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With enough edginess to be censored bởi Cartoon Network, Total Drama Island teeters on the borderline between milder Adult Swim shows and regular CN shows. With CN not caring much about the series anymore, maybe it's time to go in the Adult Swim direction. This would allow for thêm of that mature humor that made TDI so great, and was kinda Mất tích in later seasons. But would Adult Swim accept the pitch? Here's why I think so. While TD's ratings may not be good enough for CN, Adult Swim has renewed Squidbillies, which got even lower ratings on its latest season. Adult Swim also recently revived Samuri Jack, which had been cancelled bởi CN. Being on Adult Swim doesn't mean TD has to become a carbon copy of Drawn Together. There are plenty of milder Adult Swim shows such as Futurama and Rick and Morty. Fresh makes shows for tweens and teens, but "Adult" Swim gets a lot of teenage viewers too. Fresh should go ahead and pitch a new TD season to Adult Swim. If Adult swim accepts TD, great! If not, TD is no worse off than it currently is. Better to try then be left forever wondering what could've been if only they'd pitched it.

Ratings for TDRR and the Adult Swim hiển thị Squidbillies
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 This is thêm than comparing Zoey and Heather bởi looks and style.
This is more than comparing Zoey and Heather by looks and style.
After seeing Scott in a robot suit in the link, I noticed theories on why Scott is an expy of Alejandro. We go back to the link where Zoey wanted revenge on Scott for eliminating Mike. She injured him to the point where he was put in a wheelchair. To add thêm fuel to the fire, she is techinally responsible for putting Scott in a robot suit, just like Heather did to Alejandro in the TDWT Finale.

If bạn can get the picture, which is in this article, bạn can see that Scott and Alejandro were injured to the point where they had to be put in a robot suit, because of a Heather and link.

It is more...
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