Jordan: I bet i'm leaveng tonight!

courntey: Bye bye Jordan!


Chris: Not alot of people got votes. Tonight i'm hading out Snow.
Natalie: Chris there melted!
Chris: oh! Then water.
Annie: Great!
Chris: Thease people had NO votes, Natalie!
Natalie: Yes!
Chris: Penny!
Penny: sweatness!
Chris: annie!
Annie: yay!!!
Chris: Rochelle!
Rochelle: Bo ya!
Chris: Duncan!
Duncan: cool! *slips on some water* Ouch!
Chris: and Trent!
Trent: Yes! *picks up Duncan* bạn ok?
Duncan: yeah thanks man!
Trent: No problem.
Chris: This person had only 1 vote.......... Ezekiel!
Ezekiel: Yes! Still in the game!
Chris: and Jordan!
Jordan: One vote??? YES!
Chris: There is a tie!
Courtney: what? So who's off.
Chris: bạn both are! If there is a tie all in the tie lose!
Courntey: What?
Abby: Yes!
Chris: see ya!
Penny: Bye Abby!
Abby: Bye! *jumps off* I'm comeing Tyler!!!
Courntey: I'm not jumping.
Chris: bạn don't have to.
Courtney: I don't?
Chris:could push you!
Courntey: what?
Chris: *pushes Courntey*
Counrtey: I will come back!!
Chris: with only 10 for Team Win and 8 for team USA! who will win tiếp theo week on total drama awesomeness!