Don't say a word, Dani...
"Oh...god." I moaned, observing the lanky girl. ""

She scoffed impatiently. "WHAT is your problem?!"

"Duncan, you're a girl! How are bạn NOT worried?!?" I yelled.

"Being a girl is cool." the girl shrugged. "I don't have to worry about asking out girls, I don't have to wear boxers." Then, she looked down her jeans. "Oop. Skip that XD."

"Duncan, how are we gonna cover you? I don't know how to reverse the spell, and we need to give bạn a nickname instead of always calling bạn 'that girl'". I put my hands on my hips.

She thought for a moment. "How about Dani?"

I sighed. "Fine. But still yet, if I want reverse the spell, I have to get the most powerful magic nguồn around. The one that started it all." I said. "Wait....that's me."

"No." She said. "It's not."

"Well, who do you think it is?!" I asked, rather offended that Duncan didn't think I was a powerful mage.

"I don't think. I know." She looked me in the eyes. "It's Rikki."


About a week later, everyone was saying their goodbyes for the conpetitors that were leaving for Total Drama Action, and the ones who weren't were saying ]sayonara!

Fortunately, the fourteen going in were me, Duncan, Rikki, Jessica, Chelsea, Caitlyn, Trent, Gwen, Owen, Heather (>:( bitch), LeShawna, Lindsay, Beth, and Harold. And it was a relief that Courtney wasn't going in because it would blow Duncan's secret.

That afternoon, some skanky old bus dropped us off at the city gate.

"What the fuck happened here?!" I looked around at the completely destroyed city gate. "It looks like Iraq."

Dani stepped off the bus and smelled the air. "Man, I miss the smell of the city." She said.

Dani set her bags down and tied her long black hair back in a long messy ponytail. She wore a tattered black T-shirt and torn-on-the-knee flare jeans.

Lindsay and Beth stepped off the bus together, both admiring each other. Then Lindsay gasped and ran over to Dani. "OMG, I tình yêu your hair! Wait, I don't remember bạn from first season..." Lindsay studied Dani suspiciously. "Are bạn a amposter?" (mispronouncing imposter)

"What?" Dani scoffed. "I was in the first season. Remember that night after the dodgeball game when we sat on the floor of the cabin, doing each other's hair and make-up, having a sleep-over, and we locked Heather out of the cabin?"

Lindsay thought for a một giây then gasped in realization. "Oh, NOW I remember you!!!"

Dani rolled her eyes and walked over to me. "Britt, where the fuck is Chris?"

I mouthed 'I don't know' and then heard Chris over an intercom.


Dani and I sighed and walked with everyone into the city.


Later once we completed the first challenge, the girls were in the girls' trailer, guys in the guys'.

I sat on the floor with Rikki, Jessica, Heather, Dani, and LeShawna. Gwen sat on a giường with Lindsay and Beth, and Caitlyn and Chelsea had gone out for a walk in the forest.

I sighed to break the heavy silence in the trailer. Dani looked at Rikki's neck, where Rik wore her typical silver locket I gave her and Jess.

I leaned over to whisper in Dani's ear as all the other girls started conversing about bunk arrangements and the challenges.

"We need to get that off her neck." I said. "Immediately."

"Why?" Dani asked strangely.

"If we don't get it in time, the spell's holder disappears forever. That's the way it's always been."

"That'" Tears formed in her eyes. "I don't want to lose you."

"Neither do I, Duncan." I said, and the other girls heard me.

"Who's Duncan?" Heather asked.

"Who is he?" Beth looked at us. A commotion arose between the girls, and Dani's jaw dropped.

"They don't know me." She said.

"When I did the made the world forget you." I said. I'm so sorry!" I started to cry.

"It's OK. We'll reverse the spell. Everything will be fine."

"How do bạn know that?"

"Because it's bạn and I."