30 ways bạn know if bạn are obsessed with Courtney and Duncan

30. bạn have at some point squealed when something Courtney hoặc Duncan related has happened

29. bạn make up pointless fluffy moments with Courtney and Duncan in your head

28. bạn laugh at Courtney and Duncan moments at ngẫu nhiên times of the day, then bạn get weird looks from Những người bạn hoặc family

27. When bạn listen to âm nhạc bạn start to make up Courtney and Duncan video clips

26. "Basic Straining" was your favourite episode in TDI and "Ocean's eight-or nine" was your favourite in TDA

25. In school now bạn act really really good, hoặc really really bad

24. bạn know a few law terms

23. bạn notice in every crowd scene that Courtney and Duncan are standing tiếp theo to each other

22. bạn just went to go watch an episode to see if I was speaking the truth

21. bạn own your own lighter/knife/bow and arrow

20. bạn loved the moment when Courtney encouraged Duncan to hug Celine Dion instead of just yelling at him to do it

19. bạn hate Harold for voting Courtney off

18. When bạn listen to songs/video clips/random stories bạn relate it too Courtney and Duncan

17. bạn hated the first 13 episodes of TDA without Courtney in it

16. bạn have got a screen saver/poster/background/book covering of Courtney and Duncan somewhere

15. bạn hate when people say Gwen and Duncan are meant to be together

14. bạn almost cried when Courtney and Duncan broke up in TDA, then bạn hugged the TV when they got back together

13. Did I mention bạn hate Harold

12. Cuz ya do (although bạn still find him entertaining for stupid moments)

11. bạn find it ironic that Duncan fell for the good girl and that Courtney fell for the bad boy. Now bạn tình yêu dysfunctional relationships. (Also, bạn think if they ever have a kid, it could easily take over the world)

10. bạn tình yêu their fights on screen and find it hilarious when Courtney hurts him

9. bạn wish there were thêm Courtney/Duncan scenes, so much so that bạn make up your own

8. bạn want to get an extra piercing now

7. bạn wish bạn could go into their world and yell at them to Kiss already

6. Your favourite video on Youtube is "Courtney and Duncan moments part 1 and 2" and your favourite âm nhạc video are of them

5. bạn tình yêu đọc Courtney and Duncan fanfiction, and it makes bạn mad beyond belief when someone writes it and it's poorly written, hoặc a good idea and they stop after just one hoặc two chapters

4. bạn really, really hate Harold for voting Courtney off

3. bạn don't care that I've đã đưa ý kiến that 3 times now

2. The first fight they ever had (Dodge Brawl) bạn wished they would just kiss, then they fought again, and bạn wished they would just Kiss already. And when it finally came time for their first kiss, bạn were so happy that bạn yelled it at the TV screen your joy

And 'bum da bum BUM!' the number one reason bạn and I know bạn are obsessed with Courtney and Duncan

1. bạn are đọc this fanfic!