Total Drama Island Ranting on Worst Host Ever

GroovyAhma2010 posted on Jan 08, 2019 at 08:09AM
Chris McLean. What? More like Carla McDirty. This Total Drama character sucks. He is mean, horrible, and cruel to his contestants. Thank goodness this psychopath was not hired to host "The Ridonculous Race".

The worst thing Chris, aka Carla, did was reveal Shawn and Sky's secrets to their helpers, or their significant others. Shawn revealed that he did not want to share the money with Jasmine, while Sky revealed that she had a boyfriend back at home named Keith. While Shawn and Jasmine received some closure, Dave was still mad at Sky. Most of the fans would point the finger at Chris for this, pointing out that Sky and Dave are still innocent.

Do you know who hates Chris McLean? 99148770. She agrees that Chris has crossed the line too far and that Don is better off as the host of any future "Total Drama' if they ever came back.

Do you know who likes Chris? Sugar. He enjoys Ella's miseries to the point that he paints Sugar as the hero of the conflict.

Screw Chris McLean, Screw Sugar, and Screw the Ice Dancers named Jacques and Josee.

Topher, Don, Geoff, Bridgette, and Josh (from Celebrity Manhunt) are so many times better than Chris McLean.

End of rant.
 Chris McLean. What? thêm like Carla McDirty. This Total Drama character sucks. He is mean, horrible,

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cách đây 4 tháng GroovyAhma2010 said…
All I am saying is that Don does not f**k around with the game and his contestants (Heck, if he was the host since 2008 with TDI, he does not stage TDPI Topher's elimination by posing as a producer and cheat him out like that).