Chris: Welcome to the Most Watch tv hiển thị in the history of the world. Total Drama Extreme Rulez!!!

Chris: Last time we saw Duncan and Terra hit the road and leave forever!!

Chris: so this is how the teams stand

Team Uno:


Team Dos:


Chris: and our guest host today are THE MYTH BUSTERS!!

Harold: woot

Owen: yeah there hiển thị is awesome

*the myth busters walk in*

Chris: Intorducing Adanm and Jamie from the myth busters

Adam: xin chào guys

Jamie: hello

Adam: are bạn ready to bust some myths

Geoff: yeah

Adam: well your going to

Jamie: ok but first we need some myths

Adam: so were gonna draw names out of a hat

Adam: for team uno its Penny

Jamie: and for team dos its Annie

Adam: your challange is to run across the set of the quick sand myth before bạn fall in

*camera goes to the quicksand*

Jamie: go!!

Penny: *runs* ha this is easy

Annie: woah *nearly falls*

Penny: *keeps running* ha *falls into the sand* dammit

Annie: *gets to the end first* ha I win

*camera goes to the stage*

Adam: ok so the score is-

Team uno- 0

Team dos- 1

Jamie: the tiếp theo event is the paint ball challenge

Adam: Owen and harold get to the shooting range

*camera goes to the shooting range*

Adam: ok who ever can take the most pain wins

Jamie: and Im shooting

Raven: oh crap

Geoff: why

Raven: I've seen mythbusters jamie is a freaking sniper

Zoey: ouch

Adam: 3...2...1.. fire!!

Owen: I dont feel anything

Harold: *on the ground in pain* ah the paint its every where

Adam: ok team uno wins!!

Jamie: and the scores are

Team Uno- 1

Team dos- 1

Jamie: ok and the final challenge is the fear test

Adam: Zoey and geoff your turn

*camera goes to the fear challenge*

Adam: ok bạn must let this bọ cạp crawl on you

Geoff: woah its weird

Zoey: nope Im not doing this challange at all

Chris: fine then its team dos that wins

Chris: team uno meet me on the stage

*at the stage*

Chris: ok please cast your votes

*5 phút later*

Chris: ok heres how it went

Owen- 0 votes

Penny- 1 vote

Zoey- 0 votes

Sam- 3 votes

Chris: So it looks like sam is out of here

Sam: ughh well I knew this would happen some ngày *gets in car and leaves*

Chris: well thats it for tonight on *camera goes to backstage*

Chris: *Off screen* wheres the camera going

???: ha ha ha Im back tiếp theo hiển thị ha ha ha ha

*camera goes back to chris*

Chris: what the hell was that

Chris: anyway see bạn tiếp theo time!!!