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There is the danh sách of some of the Total Drama and The Ridonculous Race Characters, with some Positive Qualites.

*Alejandro: High Intelligence, Suave, Sophisticated and Competent
*Silent B: High Intelligence
*Beth: Politeness and Good-Natured
*Brick: Well-Deciplined, Politeness, Remorseful, Noble, Strong, Good-Natured and Well-Mannered
*Bridgette: Politeness, Kindness, Remorseful, Calm, Sympathetic and Good-Natured
*Brody: Cheerfulness and Politeness
*Cameron: Politeness and High Intelligence
*Carrie: Politeness and Good-Natured
*Cody: Cheerfulness
*Courtney: High Intelligence, Sophisticated and Competent
*Crimson: High Intelligence, Calm, Mysterious and Good-Natured
*Dakota: Good-Natured
*Dawn: Mysterious, High Intelligence, Calm, Sympathetic, Politeness and Good-Natured
*Devin: Good-Natured
*DJ: Kindness, Politeness, Strong, Courteous, Well-Mannered and Good-Natured
*Don: Reasonable, Wise, Rational, Good-Natured, Well-Deciplined, Sane and Fairness
*Dwayne Senior: Good-Natured
*Dwayne Junior: Reasonable, Good-Natured, Sane, Wise, Mature, Rational, Respectful, Competent and High Intelligence
*Ella: Kindness, Politeness, Good-Natured, Gentle, Elegant, Graceful, Sympathetic, Fairness, Sweetness and Cheerfulness
*Ellody: High Intelligence
*Emma: High Intelligence, Competent, Calm, Remorseful, Sophisticated, Good-Natured, Sensible, Wise, Rational, Reasonable and Sane
*Ennui: Good-Natured, Calm and Mysterious
*Eva: Strong and Competent
*Geoff: Cheerfulness, Hilarious, Politeness and Kindness
*Gwen: High Intelligence, Kindness, Remorseful, Sensible, Calm, Good-Natured, Mature, Rational, Reasonable, Wise and Sane
*Harold: Good-Natured and High Intelligence
*Heather: High Intelligence, Competent, Rational, Reasonable and Sane
*Izzy: Hilarious
*Jacques: Competent and Sympathetic
*Jasmine: Competent, High Intelligence, Good-Natured, Kindness, Mature, Wise, Rational, Reasonable, Sane and Sympathetic
*Jay: Good-Natured and Sympathetic
*Jen: Good-Natured and Sophisticated
*Jo: Competent and Strong
*Katie: Cheerfulness
*Kitty: Cheerfulness, Hilarious, Kindness, Politeness, High Intelligence and Good-Natured
*Laurie: Kindness and Good-Natured
*LeShawna: Competent, Strong and Good-Natured
*Lindsay: Kindness, Politeness, Remorseful, Sweetness and Good-Natured
*MacArthur: Strong, Good-Natured, Remorseful and Competent
*Mary: High Intelligence
*Max: Hilarious
*Mickey: Sympathetic and Good-Natured
*Miles: Good-Natured and Kindness
*Noah: High Intelligence, Witty, Calm, Good-Natured, Sophisticated, Mature, Sensible, Rational, Reasonable, Wise and Sane
*Owen: Fun-Loving, Hilarious, Good-Natured, Cheerfulness and Kindness
*Rock: Hilarious and Fun-Loving
*Rodney: Kindness, Strong and Gentle
*Sadie: Cheerfulness
*Sam: Fun-Loving
*Sammy: Sympathetic, Kindness, Remorseful, Sweetness and Good-Natured
*Sanders: Competent, Good-Natured, High Intelligence, Sensible, Sophisticated, Noble, Calm, Rational, Reasonable, Wise, Mature and Sane.
*Scarlett: High Intelligence, Sophisticated and Competent
*Shawn: Competent, High Intelligence, Remorseful, Good-Natured, Kindness and Politeness
*Sierra: Cheerfulness
*Sky: Competent, Fairness, High Intelligence, Rational, Reasonable, Wise, Sane and Mature
*Spud: Good-Natured, Laid-Back, Relax, Mellow, Cool and Calm
*Tom: Good-Natured and Sophisticated
*Trent: Suave, Politeness, Kindness, Calm, Cool, Relax, Laid-Back, Good-Natured and Sophisticated
*Tyler: Hilarious and Good-Natured
*Zoey: Kindness, Sweetness, Remorseful, Good-Natured and Competent
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