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posted by TOTALFan
I was walking around the lake with Luz just talking about Billy and when her tiếp theo ngày will be with him...then we heard something...something in the bushes...

It was just Grasie.

Grasie:"Hey guy's!What are bạn 2 doing out here?"

Christy:"Grasie!You scared us!"

Luz:"Not me, I wasn't that scared."

Grasie:"See, you're the only one that was scared."

Christy:"Well, there is only 2 people...but whatever, we're just out here talking.What else?"

Grasie:"Nothing i suppose."

Sumer came out running.:"Grasie!Why didn't bạn wait for me!"


Sumer:"Yeah well don't do it tiếp theo time."


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posted by JORDW
Chris: Hi i'm chris and i'm the host of total drama surge! Let's meet our players! Crystal got's the smartist cat in the world! Let's see if she can get far! Alex is crasy and wild. will thta get him far? Selena had a ride on a dlphin. Did she go to alantis? Janet is the fatist flaxable girl in the world! Mike is a great swimmer. Let's hop he dosen't Swim down the brain drane! And Jared loves anamals! Okay let's start the game!
Man: Leval 1!!!!!!!!!!
Chris: Okay are U guys ready?
All: Yes!
Chris: Okay here we go! Okay, Willy has a nose hair promplem.Count how many! Count how manny nose hairs he...
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*everybody sat at a tabel for lunch*
ava:HEY HAROLD TAKE A LOOK AT THIS *throws thực phẩm on dawn and christy*
dawn:SHE GOT IT ALL OVER MY anime SHIRT!!!!!!! SHES GONNA PAY *poors sữa down ava shirt*
ava: bạn LOSERZ!1! *jumps on dawn and they start having a cat fight*
chrissy:FOOOOD FIGHT *throws thực phẩm at sumer and put the some thực phẩm at jared to make it look like he did it*
sumer:JARED IM GONNA KILL *chases jared*
jared:*trips and falls in the giant pot of sauce and grabs sumers hair and she falls in too*
hollow:IM GETTING OUT OF HERE *slips and gets thực phẩm on cody*
christy: OH HOLLOW...
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What everyone saw in the "celler" was a bottomless pit. "Well here I go!" Katie đã đưa ý kiến as she jumped down the celler. Here was silence. "Katie, i'm coming dooooowwwwn!" Sadie đã đưa ý kiến as she jumped. Izzy laughing, jumped down. No way I'm doing this." Heather muttered. She flicked her black long hair behind her. Oh no no bạn are jumpin'!" Leshawna said. "Make me!" Heather yelled. Leshawna picked her up and through her down the celler. "Leshawwwwwwnaaaaa!" Heather yelled going down the celler. Then Leshawna jumped. Silence accurred. "D-D-Do we have t-t-to?" Beth asked. "Yes!" Courtney replied. "O-O-Okay"...
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Phil:Mom we're Home!
Duncan's mom: Hi Phi..... Duncan!
Duncan: Hi mo.....*mom huges*
Duncan: Mom!
Duncan's mom: Sorry! I just miss you.
duncan: Miss you,too.
Duncan's mom: So how was school?
Phil: Well.
Duncan's mom: What?
Phil: Here's what happened.

Phil: I came to lunch and well ummmmm,
Eva: Give me your lunch monny punny!
Phil: Ummmm,
Duncan: Stay back Eva!
Eva: Duncan, Duncan, Duncan. Wow, your here. Well i'm going to beet him up now. Okay!
Duncan: No it's not Okay!
Phil: Duncan!
Eva: Are bạn ready?
Coutney: Duncan no!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duncan: Ready!
Geoff: He's dead!
Bridgette: Yeah he is!
Eva: Neo! Now!
Neo: Ready,...
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Duncan: So what's going on at the house.
Phil: Oh ummmmmmm, not that new.
Duncan: Oh!
Phil: Well it's cool that our lockers are buy each outher.
Duncan: Yeah!
Bridgette: Duncan? Is that you?
Duncan: Bridgette?
Bridgette: Yeah! I never knew bạn came to this school.
Duncan: Well, I'm here!
Bridgette: Oh who is this?
Phil: Hi! I'm Phil.
Duncan: He's my brouther.
Bridgette: Do bạn want to go out?
duncan: are bạn with Geoff?
Bridgette: He's not here!
Geoff: Bridgette and Duncan? Is that you?
Bridgette: Oh no!
*Team song*
Geoff: Bridgette! Hi!
Bridgette: Hi.
Geoff: I missed you.
Duncan: bạn just got burned!
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Beth (beth is the way she looks in TDA)
All of the girl were playing ouside in Bridgette's backyard. Izzy was rolling on the ground until she hit something hard. "Hey I found something!" Izzy yelled. Everyone came over. "I've never seen this before." Bridgette đã đưa ý kiến under the sircomstances. "Let's open it up and see what it leads to!" Courtney suggested. "Well if were going to go in there we should pack some things." Leshawna said. So they all packed a big bag for eachother to carry around on their backs. "Let's go!" katie đã đưa ý kiến as she opened the door in the ground. "Wow" đã đưa ý kiến Katie. "What?" the other's said. "Well, see for yourselfs." Everyone gathered around. "Holly crap." đã đưa ý kiến Gwen.
Duncan: Chris!
cHRIS: Yeah?
Duncan: Can I take a ngày off?
Chris: Are bạn kiding me?
Duncan: No!!!!!!!!!!
Chris: No!
Duncan: But my brouther's comeing!
Chris: Dubble no!
Duncan: Why?
Chris: Because my brouther hates me!!!
Duncan : What?
Chris: Yeah!
Duncan: Why?
Chris: Well, when I started total drama. He hated me! Also I only saw him 5 times in my life.
Duncan: Wow.
Chris: bạn are so lukey U have a brouther Duncan. And get to see him.
Duncan: So is that a yes hoặc a no?
Chris: Yes, bạn need to spend time with your brouther Duncan.
Duncan: Yes!
Chris: *crys*
Jane: What's wrong with my dad?
Chris: Oh he misses his brouther.
Jane: Uncle Bradey?
Duncan: I gusse.
Jane: I miss him too.
Duncan: cỏ khô, hay why don't we bring your uncle her and let him meet your dad?
Jane: Yeah that's great!
Duncan: Do bạn know his number?
Jane: Yeah!
Duncan: Let's do this!!!!!!!!!
Both: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!
Total Drama Interviews: The Producers

Written by: BlastWave
Note: This interview is supposed to be a connector and shall answer some các câu hỏi những người hâm mộ like bạn and me may have about the series. These may hoặc may not be hiển thị accurate. I dedicate this fanfiction to Mrs. Persch and Mr. McGillis, the creators of the hiển thị and I hope bạn enjoy it.


Cynthia Fox: Hello folks! I’m Cynthia cáo, fox and today on this program I’m interviewing two of the producers of the hit TV hiển thị “Total Drama Island,” and its sequel, “Total Drama Action.”

Producer 1: Thank you.

Producer 2: It’s...
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posted by potterandtdi
I sat on my bed, waiting for Emma hoặc Nikole to call. I wanted something to entertain me. My cat, Bluestar was there, but I couldn't talk to her. I looked through my sketchbook. I found a couple of sketches, but oddly, there was a picture of Duncan. Underneath was a note. I pulled the note off:

Hey babe. Bet you've been miserable without me. I bet you're praying to god that I'm not taken. I'm not. I will see you-

It was cut off. I relaxed a little, then decided to go to bed. I put on my pajamas, then went to bed.

I woke tiếp theo morning in a bundle of warmth. The warmth oddly smelled of wet chó and-...
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posted by Fangirl99
"ok,for the fist part of your challenge,youll be doing partner singing.Its gonna be ill give 10 giây to pick a partner.And....NOW!"

I had 10 seconds,there was always gwen,but then a hand grabed mine

"what the-oh,its just you"

it was just that crazy chick

i forgot her name

"times up!"said chris."Now,you have and your partner have to write a song.You all get 20 phút to write it and pick out the âm nhạc The âm nhạc is on theses tapes.And start writing

As we thought about what to write for a song,the girl spoke

"oh!How about a tình yêu song!those are so romantic!"


I wasnt really...
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posted by Fangirl99
Something i made cause i was bored

"Ok,i decided two have a contest to let 2 thêm contestants be touchered,i mean,compete for another one million dollars"Chris đã đưa ý kiến to the other contestant

I was scared stiff."um,can sierra go uot first?"i called out to chris

"no,now dont be whose and come out!"

i didnt care what chris called me,i still wouldnt go out.I was too shy,too scared

"cmon bạn big chicken!" chris called"were wasting money!i mean,time!"


I came out,and there were eyes starring at me.Only me. I wantede to run back inside,but i knew i couldnt.

"hey!i know you!" lindsey called out."Your...
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posted by rose35
"sup dues and dudettes? Your new host, chris here to host extreme, crazy, mentally brain challenging, bone-breaking, painful-"
"I think we get the point, Chris."chef rìu nhỏ, rìa, hatchet yelled from the kitchen.
~commercial break~
"here we are, howz about we meet the cast?"said chris with a grim smile."lets meet Alex, Kaitlan, Nikole, Ashley, and Addrey!"
later on chris introduced nikole after alex.

"hey people! when are we going to eat?(looks around) this place looks boring, how about we turn up the volume?" Nikole runs to chris with a lighter.
"what are bạn going with lighter?" đã đưa ý kiến chris gulping...
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I watched Muffins on Youtube for the billionth time. My cellphone rang the song Bring Me to Life.

How can bạn see into my eyes, like open doors?
Leadiing bạn down into my core where i've become so numb?...
bring me to liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffe

I answered my phone. "Hello?" I ask. "Hey babe. It's me." đã đưa ý kiến my boyfriend Tyler. "Hi honey! I got another call! Talk to bạn later!" I answer the other phone. "Hello?" It was Brianna. "Hey Nikki! Can I come over for a little while? Maybe watch a movie? Duncan! I'm on the phone! bạn could invite Tyler." I nod and say," Okay! See bạn later." I hang up the phone....
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Duncan: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D.J: Duncan! What is it?
Duncan: I just got a letter.
Mike: Did I get some?
Duncan: Yeah, here bạn go!
Mike: Thanks!
D.J: Duncan! What is it?
Duncan: It's from my Brouther!
Courtney: We never đã đưa ý kiến anything about a brouther.
Duncan: Well, I never wan't to talk about him.
Dawn: What do bạn hate about?
Duncan: His my twin brouther!
All: What?!?!
Duncan: Yeah he is my twin brouther.
Dawn: Dose he have a girlfriend?
Duncan: No!
Dawn: What I'm desperate.
Noah: I'll go out with you!
Dawn: No!!!!!!!!!!
Noah: Man!
Bridgette: Duncan it will be okay!
Duncan: No It won't!
Courtney: Sure it will!
Heather: Well, I don't care about it so.... Buy!
Bridgette: Heather stay!
Haether: Fine!
Courtney: Duncan: Why don't bạn ask Chris for the ngày off?
Duncan: Yeah! I'll be right back! Buy!
Coutney: Do bạn think Chris will say yes?
Dawn: No!
posted by tdafan121
She's my new fanfic person! Here's her info:
Full Name: Kodai Jamie Elizabeth Barlow
Age: 16
Bio: Kodai is a very imagiantive girl. During the ngày she is normally either daydreaming, talking, hoặc đọc one of her W.i.t.c.h. books. At night, she is thêm active and is always doing something. Normally on a typical night, she is either listening to music, drawing, writing, staring blankly at the moon, hoặc typing up a storm on Fanpop, her yêu thích website. On special nights hoặc in one of her victory celebrations, she either takes a swim hoặc walks through the woods. Two of her good friends, Bridgette...
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posted by potterandtdi
I was kissing him! Me, Brianna Daniels, of all the girls in the world, had to fall in tình yêu with the hottest bad boy in the world. I stood there, my arms around him and everything. I kissed him. "Miss me babe?" I smiled. I wanted to stay put, lay in his arms forever. We both knew that couldn't happen. I kissed him again and wrapped my arms around him tighter. When we pulled apart, I looked into those eyes. I'd miss those. He stared back. I held on to him as if for my life. I was shaken up at the moment. My tim, trái tim was hammering in my chest. "I want to hiển thị bạn something." He led me to his car:...
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posted by potterandtdi
"Duncan, what are bạn doing here?" I asked. "Coming to see my girl." I groan. "I'M NOT YOUR GIRL ANYMORE!" He smirks. "What happened to the girl I met two years ago?" He asks me. "I'm not the same girl. You're the exact same person I met on the island." He comes closer. I turn off the music. He turns it back on:

Waking up I see that everything is okay.
The first time in my life and now it's so great...
It's innocence, it's brilliant.
I hope that it'll stay.
This moment, is perfect.
Please don't go away.
I need bạn noooooooooooow.
And I'll hold on to it...

He brought me in his arms. I blushed and giggled....
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posted by Fangirl99
2 weeks later

gwen:hey trent.

trent:hey.Have bạn decided?

gwen:yes,and im not breaking up with you



trent:cause i like you.or,maybe even love

gwen:yeah,me too

trent:you tình yêu me?

gwen:of course,i tình yêu you

trent:i tình yêu bạn to

gwen:me too!




hope u enjoyed!

Catch our tiếp theo story:um..we havent thought of one yet xD

bạn can stop đọc now,i just got to write thêm to post this
posted by potterandtdi
I sat in my room, listening to Avril Lavigne.

She's like so whatever,
you could do so much better.
I think we should get together
And that's what everyone's talking about!

I flipped through my old sketchbook, looking for memories. Then, I looked in my TDI scrapbook. I skimmed through the pages. I found a picture of one of my best friends, Gwen. She was most like me. She and I didn't believe in all that girly crap. We both liked to sketch drawings and listen to punk music. I hoped that she would see me again. Then, I flipped the tiếp theo page. There was my other friend, Bridgette. We all liked the enviornment...
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