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*that night*

kylie's cell phone rings*

kylie: hello?

someone: kylie?

kylie: yes?

someone: im sorry to tell bạn this... duncan was just in a car wreck

kylie: omg *starts 2 cry*

kylie: are bạn with him

someone: yes we are lifelighting him

kylie: ill meet u at the hospital

*kylie calls annie and geoff*

kylie: annie and geoff *still crying/

annie and geoff: what!!

kylie: duncan was in a car wreck and im on the way 2 the hospital

annie: bạn dont have a car

kylie: i no

annie: who u gonna get there

kylie: ill walk

annie: r u crazy u will freeze 2 death! its snowing! im going to come get u

kylie: its 2 late i left

*kylie runs half wat 2 the hospital as she runs she passes out and annie and geoff find her on the side of the road*
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Here's a word from Sofie!
Hello, this is Lolly4me2 saying...
Well, sorry for this not being TDI related! TT^TT Your all so nice and considerate people, and most if not all of our Những người bạn tham gia this spot! We thought it would be the best way to get thêm views. *bow* Sorry, again...
posted by TDI_Angel
I've been having writer's block when it comes to poetry, so when this popped into my mind, I HAD to post it! Sorry, I couldn't think of a better title. :/
WARNING: Femslash, as in Yuri hoặc GirlxGirl. bạn don't like, don't read.

The bully and the crazy girl,
Two Mất tích hearts sent in a whirl
Two outcasts, together they fit,
Who ever would have guessed it?

Soft green eyes of smiles and laughter
Those are the eyes Eva's after
Waterfall of auburn hair,
Need to find her, where is she, where?

Childishness and crazy thoughts,
Feelings of tình yêu Eva fought
Heart quickens when she...
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"Keep driving, Courtney! We need to get to them fast!" Heather urged đã đưa ý kiến CIT, who checked the speed meter. "We're already heading to the speed limit, Heather; I don't know if we should keep going."
"But Alejandro and Sierra need us!"
"I'll try..but this "Esper" isn't coming up anywhere on the map."
"Just keep trying, please! If Alejandro's there any longer.."
Leshawna put a hand on the Queen bee's shoulder. "Calm down, girl."
"I can't help it. Just this morning I saw..who was normally a angry, edgy psycho..a alone, scared little boy..I know how it feels to look in the mirror and wonder who's staring...
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*At the hospital*

Kylie: Listen here bub! Give us a room!

Docter: I'm sorry but we dont have any rooms avaliable

Kylie: Give us a room! *Kylie grabs the docter bởi his áo sơ mi coller*

Docter: Okay, fine.

*The docter gets a wheel chair for Annie*

*The docter wheels Annie into a room*

Docter: bạn have to wait in the waiting room.

Kylie: Okay fine!

*In the waiting room*

Geoff: Do bạn think she will be okay?

Duncan: Yeah, probly.

Kylie: Guys she just got burned, its not that bad.

Docter: Annie will be okay,she just needs to put ice on the places she got burned.

*Geoff runs over to Annie*

Geoff: Oh my gosh Annie...
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kylie runs up to annie*

kylie: omg we have to take her to the e.r

*geoff pick up annie and everyone runs to duncan's car

geoff: duncan hurry up she might be hurt

duncan:it wont start

kylie: *sighs* as she kicks the car

duncan: wow it started

geoff: come on hurry

*as we get to the hospital*

kylie: nurse we have annie and she burnt her self

nurse: im sorry we dont have any rooms open

kylie: listen lady my bestie is here and she needs a room *she says mean like*

duncan: kylie calm down

*kylie runs into a room and looks for a docter*

duncan: kylie shell be fine *as he hugs her*
"Let us go!" Sierra yelled, thrashing and pulling at the interns carrying her. She tried to bite his arm, but couldn't reach. "What do bạn want with us?"
"It's not what we want," Izzy replied.
"Izzy? But...why you? You're my best friend."
"I'm sorry, Sierra..before elimination, I signed a deal with a company. I had to start working for them sooner hoặc later..."
"But why didn't bạn quit?"
The redhead sighed. "I tried, but the company's leader, Esper, threatened to hurt Chris..I tình yêu him so much, I couldn't let that happen."
Alejandro glanced at her. "So, let me get this straight. We're being whisked...
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Ezekiel gasped. He ran to the plane, bumping into Owen. "Whoa, whoa, dude, what's wrong?!" Asked the overweight teen. The homeschooled boy began to cry. "A-A-Alejandro and S-S-Si-Sierra are..adopted!"
"I overheard Chris and Izzy talking to Esper...they're going to take them off the show!"
"I don't know! We have to do something!"
"I think I have an idea."

"Are bạn going to be okay, Alejandro?" Heather asked. "Y-yeah, I'm fine..but..there's something I want to tell you." Alejandro replied, suddenly growing nervous.
"You guys are like..the family I never had; But you're different....
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-Courtney's P.O.V-

I slowly made my way upstairs to mine and Justin's bedroom.

I sat down on the giường and pulled a con le le, chim ưng, mòng két coloured box out from under the bed.

It đã đưa ý kiến on the lid: 'Total Drama Series' Memories...'

I took this off and looked inside; a scrapbook, photo's, friendship bracelets and the most memorable gift; that skull.

I kept it after all these years.

I began to look at the photo's;


Me and Bridgette

Me and Geoff

Me, Geoff, Bridgette and DJ

Me, Bridgette, Geoff, DJ and Duncan

And the last one of me and Duncan, holding hands, looking lovingly into eachothers eye's.

'What went wrong?' i questioned...
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(A/N: Hey, this is dedicated to everyone who likes this and idea credit goes to tdafan121. Enjoy...)

-Alexis' P.O.V-

"Well, dont be too disappointed" my mother's smile faultered as i found the page i was looking for...

The Total Drama Wiki's Duncan-Courtney relationship page.

She stared at all the pictures and when i saw one, i let out a gasp.

She looked at that same picture and tears welled up in her eye's.

The picture was from an episode called "Basic Straining"

I couldn't tear my eye's away.

She looked so happy, so... just not how she is with Dad.

Duncan looks alot like Monroe.

Too alike.

I wonder...
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-Courtney's P.O.V-

"You know that old hiển thị Total Drama Island that i was on?" i smiled at the distant memory.

"No" Alexis had a blank look on her face.

"Check it out on YouTube" i said.

"Hello gorgeous" my husband, Justin, walked in and kissed my lips.

"Ew, public display of affection, EW!" my thirteen năm old son, Filip, gagged.

"Its romantic" my other daughter, Tilly, sighed in awe.

Alexis went into the phòng bếp, nhà bếp and bought her laptop into the living room.

"What'cha doing?" Justin asked.

"Watching Total Drama Island" i answered and she nodded.

He mumbled something in audible and went upstairs to take...
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The doorbell rings. Kylie and Annie answer the door.

Geoff: Merry christmas!

Annie: Merry giáng sinh to bạn too.

Kylie grabs duncans hand and takes him inside.

Geoff and Annie look up. A missletoe hangs up right above them. Geoff grabs annies face and kiss's her. The snow lightly falls on them.

Annie and geoff walk inside to get some hot chocolate.

Duncan and kylie take a ghế, chỗ ngồi on the carpet and Annie and Geoff tham gia them.

Duncan: I got this for bạn (hands present to kylie)

Kylie opens little box.

Kylie: *gasps* Oh my gosh duncan, its beautiful (kylie holds up a diamond necklace)

Annie: oh my...
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- Alexis' P.O.V-

"Leave me alone Monroe!" i shrieked at the pierced punk following me home.

"Why would i do that, princess?" he smirked which infuriated me.

"Just... go" i đã đưa ý kiến calmly as i picked up my pace to a gentle jog.

"Nice ass" i heard him snicker.

"What?" i growled at him.

"I said, nice ass, didn't bạn hear me, toots?" he smirked, yet again.

"Toots?!" i stared at him, dumbfounded.

"Yeah" he laughed as he swung his arm around my shoulders pulling me closer to him.

I could smell the distinct fragrance of a 'Diesel' aftershave.

"Mmm" i sighed.

"Like it?" he asked cockily.

I pushed him away and shrieked,...
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kylie and annie go to duncan's house for a Halloween party.

kylie: hi duncan

*annie walks up to geoff*

kylie: nice costume LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại a big bad wolf.

duncan: cute kitten costume.

duncan and kylie walk up to annie and geoff*

annie: omg kylie guess what


annie: geoff asked me out to dinner

kylie: *screams* omg!!

duncan and geoff rn some where

geoff: i need girl advice

duncan: dude. take annie out to bữa tối, bữa ăn tối then to the movies. me and kylie will come along.

duncan walks up to kylie*

duncan: do u want to come to bữa tối, bữa ăn tối and a movie with me

kylie: sure

Annie and Kylie walk into their new middle school. Its their first ngày and they look around. All of a sudden two guys walk up to them.

"Hey, im duncan and he's geoff." Duncan said

"Dude! I wanted to introduce myself." Geoff đã đưa ý kiến with a sigh.

"Well its too late now!" Duncan said.

Annie and Kylie look at each other.

"Hi, Im Kylie." Kylie đã đưa ý kiến normally.

"And im Annie, Kylie's best friend" Annie said.

Duncan winks at Kylie.

Kylie winks back.

"So do bạn two girls want to sit bởi us at lunch later?" Geoff asks.

"Sure!" Kylie and Annie say at the same time.

"Cool." Geoff said.

*At lunch*

Annie and Kylie walk...
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So this is it? This is out challenge? I thought to myself as I stood on the edge of the cliff. It can’t be ... can it?
I just stood at the back of the Killer âm bass, tiếng bass, bass line, not paying attention to anything except the depth of that cliff ... how would I ever make it down there? Standing there, I was wallowed in my own little world of fear and nervousness, and I could only do as much as stand on the dried-grass ground, taking a little step phía trước, chuyển tiếp once in a while as the line moved forward. Duncan shot me a nervous glance from his spot in the line, and my tim, trái tim skipped a beat despite what was going...
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Good afternoon, campers!” The computerized voice rang out from the speakers. “You have your first challenge in five! Unpack and meet me up top!
I shrugged and put on my bathing-suit, which I was instructed to do. Leshawna and Gwen, who were changing in the stalls beside me, seemed annoyed about this first challenge.
I quickly changed into my swimsuit, and just as I was about to put my silver-rhinestone flip-flops on, someone’s bra (Leshawna’s, I think; it was big and gigantic and frilly ... who else’s could it be?) flew under the stall door, towards me.

I was surprised, okay? Yes,...
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"Sierra...I'm so sorry.." Cody clutched his tim, trái tim as Sierra took out an old teddy bear.
"When I was an orhpan...I dreamed of being outside and meeting bạn and the others. I still liked bạn back then, just to let bạn know. When Blainley took me, I asked if I could meet the Total Drama cast one day. She đã đưa ý kiến yes, and here I am." Sierra rocked the teddy chịu, gấu back and forth.
"What about Alejandro? bạn know him?"
"Yup, ever since we were kids. He was my best friend. We talked about everything. Of course it was me who was doing most of the talking..Alej-that's what I called him-wanted to meet bạn guys...
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[Courtney's car runs out of gas in front of an old mansion full of dust and cobwebs]
D:Great we ran out of gas.
T:Look an old mansion!
C:There's probably zombies in there.
G:It's either deal with the zombies in the mansion hoặc deal with the hundreds of zombies.
D:What's it going to be Princess?
[They cautiously walk through the door.They start hearing moaning sounds]
C:Who's there?
D:Zombies.Time for a Slash fest.
[A blonde comes from a door unexpectedly]
Monica:Hi!I'm Monica!
G:Hi!Before we get acquainted can we look for bite marks.
M:I wasn't bitten bởi a zombie.
C:You know about the...
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I turned my head to the side just as the guy who was driving my little-big yacht called, “Ahoy! C’mon, my little Kiseki! We’re here!”
At the same time, a foghorn sounded. My tim, trái tim pounded with anticipation as I awaited my debut at the island. Total Drama Island. The place I’d look up to; my trang chủ for the tiếp theo eight weeks.
From where I was, probably far enough so that I could just see 22 figures standing bởi the dock. As far as they knew, I never existed. Well, they probably all knew I existed, ‘cuz bạn know, my dad works for the federal government, and my mom was an actress in Hollywood,...
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