on private moments, putting couples together, breaking couples apart, annoying Duncan, annoying Heather, being random and crazy, locking people in closets.
Dislikes: When someone won't tell her a secret, NoahxIzzy, someone asking what a fate is (don't ask or she'll say "Y'Know what?!"), people making fun of her accent
Habits: Squinting, ending sentences about Courtney or Duncan with "in accordance to the prophecy", trailing off in the middle of sentences, running into the woods with a headache, snorting when she laughs.
Talent: Singing, locking people in closets, doing impersonations. (she would make people speak to her and in the middle of their sentence say "Got it!" and she suddenly could do their voice perfectly).
Fear: Chef Hatchett

Macy has akward relationships with most of the campers. She doesn't dislike anyone, in fact considers them all friends (except Duncan). However, Gwen, Heather, Tyler, and Noah all dislike her. Noah because she's always calling him gay or saying Cody's who he's meant for (and often sounds TOO serious when she says this). Tyler for reasons neither will admit. Gwen because Macy always pointed out when she didn't act Gothic, when she was being controlling over Trent, or when she was "messing with the prophecy" by being Duncan's friend. Heather because Macy once pushed her into Ezekiel, forcing the two to kiss. This action made Heather feel akward around Ezekiel (though he never talked about it) and caused her to hate Macy.
I sent in Macy so that you'll have a charecter that doesn't gush over Duncan/Cody/Justin/Trent/Noah.
busterlover commented…
hơn một năm qua TDI16 said…
There can be only ONE Lilly,MINE! >:/
hơn một năm qua pop9ana said…
names:gwen and duncan.


hair color: green and black.


personality: mean. eye color (gwen)black.(duncan)blue.

rockbans:nickelback and kidrock .
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 names:gwen and duncan. age:16. hair color: green and black. friends:courtney,izzy,duncan
hơn một năm qua gilly1127 said…
Name: Aki Mori
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Purpleish blue
Crush: Chris Maclean
IQ: 187
Friends: Beth, Izzy, Courtney, Bridgette, Gwen, Trent, Geoff, DJ, Duncan, Owen,
Enemies: Heather, Sadie and Katie (they just hate her for some reason)
Team: Killer Bass
Music: Alternative and Rock
Personality: Stays true to her jappaneese culture, kind, helpful, a bit of a temper, creative, loves to paint,

*Audition Tape*
Aki: Konichiwa! I'm Aki, I would totally LOVE to be on TDI! People say that I'm nice, friendly, and creative. I was born in Japan, so I stay true to my culture.
Aki's little bro: AKI! DOMI SHON OO SHAW!
Aki: I didn't leave Mr. Sungless in the wash, you stole him from my room!
Aki's little bro: NOMIRE OO NIN!
Aki: *blushes* Is this thing still on?
 Name: Aki Mori Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Purpleish blue Crush: Chris Maclean IQ: 187 Friends:
hơn một năm qua SuperGame said…
name awesome
hơn một năm qua Darksiidee said…
Name: Celine
Age: 14
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Nationality: Argentina
Favorite color: Purple (Like her shirt)
Hobbies: Drawing
Favorite Musician: Eminem and Gerald Way
Fear:Computers logoff (a bad experience when she was 3)
Love: Pop-corn with butter
Hate: Kim Possible and her math proffesor
(She is wearing purple ALL - STARS, her favorite shoes)

Team: The Killer Bass
Crush: Duncan :D
Friends: Courtney (they are very close), Bridgette, Duncan, Owen, Geoff, Leshawna, Trent, And Lindsay
Dislakes: Heather and Gwen.
Celine is a sweet argentinian with a very dificult life. When she was 8, her mom went away to live in Lima, with her little four brothers and sisters. So she stays in Argentina until she enter in the casting of TDI. She is very funny and she laughs about everything, but deep inside she's depressed. She can't open up with everybody, she can only with her best friends (Courtney, Bridgette and Duncan) When she arrives in the island she found Courtney, who later will be her best friend. She is very sociable, so she start to talk with the guys. Then, she talk with Duncan and immediately they start to be friends. But later... They can be something else... (In this version Duncan and Courtney aren't toghether, becouse if Courtney is her best friend it will be so mean :|) She is the cause of a lot of the victorys (and a lot of losses :D) in her team. She is competitive, and she loves to win like Courtney, it's becouse of that they are friends. She is a crazy fan of Anime and Manga.. And she turn crazy everybody with that. She hate Heather so much becouse she and Leshawna are friends, but she hate Gwen too becouse she think that Gwen is flirting with Duncan (Maybe she is right) Anyway, Duncan only has eyes for her...Later, she start a relationship with Duncan, but sometimes she wants to kill him... and sometimes, she wants to kiss him... She will be in final 4, but she is the 18th in leave the island becouse of Heather :(
When she is walking for the Duck of Shame, Duncan runs to where she is, and kiss her (aww he's such a sweet boy :D) And that was the story about my character in TDI.

Sorry for the mistakes, i don't speak in english very well, i do as better as i can

Byee :D

P.S.:She is totally me. my personality, my hair, my clothes, my hobbies, and my love *.*
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 ABOUT HER: Name: Celine Age: 14 Zodiac sign: Gemini Nationality: Argentina yêu thích color: Purple (Li
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in EEUU or in Canada?
hơn một năm qua SuperGame said…
Sisters: One 22 year old sister Diana,One 8 year old sister Jana
Hates:Heather Owen Sadie Leshawna Ezekial Eva
Friends:Lindsey Beth DJ Katie Noah Justin Bridgette Geoff Duncan courtney Harold Izzy Gwen Trent
Fear:people kissing for more than ten minutes
Skin: Lindsay skin
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MEAN TO ZEKEY UGH hơn một năm qua
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please draw it i'm sure it's gonna be cute n.n
hơn một năm qua mississippigril said…
name destiny
weght sinny
sikn coulr light tan
hiar blond brown curly hair
outfit wheres a blue tank top an a piar of denim Shorts

pro file

dates justen cuter than justen not sracd to get dirty bff with brigette and dj AN LOVE ANIMALS link
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Name: Vanessa Stella Juiol(female)
Age: 13
Looks: Brown eyes, brown long hair, gold earings, and always wears pink.
Team: Killer Bass
Story: Vanessa was born in Sanalis, California on December 12th 1995. She was named after Vanessa Hudgens ans Stella Hudgens. Her parents are divorced so her life is difficult. She sings, acts, and loves to preform infront of an audience.
Idol: Lady GaGa, Vanessa Hudgens
Audition tape: (fixes camera)♪All I wanna do, is be close to you. All I wanna do is have fun. If I can't have that. You will be sorry for the lost of singing.♪ "I love to sing I love to dance."she says. "As you know, I go to school with Courtney. Shes my bff. I live next to Bridgette and Geoff.(right in between them) And You should know this but, I love Duncan. Dont tell Courtney please? My arch enemy is HEATHER!(camera brakes because of her name)"(end)
Lives: Sacaratemo, California
Loves: Duncan
Motto: ♪Singing is just my favorite thing.!♪
Bffs: Courtney, Leshawna, Beth, Izzy, and Gwen
Her mother is fight breast cancer.(whole point in pink)
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 Name: Vanessa Stella Juiol(female) Age: 13 Looks: Brown eyes, brown long hair, vàng earings, and al
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Name: Dianna
Hairsyle:like gwen's but the color blonde
Team:Screaming Gophers
In love with:Ducan
Friends:Bridgett,Gwen,Izzy,D.j,Tyler and Heather
Personality: tomboy,likes to get dirty,loves animals,will help others under any curmstanes, very smart and is jelous of Courtney

Hates:Cody,Eva,and Noah,Chef,Chris and Chinese food
Wants:world peace,and to date Ducan

thanks for reading! Plz mail me if i won!!
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My character's name is Arden. She is about the same height as Heather. Tube top, powder blue, white ruffly skirt, shortish blonde hair, smart but very pretty with blue eyes, age, 16, she loves Justin and is secretly dating him, she really likes to push Heather's buttons because she wants to be the queen bee and rule the camp, her only weakness:she is VEEEEEEERY girly,friends:lindsay,bridgette,justin,tre­nt
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 My character's name is Arden. She is about the same height as Heather. Tube top, powder blue, white