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thomasedslover posted on Oct 22, 2017 at 01:34AM
This is a common trend casting real life people as animated characters in live-action adaptions of movies that have never even been made, therefore for this topic, let's all share ideas and opinions on who we'd like to play who in a Total Drama Live Action movie. These are some people I, as well as others would like to see in a live action Total Drama movie

Elizabeth Gillies as Eva
Bella Thorne as Izzy
Avan Jogia as Noah
Emma Roberts as Gwen (Thank you, MarcellSalek-26 of deviantart for that one)
Victoria Justice as Courtney
Taylor Lautner as Justin
Raven Symone as Leshawna
Ariana Grande as Zoey
Justin Berfield as Scott
Samuel L. Jackson as Chef (though Cle Bennett his voice actor could ALSO play him in live action)
Seth Rogen as Sam (I know Rogen's too old to pass for a teen, but it could also work if the live action movie were to follow the same premise as "Grow Up, Timmy Turner")
Ashley Tisdale as Dakota (On one hand, it's a bit hard to see it, on the other hand, I could see Ashley's anger work for Dakota)

I know there are MUCH MORE characters than that, but they're casting ideas I liked the best that I agreed with.
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