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emisa123 posted on Nov 23, 2008 at 02:23PM
create a TDI character. post how they look like, their name, what their like, and who they like.
Only three winners!

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hơn một năm qua Duncan-lover1 said…
And how DO you make one? I mean I know yet the world is so messed up, so I forgot.
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hơn một năm qua HeatherFan3 said…
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Black
Skin Color:Carmel(like Alejandro)
Team:Screaming Gophers
Likes:Animals,Nature,Surfing,Hanging out with friends,His family,Art,Playing his guitar(named after Heather)
Personality:Cool,Shy,Smart,When mad he gets sarcastic,Flirtatious(around Heather.),Atractive,Artistic
Siblings:1 older sister Avril
Audition:Jaden-Avril come here!
Jaden-Where did you put my Art Book?
Jaden-I need it for my Audition Tape.
Avril-Mom threw it away.
Avril-I said Mom...
Jaden-I heared you the first time.
Jaden-Well looks like I have to play Heather (my guitar).
Jaden-Singing She Will Be Loved while playing his guitar.

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hơn một năm qua bakuargirl729 said…
name kayla
age 15
eye color blue
IQ 125
hair color brown and blonde
skin whtie
team killer grips

lazy, creative and shy
 name kayla age 15 eye color blue IQ 125 hair color brown and blonde skin whtie team killer grip
hơn một năm qua LadyBug_58_496 said…
Im gonna make more incase I lose.
hơn một năm qua gwenXtrent4eva said…
Name: Alexx (Over Gwen's base)
Age: 17
IQ: 127
Bio: She is obssessed with Cody and Trent and has wanted to be a rockstar since she was 5. Her older sister Kira is 21 and has made 3 music videos. Alexx has been able to star in 2 of them and hopes to be in more until her music career takes charge.
Personality: She may look and seem tough but deep down she's sensitive and loves sweet guys. She can be lazy at times but usually likes to be doing something wether it be sketching, skateboarding, going to a movie, or hanging wif a friend.
Crush: Cody/Trent (More Cody)
Enemies: Sierra (For loving cody too), Eva, Heather, Izzy, Harold,
Friends: Gwen, Noah, Trent, Cody, Sierra (Before the cody thing was known), Bridgette, Courtney, Duncan, DJ, Leshawna, and Lindsay
 Name: Alexx (Over Gwen's base) Age: 17 IQ: 127 Bio: She is obssessed with Cody and Trent and has
hơn một năm qua LadyBug_58_496 said…
big smile
Name:Risa. Crush:Noah. Fav food:Pizza. Least fav food:Meatloaf. Hair:Light Brown In a ponytail all time. Clothes:Purple jacket Blue pants and blue sandels. Attitude:Kind,Shy,Threatning. Thats my charecter.
 Name:Risa. Crush:Noah. Fav food:Pizza. Least fav food:Meatloaf. Hair:Light Brown In a ponytail all ti
hơn một năm qua LadyBug_58_496 said…
big smile
Name:Calle. Crush:Trent. Hair:Long orange hair. Clothes:Dark blue jacket and pants,shoes. Fear:Geeks stalking her. Audition tape:Calle:Hi Im Calle and I should be on TDI beacause-. Her sister Brittney:To meet Trent. Calle:Shut up and I should be on it because Im fun loving and would win either way.*Over* Attitude:Funny,loving,threatning,mean. Friends:Courtney,Gwen,Duncan,Trent,Izzy,an­d Owen. Hates:Heather,Alehandro,Chris,and Chef. Thats my character.
hơn một năm qua Stellawinx4eva said…
Team:Screaming Gophers
Hair:Dirty Blonde (the color)in a high ponytail
Eye Color:Golden with a hint of gray

Clothes:(Two outfits)purple shorts and a sky blue jacket with pink flip-flops and number two a see threw dress but the skirt is not and it has a pink like shirt and pink flip-flops

Least favorite food:Carrots

Attitude:Threating,gets along with her older sister Izzy,crazy like Izzy,anger issues,nice,love to skateboard and rollerskate

Serena:Where is mister fluffy bear
Izzy:How should i know!?
Serena:Your the one who should know your the one who took it from me
Izzy:Well ask mom she might know
Serena:Okay MOM!!!!!!!!!?
Serena:Wheres mister fluffy bear!?
Mom:Look under you bed
Serena:FOUND HIM!!
Serena:*Talks to mister fluffy bear then realize the camera is still on*Oh crap uh hey everybody *turns camera off
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 Name:Serena Crush:Cody Age:16 IQ:900 Team:Screaming Gophers Hair:Dirty Blonde (the color)in a high
hơn một năm qua 0loneleepixie0 said…
Name: Rox
Age: 14
IQ: 190
Hair color: dark brown
Skin: white
Team: screamin' gophers
Likes: horror movies; computer gaming; chips; walking on the beach;
Friends: Gwen, Trent, Duncan, Izzy.
Fav music: Rock; R&B
Fav band: Green day
Fav artist: MJ
Fav colours: Black, Dark pink, Dark blue&green
Fav song: Bon Jovi-It's my life
Family: Mother, Father, 3 years older brother and a litle sister
Audidtion tape: acting
hơn một năm qua LadyBug_58_496 said…
Name:Carrie. Hair:Black in a ponytail. Clothes:A pink half shirt and a red skirt and brown sandals. Crush:Duncan. Friends:Courtney,Duncan,Gwen,Trent,Izzy,Ow­en,­DJ,­and Lindsay. Hates:Justin,Heather,Chris,Chef,Alehandro. Attitude:Kind always but mean to not friends. Audition:Hi Im calle I love TDI and I should be on the show because I would donate some of my money to charity if I win. Thats my character.
 Name:Carrie. Hair:Black in a ponytail. Clothes:A màu hồng, hồng half áo sơ mi and a red váy and brown sandals. C
hơn một năm qua awsomeTDfan said…
OMG i am sooooooo sorry i ment to put noah as my boyfriend. HEHE.

hơn một năm qua Stellawinx4eva said…
hơn một năm qua XxNoCoLoverxX said…
She has sandy blond hair, half is up half is down. she wears biy looking shorts and a gray jacket that uis un ziped with a t shirt on that has a upside down stick figure with a question mark over his head. she is friends with Noah, Cody, and Izzy. She likes Harold.
hơn một năm qua cleorocks112 said…
Crush :A cross between Duncan and Geoff ...Dean
Personality: Funny, Sweet, Smart , sassy, Kwel , Beautiful
Looks:blue eyes, shirt like Lyndsey's pants like Bridgette's Courtney's hair Bridgette's lips Courtney's body Courtney's eye shape and Bridgette's eyebrow's with Courtney's color
hơn một năm qua gothemo1234 said…
evey who i know go here link
hơn một năm qua LadyBug_58_496 said…
Name:Lillian. Hair:Black with red hair dye. Eye:Black. Izzy's body. balack and red clothes
 Name:Lillian. Hair:Black with red hair dye. Eye:Black. Izzy's body. balack and red clothes
hơn một năm qua LadyBug_58_496 said…
Name:Kelly. Hair:Long Black Hair with a red clip. Eyes:Black. Courtney's Body. Pink and red shirt. Aqua pants and grey shoes. Crush:Trent. Friends:Gwen,Courtney,Trent,Duncan,Owen,Iz­zy,­Lin­dsa­y,B­eth­. Not friends:Heather,Alehandro,Chris,and Chef. Attitude:Nice threatning and shy.
 Name:Kelly. Hair:Long Black Hair with a red clip. Eyes:Black. Courtney's Body. màu hồng, hồng and red shirt. Aq
hơn một năm qua krisdavalos said…
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Black
Height:Same size as Owen
Clothing:A white shirt with blue stripes,dark blue jeans,white and gray shoes,and some times he wears sunglasses.
Hobbies:Singing karoke,Judo,Swiming,Making Friends.
Likes:Gwen,Owen,DJ,Duncan,Geoff,Cody,Izzy­,An­d everyone else.
Dislikes:Losing friends,Heather tricking him,fighting friends,Duncans attitude.
Team:Screaming Gophers
Disadvantages:Being blind by one eye.
Personality:Kind,happy,quiet,faitful,and a team player.
Qulified in:TDI,TDA,TDWT
Eliminated in:TDI
Reason why eliminated:He was to far from home,his family,and his girlfriend Ahrora.
Place in TDI:9TH
Place in TDA:2ND
Skin color:White
TDI bio:Miles is a loving and caring man.Before entering TDI he was a famouse Judo artist.But after hearing about his sister's illness of cancer he quitted Judo forever to keep his sister safe.When he heard about TDI he decided to compete in order to obtain the prize money in order to get his sister to a hospital.While on tnd while show he saw Gwen and he had a memory of his sister so through out the entire show he kept Gwen safe from harm all because of that memory.
Fear:Thinking of his sister dying,jumping off a helicopter.
hơn một năm qua tdifan10 said…
name: sharon
hair coler: red
shirt coler: blue with a heart on it
eye coler: black
pants coler: purple
 name: sharon hair coler: red áo sơ mi coler: blue with a tim, trái tim on it eye coler: black pants coler: p
hơn một năm qua hottiel10 said…
mine looks like linsey she is 19 and likes cookies candy cake fruits and vegtibles the ppl she likes are courtney,aljandro,briget,and duncan,heather oh and gwen.her name is rose (her nick name is rosey)she has a huge crush on alejandro.ppl she hate are dj,ezekil and geffo.
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hơn một năm qua Rida103 said…
Looks like DJ except he has braids And is a footbal player hates:posers(ZEKE) cheaters liers Loves:Dogs pizza and wild parties
hơn một năm qua girtotaldrama said…
how do i make a photoshopped total drama carecter
hơn một năm qua kittylpp said…
Name: Veronica
Age: 24
Hometown: Milwaukie Oregon
Fav Animals: Snakes, Cats, Hamsters, Tigers
Fav Food: Pizza
Hobbies: Singing(she actually was in a band that was semifamous but split up due to reasons unknown), rollerskating, ice skating, making people laugh, writing(songs, in diary, stories, etc.), staying up late, spending hours at a time on facebook, spending time on her iPhone, and having a good time
Crush: Chris McLean
Dreams: Marrying Chris McLean, meeting Adam Lambert, to get her old band back together
Fears: Death, bugs, spiders, being hated by Chris, skydiving, being disconnected from the internet, poweroutages, being alone
Fav Singer: Adam Lambert (she thinks hes REALLY hot)
Job: Cleaning Crew, Intern, Spy For Chris, Occaisionally Chriss assistant, Cook (shes not really a cook, thats probably why Chef appointed her as TDWTs cook)
Shes Still On Total Drama Because: Veronica is the only intern to actually survive TDI, and TDA and not quit. Most likely because of her huge crush on Chris.
Friends: Gwen, Izzy(on occasion), Duncan, Courtney, Owen, Ezekial(debatable), Bridgette, Cody, LeShawna, Lindsay, Chef, Chris
Enemies: HEATHER!!!! Eva, Noah, Justin, Alejandro
Why Be Friends With The Campers: Because it gets freakin boring being a slave 24/7 and she needs to talk to SOMEONE
Reason For Hating Heather, Eva, Noah, Justin And Alejandro: Heather: Posting a great, realistic, photoshopped pic of her kissing Alejandro and Justin
Justin: Veronica said he was ugly
Alejandro: For reasons unknown
Eva: Reasons unknown
Noah: Taunting him about kissing Cody
Eye Color: Grayish greenish blue
Hair Color: Slightly darker than bridgettes except she wears her hear down, she hates pony tails or any kind of 'tail' for hair
Gwens lips, Heathers body, Very Pale skin, barely lighter than Gwens
She wears a blue longsleeve shirt, flared jeans, a sharktooth necklace, a pink metal bracelet on her left hand, a silver ring around her right pointer finger and white sneakers
About Her: She loves laughing and can cheer almost anyone up by laughing. She seems to have been a nerd for her teen life before her band(apparently a cover band that did covers of popular songs).
She can be a smart-a** at times but makes up for it with humor. She origionally wanted to become an intern because she had "nothing better to do", but now she wont leave, not even if SHE got the money. Although on the outside she is outgoing inside she curses at how she lived her life, she hasnt even had a boyfriend! Inside she just wants to kill some people, she sometimes even thinks about suicide. Sometimes she'll lash out at someone just for some small thing like them being too stupid or saying shes a smart-a**!
TDI/TDA/TDWT: Since the start Chef took a liking to Veronica for being able to hang loose and not think his food is revolting. She Quickly developed a crush on Chris, although, not even she knows why she likes him. She instantly became friend with Gwen, Leshawna, Cody, Bridgette, Duncan and Courtney for getting heather PO'd and stayed friends with them since. Lindsay, Owen and Izzy just sorta liked her enough that they talk on occasion.

------If i ever learn how to make a photoshopped TD character ill make the pic of her-------
hơn một năm qua HNismyfriend said…
Name: Gabriella Clark
Age: 17
Hair: Golden blonde Pin straight with emo side bangs
Eyes: Emerald green
Skin: sun-kissed skin so hot it'll melt your popsicle
Personality: Really nice, great friend, super competitive, sweet, street and book smart, enjoys getting in trouble occacionally, loves music, somewhat lazy but enjoys exercise every once in a while, and loves to dance. ^^
Team: Killer Bass
Favorite TDI Line: "I don't think this is the kind of ACTION Chris had in mind!" -Duncan
Dislikes/HATES: Police, Justin Bieber,Courtney, Heather, Gwen, Justin, and Katie and Sadie.
Likes: Never Shout Never, Potatoes, Ugly Dolls, Duncan, Taylor Lautner, and music.
Friends: Duncan, DJ, Geoff, Izzy, Lindsey, Owen, Noah, Cody, and Chris.
TDI crush: Duncan <3
Fave Music Genres: Alternative, Rock, Rap, Dance, Pop.
Face Music Artists: Never SHout Never, Lady Gaga, 3OH!3, Eminem, Nickelback, Linkin Park, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Black Eyed Peas, and Ke$ha.
Fave song: Ultraviolet- Stiff Dylans
Fave Book: Little Miss Red/ Geek Charming
Fave Author: Dr. Suess
Fave Colors: Black, green, blue, red, pink.
Fave Food: Mango
Fave Animal: Platypus
Original Location: LA, California ^^
Theme Song: On the Brightside- Never Shout Never
Hobbies: Drawing
Pros: Competitive, fun to be around, smart, big flirt, super skinny but pretty.
Cons: Self-conscious, lazy at times, big flirt.

hơn một năm qua ampal98 said…
disliks:people who hurt animals, people who think they,re all that
looks like:long flowing brown hair,light purple tank,denim shorts,light purple sandals
persinality:awsome,atletic,nature lover,needs her cell phone,loves to be in the water,has 9,343,253 music cds
pet: bunny
hơn một năm qua Ziggles999 said…
Name: Zelda
Age: 13
Looks: Long red hair, has a tiny cute smile, wears ripped shorts and a blue t shirt with a swirl in the middle.
Likes: Reading, and wants to be tall.
Dislikes: Boring books and hates being short and hates being clumsy!
Eye colour: Blue
Friends: Izzy, Gwen, LeShawna, Cody, Sierra, Bridgette, Lindsay e.c.t

Dislikes: Heather, Justin, Alejandro.
Music: Secretly likes rock music.
Hobbies: Good drawer and reader (secretly good at sport too)
Fav Colour: Green
Siblings: One older sister one younger sister.
Crush: It's a secret.
Fear: Spiders
Also clumsy.

Audition Tape:

"Hi, my name's Zelda... funny name. My mom got the name from a book she read, anyway... I wanna be on TDI because...
Zelda: Well, firstly I would like to get out of this house and I have an amazing talent!
(Put's feet behind head and walks around)
Zelda: I've been practicing this since I was 7! I can finally do it... WHOA... AUUUGGGHHH! (Fell out of the window)
30 Minutes Later: Zelda (Rushing Back in the room): *Gasp* sorry about that. I fell on the trampoline, ha ha! Bet you got scared!
Zelda: Well, time to jump out the window again... bye!
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 Name: Zelda Age: 13 Looks: Long red hair, has a tiny cute smile, wears ripped shorts and a blue t s
hơn một năm qua giguiou said…
Her name name is Ashally. She hates that name so she changed it to Ash. she and Lindsay are twins. There parents kicked Ash out of the house at age three, the first time she went to juvie. she has been to prison once for shoplifting all the Iphones they had in stock. She managed to keep 2 of them. "It's ALOT harder to escape prison then it is Juvie." Ash states. she is the singer/drummer for her band, Ash and the Lees. She has an I.Q. of 103. she has known Izzy ever since she was three years old. Izzy's parents took her in and raised her and when she turned 13, she started the band and lived with "the Lees" in a large apartment room. in Duncan's audition tape for TDI, she came whizzing down beside him and yelled "Move it or lose it loser!" in the episode Cant Help Falling in Louvre of TDWT, she took the chainsaw from the bear and now uses it for most threatening reasons. (In season one, she got five star food because the threatened Chris.) she has two black Poodles names Death and Skull. the both have matching ear ribbons that are hot pink with skulls. Death has curly fur ans Skull has neat flowy fur. They are just like her owner. mean and cute.
(Wow that was long, sorry bout that.) P.S. i forgot to add her purple skull earrings and purple lipstick.
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 Her name name is Ashally. She hates that name so she changed it to Ash. she and Lindsay are twins. Th
hơn một năm qua giguiou said…
Here is more on Ash,

Fave music: almost all typs
Crush: Preveusly Duncan, now Alejandro
Likes: her friends, Her music, Her pets, drawing, her BFF Gwen, Alejandro,Messing with Sierra and anything related to japan.
Dislikes: HETHER, anything girly, Prison, Juvie, cats and duncan
Fave color: Dark Purple
Age: 17
Fave Animals: Dogs
Hobbies: drawing, thretening, shopping
Fear: Surgery or being burried alive
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hơn một năm qua neather said…
name:sam sam


she <3s: noah

her fave carectors(in order):heather,noah,courtney,gwen,brigett,­izz­y,a­nd cody

likes:softball,tv,cats,and singing

dislikes:chorse,being told what to do,kids under the age of 5,and her cousin

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 name:sam sam age:15 she <3s: noah her fave carectors(in order):heather,noah,courtney,gwen,br
hơn một năm qua neather said…
i have another 1



loves:dumped duncan and is now with cody

fave tdi carectors:izzy,siara,cody,and is best frinds with brigett

likes:swimming,soccer,baseball,basketball­,an­d surfing with brigett

dislikes:duncan,chocolate icecream,andbugs

hair color:light blond

eye color:cristal blue

skin color:peach

fave color:black(is seacratly goth but just dosent show it

 i have another 1 name:amber age:17 loves:dumped duncan and is now with cody fave tdi care
hơn một năm qua paulst11 said…
This is my character. her name is tammy, i wasnt sure to name her tammy or teena, though. She would be tagged as the country girl. She works with her father and brothers on a dairy farm. I tried to pick something different from the original characters. Tammy is sweet but can also be athletic. She has red hair with braids, a flannel shirt and some shorts, aliitle patched up, though, and boots. Tammy wouldn't have a problem hangin with the boys, and she is very friendly like beth and lindsay. She may be alittle clumsy but sticks through the challenge. She would probably fall in love with someone like trent or geoff or something, but would be to smart for alejandro, even though she is a country girl, she isnt stupid like ezekiel. She would probably be friends with people like lindsay, beth, gwen and sierra, actually pretty much everyone. She can get down and dirty in the challenges but also have a nice sense of style. this shows not to judge a book by its cover.
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 This is my character. her name is tammy, i wasnt sure to name her tammy hoặc teena, though. She would b
hơn một năm qua paulst11 said…
i think my character looks so real like it could be put on the show!!!!
hơn một năm qua DxCFan123 said…
Name: Emily Amy Gonzales Age: 16 Fear: Spiders IQ: 350 Attitude: Sometimes mean and acts like Courtney, but is usually calm and nice TDI Team: Screaming Gophers TDA Team: Killer Grips TDWT Team: Team Amazon

Audition Tape:
A- Hi!!! I really didn't plan to audition until I saw the commercial yesterday, hehe.
Jake (her brother) - COME ON!!! WE HAVE TO GO TO GRANDMA'S!!!!
A - Why?!?!!?
A - I'm not leaving! I'm auditioning for TDI!!!!! GOSH!!! Oh my god, I just had a Harold moment!
Jake - STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF AND LETS GO! *Walks into room and sees camera* Oh my gosh, you really are filming if you get on the show, I'LL BE FAMOUS!!!! I'LL TELL MOM WE CANT BECAUSE-... uh,
A - (screaming) GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!!!!!!!!
Stephenie (her mom) - Come on kids!! Lets go!! I'll take you to Burger King if we get there on time!
A - No! I'm staying here1 *slams door* Uh... was that all on tape? AWW SH*T!
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 Name: Emily Amy Gonzales Age: 16 Fear: Spiders IQ: 350 Attitude: Sometimes mean and acts like Courtne
hơn một năm qua GirFan11 said…
Ok i know its over but i just wanted to do it :D ok so here she is. o and her picture is in my profile ok

Name: Rose
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Hair: Abit Of Purple In The Front The Rest Orange.
Eyes: Bright Green
Likes: Black Lip Stick,Making Friends,Any Thing That's The Color Of Any Rose Singing And Drawing.

Dislikes: Peolpe That Draw On Her While Sleeping, Peolpe Making Fun Of Her.
Friends: Beth,Geoff,Izzy.
Enemys: Heather.

Dating: Duncan.

Is: Very Fun Loving And Likes To Draw Others Chris Likes Her As Well Becuase She Draws Him So Good :D And She Plays Guitar,Drums and Sings.
Audition Tape:
Rose: i just wanted to try and get on TDI i didnt really know about this untill a hour ago :D
Brandon (My Bother): Rose come on! we need to get going to sixflags
Rose: No Im staying here! i dont care about sixflags today!
Brandon: We Have To Mom said
Sindy (My Mom): Come On Kids ill Take You To DQ after SixFlags.
Rose: No Mom I Dont Wanna!
Brandon: Come On! *Walks into my room and sees the cam* Omg you taping to be on TDI Im Going to be Rich!!! I mean we are going to be rich
Rose: Get the hell out of my room! *Kicks Brandon Out of my room and locks the door*
Rose: Omg was that all on Tape O Dang it!
Adition Tape 2:
Rose: im sorry for my first tape We dont have to do anything today
Brandon: Rose Mom said we need to go to The Docter's
Rose: Ok This is the last tape im going to make and why do we need to go to The Docter's?
Brandon: Mom Droped Some Glass and steped on some and her foot is bleeding
Rose: Can i stay home mom?
Sindy (My Mom): Sure Honey i can leave you alone till i get back Ill be at the docter's for maybe 4 or 5 hours it only how much damage it is ok?
Rose: Ok Mom!
Brandon: Lets go mom.
Rose: Ok i like drawing and i drew duncan And Heres The Picture *Shows Picture* i play guitar drums and i sing heres me singing i sing pretty good :D dont i? well i need to go bye!
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hơn một năm qua bobbyboy100 said…
name:jaden age:17 fave color:red freinds :dukan heather justin gwen and owen crush:lizzy fave band:drfowning pool
hơn một năm qua Courtneyfan785 said…
Name:Kaylee Nickname:Kay Hair Style and Color: Britgette's Style and Brown Eye color:Blue Crush:Harold Friends:Izzy,Geoff,Cody,Sierra Bestie:Courtney Teams:Killer Bass,Killer Grips,Team Amezon IQ:152 Fave Color:Pink Fave Food Pizza
hơn một năm qua rhyrhy66 said…
My Girls name would be Sheila Murray.
Dispricption:Looooong brown hair,has Bridgetts eyes,only ina dark blue,has tan skin,and has Lindsays lips.Exept red lipstick.has lindsays body(Only the canalops are a 3 times smaller.)

Crush:Used to be Duncan,now dating Noah!

Clothes:City girl,exept kinda tomboysih,but still really hott,wears a black benie with a red skull on it on her head all the time,always her nails always are painted black,and has peircings on her bellybutton,wich is red,one on her lip wich is black,two on her ear both black,and on on her nose wich is a skull,with is gray.her gray and black shirt is cut to only see her bellybutton.

Friends:Duncan,Gwen,Izzy, Owen,Alejandro,Lindsay,Noah,(Who likes her.)Courtney,(Who doesnt know that she likes Duncan.) Bridgette,Harold Lewshana,HEATHER!Cody,Sierra, And sometimes Chris.

Personality:Kinda too cool to care,but not bratty,nice but can be very mean when ticked off,she is very tough,she is very like Duncan,and really funny.Sarcastic like Noah at times,and cool.


Age:Same as Duncan,i dont know how old,oh yah Seventeen.Or whateva,idk.


More info:Sheila's real name is Shakilela,But Her friends back in New York called her Sheila.She has an AMAZING voice,,(And Duncan is Kinda into her but Courtney doesnt need to know that!) she makes her clothes,sometimes buys them,but not always,her best best friend back home name is Angeline,(Prounouced as Ongeline) But on the show,Gwen.She is a girl fighter,she has fought in the ring.
Sheila: (Punching a boxing bag in the cargo hold)

Duncan:(Sees Sheila kick the bag off of the hook and onto the wall) Thinking:Wow..she's amazing,and cute,snap out of it duncan! your with Sheila! Oops! NO! Courtney! Blurts:GET OUTTA MY HEAD!! (Falls over)
Sheila:Whips head around:Ummmm...Dude?

Duncan:Oh Crap.

Sheila:HaHa,here lemme help you up,man.

Duncan:Thanks,*Pauses* (grabs hold of her hand and smiles dreamily)

Sheila:Dude,sick wipeout.

Duncan:(Getting up.) I know,you kinda scared me there,but no worries,im cool.sooooo.You wanna explain the...? Points to boxing bag

Welp,thats alllll! More Duncan and Sheila moments are coming!

Im out.

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hơn một năm qua rhyrhy66 said…
Ok here is Sheilas audition tape

Sheila:(Punk playing in back round) Heyz whats up Total Drama? Im Sheila Murray,real name Shakila,but if ya call me that i'll give you a good pop in the mouth.Anyway i was born and raised right here in New York city,(Points camera toward bedroom window with cars speeding by.) See that action? Pretty tight.its too bad that i couldnt do this on a Monday,cuz every Monday theres this nerdy Jamacian dude who sings outside of the apartmet across the block with his shirt off,and he's not that in shape.haha ok then,back to the topic,why choose me? Welll,i deffinatly know how to jazz something up a little bit more,well you have Duncan who is SO.HOTT!Yah,thats right i said it.Anyway choose me,and i promise i will bring my a-game i can be so retarded.
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hơn một năm qua tdwtheatherfan said…
ok well her nname is sierna and fav color is green and her eyes r blue her hair is brown and straight like heather and skin like bridgette and friends r izzy courtney cody trent noah ezikiel tyler lindsay owen dj leshawna bridgette geoff enimies heather duncan eva age 16 likes ice skating hip hop tennis and video games dislikes bugs basketball spy kids the movie team screaming gofers crush trent and tyler came in second to heather it was a walk off challenge and heather beat her by one point
hơn một năm qua tdwtheatherfan said…
oh an dsiernas fear is buried alive in snakes
hơn một năm qua rhyrhy66 said…
Ok so here is Sheila's second audition tape.

Hey,its me last time you got a little taste of who i am,now here is a song i wrote.Its called,Hell yes.haha here goes nothing.

Would i curse in the rain just to drive you insane? Hell yes! Would i kick and scream just to make a scene? Hell yes! Would i,ever sing you a lullabuy just so you wont cryyyy?

Says:Fricker,hell no! Haha!
Can i,make you fall in love with me with in one day? Hell yes,can i break your heart and throw it away? Hell yes! Is love with me just a waste? Hell yes! Should you really try to get on my nice side? Hell yes but it still wont be worth the tryyy.Can i,stick to just one guy? Hell no,but dont put on a show cause i'll turn around and go,hell yes! Can i,make you bang your head agaist the wall? Hell yes! Will i not catCh you when you falll?

Says:Well,maybe! HaHaAAAAA! SUCKAAAA!!

Love with me,is so disfuctional,when guys hold on,i just let,go.But will i do the same with you......?


Ohhhhh,oooooh im gonna try,gunna make it right,no i WONT
Tear you up to a million pecies,i'll love you best i can hell yes! I'll end every night with a kiss,and fill your mind with just bliss,no more mrs heartbreaker!! Oh oh ohoh
Am i gonna stop?

hell yes...

Well theres my second part of my audition? Was i good? Hell yes!
Haha,sorry it was right there.Peace,im out.
Mom:Honey,do you want some wings tonight?
Sheila:Hell yes! Oops,sorry mom! Later guys.

hơn một năm qua rhyrhy66 said…
ok i think im in love with my charecter...just joking! LOL heres a Sheila moment when she's doin a challenge

Sheila:Umm,Courtney cant we-
Courtney:Shhh! Theres no time! the other team is AHEAD OF USS!
Gwen:Courtney! i-
Courtney:MOVE FASTER! (Piliing stuff up in Sheila's arms)

Sheila:Whoa,ok i-(Falls over)
Courtney:Ohmygosh! Sheila! are you alright???
Sheila:Yup,just PEACHY!!
Courtney:Cool,so your good,cum on!
Sheila:I was being SARCASTIC! Look it up!
Noah:Need a hand?
Sheila:Noah your my friend and all,but your on the other team.
Noah:Yes i know,but i was thinking we could form an allience.
Sheila:Hmmm,well i guess it wouldnt hurt..
Noah:Yah,exactly! So are you in?
Noah:Cool! (Helps her up)
Noah:So um,Sheila?
Noah:Well,i think about you alot,and i think im inlove with you.will you go out with me?
Sheila:Really? can i say no? yah i'll go out with you.
Courtney:WHAT?? oh no,you cant date him.
Courtney:He's on the other team!
Noah:Ok you know what? Eat it Courtney! im in love and you arent gonna ruin it for me! For the very first time i love somebody and who are you to say we cant be together? (Grabs Sheila's hand and kisses her)
Sheila:Whoa,now we're talkin!
Noah:Cum on babe,we dont need to take this!
Courtney:Well,maybe you should just go to their team!
Sheila:I wolud! if Chris would allow it,
Noah:Got it covered,Hello? heard?...really?? thanks!
Welcome to the grips!

ok im done peace
hơn một năm qua rhyrhy66 said…
Sheila is really big at my school now,so im doing this for my best friend Carol Lavern.She LOVES the whole Noah plus Sheila idea!

Sheila:So what made you like me?
Noah:umm i dont LIKE you,i LOVE you.
Noah:Well,look at you! your goregeous.And charming funny and smart,and everything I ever wanted! Who wouldnt want you?
Sheila:Beats me.haha jusssst jokinnnn.
Noah:And i take it you liked that kiss?
Sheila:It was alright....hmmm,what are you thinking about?
Noah:Im just gald that your mine.the first day i saw you it was like oh my...HOTTTTTTT! theni reallt got to know you and i saw wayy more that that.
Sheila:Aweeee,thanks! (Kisses him.)
Noah:Whoa..your good.
Sheila:Thanks,your not bad yourself ;)

Welp! there it is! Enjoy Carol!
hơn một năm qua rhyrhy66 said…
any Sheila fans?
hơn một năm qua rhyrhy66 said…
Ok so my friend Kayte wanted to make a here she is!

Name:Adrieana Jared laurens.

Look:Wavy blonde hair,with pink streak,purple headband,hott pink halter,black ruffle skirt,black high heel boots,black eye shawdow,green eye liner,sparkely black mascara,tanned,amber eyes,blue crystal earrings.

Besties:Lindsay,Katie and Sadie,Beth,Bridgette,Lewshawna,Owen,DJ Izzy,Tyler,Gwen (Kind of.)

Personality:She's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed,but she's smarter than 3 points.Her best friend on the island is Lindsay,and they have been friends sence preschool when
they wore the same silver shiny headband and red earrings.She has a crush on DJ,and she was voted 1st hottest girl (next to Lindsay)

Huge crush:DJ.

Audition tape.

Adriene:Hiya! im Adriene ,and this is my BFF,Lindsayy!

Lindsay:OMG,Adrie,can you BELIEVE we're trying out for Total Drama ISLAND??

Adriene:Like,ommygosh,Lyn,i can not!

Lindsay:Ok,so im Lindsay Norah Lavern,and i have been in 5 bikini catalogs,just like Adreine! I think you should choose me,for one im pretty,and im so totally nice,to EVERYONE!

Adriene:She is! Even to ugly girls.

Linday:Yep! thats me! Call me Sunshine! well,thats MY audition so now here is Adrie! Take it away!

Adriene:(Holding her cat princess.) Ok,so hiiii,im Adriene,and this is my kitty,Princess,say hi,Princess!


Adriene:See? she said hi.Anyway,you should choose me because,well im ALSO pretty,and i can do this! (Does splits) Thats from years of Cheerleading with my co-captain,and BFL,thats Bestie For Life,Lyn,say hey,Lyn!

Lindsay:Hey! He He,again,

Adriene:Okay so anwyay,me and lyn are gonna do some cheering for you,here

Lindsay and Adriene:Dominate the Floor! Cheethas raise that score! Mighty and fast! Your team will surely come in last! GOOOOOOO CHETAHS!!! WHOOO! (Both do a flip in the air,their outside by the way)

Adriene:We've been practicing ALOT,so,choose us!


Adriene:Can it,Greg! Uhhhh,oopsies, *Whispiring* Lindsay! i thought the camera was off?

Lindsay:*Whispering* i did to.whoops.

Adriene:Ummm,gooo cheetahs...?

Welp,thats Kaytes charecter!
hope you like her!
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hơn một năm qua vavra said…
i pity who has to go through these
so total drama is based off of reality stereo types so I've combined a few by giving a relatively normal person split personalities. distinguished by small changes in the name and changes in hair.
katie: a peppy cheer leader type and forever crushing on different guys. think Lindsay but smarter and cheers all the time. has piggy tails.
dark rose: yeah a massive emo goth a little like Gwen but takes herself much more seriously. more serious and angry at her surroundings than sad. has her hair down and in front of her face.
Caitlin: bi polar up than down and attaches herself to people in a really clingy way. puts hair clips in her hair.
cat: thinks shes a cat i need say no more. messy hair.
Kay: likes to hit on people uses her feminine whiles to use people. like a less evil girl Alejandro.
Kate: their real personality of the body and is only pretending to have split personalities to mess with people for fun. like heather but in it fir her own entertainment. will only be seen later in the season in the confessional and revealed to her fellow contestants at the last minute as she gets eliminated (shes so annoying its inevitable)
this got kind of off track but extra details would be that only people using her would put up with her but someone might one of her personalities just not the rest. her personality would change right at the worst moments for those around her. most of her personalities hate each other. she has black hair and i don't know what she wheres.
i hope this didn't suck to read.
hơn một năm qua bcthestrongest said…
Demon:a careless and Juvenal girl that loves to sleep and go on her i pod she looks like Gwen she wears a black outfit with red shoes she loves Duncan and has the same height of hair just like Gwen has white hair and red eyes
Lizzy:a crazy nut who loves to pretend to be in the wild she looks like Izzy she wears all green and curly just like Izzy she likes Tyler green eyes and orange hair
Brittany:a cheerful girl who loves everyone in the world she looks like Bridgette and Lindsay she wears an all blue outfit and her hair is just like Heather she loves Trent blue eyes and blond hair
Corabella:a shy girl who loves to be around her friends she looks like Lindsay she wears all pink and red shoes she has pink hair that flows like the wind and pink eyes u can get caught too she likes Alejandro
hơn một năm qua Courtneyfan785 said…
Name:Kaylee Age:16 Eye Color:Blue IQ:1853 Hair Color:Light Brown with Pink Highlights Skin:Peachy Team(s)Killer Bass,Killer Grips,Team Amezon Crush:Harold Friends:Courtney,Bridette,Izzy,Cody,Katie,­Lin­dse­y,S­eir­ra Enimes:Heather,Duncan,Gwen,Eva,Sadie,Alean­dro­,Ez­eki­al Favorate Foods:Pizza,Jell-O,Salad,Tacos,Chocolate Chip Cookies,Chicken Sandwitch Favorite Colors:Pink,Pariwinkle,Teal,Cherry Red,Gold,Green Wears:Pink tanktop with silver sparkles and Pariwinkle Butterfly Skirt and Red Go-go boots Likes:Taylor Swift,Dolphins,Water Skiing,Drawing,Playing Softball Dislikes:Lady Gaga,Spiders,Football,Basketball,Math Favorite Show:Total Drama Island Duh!
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hơn một năm qua rhyrhy66 said…
You got any arnge juice?
hơn một năm qua KitkatKaysa said…
big smile
NAME: Kaysa Terry
AGE: 16
EYES: blue
HAIR: orange with red and yellow streaks
OUTFIT: she has lots... :D
LIKES: Being pretty and popular but nice, makeup, clothes
DISLIKES:bad hair, anything involving fashion disasters
TEAM:TDI: gophers, TDA: grips, TDWT: Chris is really really really really hot
ELIMINATION: TDI: In dodge brawl, I was eliminated because I dodged the ball but I ran into the wall! My hair was messed up and I couldnt see for days! TDA: In SuperHero ID, I dressed up as Wonderwoman, Like one of my BFF's, Lindsay (accidently), and I got booted because I fell off stage! TDWT: I won! Yay me!
ADVANTAGES: Being popular, pretty and smart makes life easy! I am also rich, and a skilled fighter, despite my klutziness! (and having the best, most amazing body ever!)
DISADVANTAGES: Being klutzy and terrible at sports got me an F in gym! But I won a talent contest at school, 1st place of course, so I got extra credit! I also designed gym outfits!
CRUSH: Alex!(hes in the pic)
FRIENDS: everyone! Heather even revealed that she liked me!
BFF: Lindsay and Heather
MUSIC: Rock, rap, R&B, and pop
ARTIST/BAND: too many to name!
FAVORITE BOOK: Who cares?!? its not like were gonna read any books!
COLORS: shocking pink and blood red.
FOOD: Chinese beef lo mein!
HOBBIES: Shopping, modeling, fighting!
THEME SONG: 1.Falling Down 2.Round and Round both by Selena Gomez
SIBS: My twin sister (sassikassi) and my 8 month old baby brother, Jackson!
BIO (writtin by twin sister, Kassidy): Okay, so Kaysa is really nice and smart, but shes a great fighter! Shes popular, a great singer and dancer! Shes sensitive, but if you make her mad, she'll explode! She can get a little crazy at times, but not usually! She is klutzy, and lazy when she wants to be! But she will always get her friends out of trouble, even people who dont like her! Thats why so many people love her.
Me: Okay, hi everybody! I have talent and I'm good at making friends so I should be in the total drama series!
Kassidy:*bursts in through door* Okay I'm Kassidy and it's time to be embarrassing! So did you know Kaysa looooves ae guy named Alex-
Me: Kassidy! *face turns red* stop it!
Kassidy: No way! So Kaysa is sooooo clutzy and she ran into a wall in gym class, 3 times everyday!!! And-
Me: Kassidy stop or I will hurt you! *face turns redder*
Kassidy: You dont scare me! And she is soooooooo-
Me: *looks into camera* one second, please... KASSIDY YOU UGLY BUTTHEAD WHO IS UGLIER THAN MEDUSA!!! *runs after Kassidy*
Kassidy: AAAHHHHHHHHH! *runs out of the room*
Me: Okay sorry so anyway-
Me: *screams back* A LOVELY CHILD OF JESUS! *jumps out window*

Okay not as planned... and now, Alexes bio too!!!

NAME: Alex
AGE: 16
EYES: brown (wait i messed up the pic... the eyes arent brown and they should be)
HAIR: Dark Brown (not exactly alejandros hair color i made it darker)
OUTFIT: White shirt with blue jeans
LIKES: Being helpful and the smartest in class
DISLIKES: Fighting, Falling behing in grades

Thats all... l8r
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 NAME: Kaysa Terry AGE: 16 EYES: blue HAIR: trái cam, màu da cam with red and yellow streaks OUTFIT: she has lot