*In the green room*

Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama Video Game Highschool

Sgt. Calhoun: Last episode we saw bến du thuyền, bến tàu, marina leave with an ankle injury

Chris: So today our contestants will be playing the scariest game to ever exist....Amnesia!

Sgt. Calhoun: right now they're eating breakfast but not for long

Chris: because we put knock out gas in the cafeteria...

Sgt. Calhoun: watch as our contestants try to survive....next!

*Theme song plays*
*In an underground tunnel system*

Isabelle: *wakes up* ugh where the hell am I?

Isabelle: *looks around* Its dark and cold...

Isabelle: *finds a lanturn* I need to find my way out of here

Isabelle: *starts walking down a tunnel*
*In a Library*

Sayu: *wakes up* where am I?

Sayu: *looks out a window* I looks like a forest?

Sayu: I don't remember getting here

Sayu: what else is here? *walks out into the hall*
*In a Kitchen*

Jasper: ugh it smells like death in here *covers his face*

Jasper: *looks around the room and sees rotting thực phẩm everywhere*

Jasper: I'm gonna throw up

Kylie: *runs into the room and slams the door*

Kylie: *looking white as a ghost* omg! Its right behind me!

Jasper: What the hell is wrong with you?

Kylie: *has a mini tim, trái tim attack when she hears Jasper*

Kylie: *faints from fear and exhaustion*

Monster: *starts kicking the door*

Jasper: Crap what ever it is, is right at the door!

Jasper: *looks down at Kylie, sighs*

Jasper: *picks Kylie up, runs up a flight of stairs*
*In the underground tunnels*

Isabelle: I can't see anything that isn't in front of me

Isabelle: *thinks she hears something* what was that!

Isabelle: *holds the lantern out*

Ryan: woah its just me! *walks out from another tunnel*

Isabelle: Ryan! *hugs ryan*

Ryan: Are bạn ok?

Isabelle: not really? its scary down here
*In the hall*

Sayu: this place looks like its from the 1700's

Sayu: *hears foot steps behind her* Hello?

Sayu: *looks around* weird....

Sayu: *hears thêm foot steps, sees a shadow move*

Sayu: *scared* I don't know who bạn are but don't mess with me

Sayu: *feels a hand on her shoulder, turns around and punches Draven in the face*

Draven: ahhh what the hell!

Sayu: oh its bạn Draven...

Draven: yeah its me *holding his jaw*
*On the stair case*

Jasper: *carrying Kylie*

Kylie: *out cold*

Jasper: damn either she's heavy hoặc I'm out of shape!

Monster: *breaks the door to the phòng bếp, nhà bếp down*

Jasper: s***! *runs while still carrying Kylie*
*In the tunnels*

Isabelle: so ryan have bạn found a way out of here?

Ryan: I thought I was a stair case back down the tunnel

Isabelle: ok lets get out of here

Ryan: *hears splashing* Was that you?

Isabelle: No

Water monster: *swims after Ryan and Isabelle*

Ryan: run!

Isabelle: yeah!

Water monster: *grabs Isabelles leg*

Isabelle: *screams*

Ryan: Isabelle! *tries to save her*

Water Monster: *tries to drag Isabelle away*

Isabelle: Ryan! Help!

Ryan: *reaches for Isabelle but slips and falls*

Ryan: *stands up just to see Isabelle disappear*

Ryan: Isabelle!!!
*In the Green room of the Studio*

Chris: Looks like Isabelle is gone

Sgt. Calhoun: *brings Isabelle into the green room*

Isabelle: what? this is all part of the game?

Chris: yeah

Isabelle: *punches Chris in the face*

Sgt. Calhoun: *laughs* ha!

Chris: ow!

Isabelle: I gotta sit down *sits on a couch*
*In the hall*

Draven: So do bạn have any idea where we are?

Sayu: A hall way bạn idiot

Draven: shut up!

Sayu: well my guess would be a castle...

Draven: No duh

Sayu: I wonder what challenge this has to be..

Draven: *looks around and sees a golden chris statue*

Draven: I don't know *takes the statue and puts it in his pocket*

Sayu: whats this door say *looks at the door*

Draven: well?

Sayu: It says engine room....

Draven: well lets go inside

Sayu: I guess
*In the tunnels*

Ryan: NO! She's gone! *hits the wall*

Ryan: its all my fault....*sees something shiny in the water*

Ryan: what the? *picks up a golden chris statue*

Ryan: that son of a bitch!
*On the stairs*

Jasper: *still carrying Kylie*

Monster: *running up the stairs*

Kylie: *out cold*

Jasper: *sees a door* yes!

Jasper: *opens the door, sets Kylie down*

Monster: *catches Jasper*

Jasper: No!!! *shuts the door and saves Kylie*
*In the green room of the studio*

Sgt. Calhoun: *throws Jasper into the room*

Jasper: ugh Calhoun I hate bạn so much...

Chris: looks like lover boy jasper still exists...

Jasper: bạn better xóa that footage Mclame!

Chris: fine *fakes deleting the footage*

Isabelle: xin chào jasper have a ghế, chỗ ngồi and watch the show

Jasper: *sighs* fine

Ryan: *walks into the room*

Chris: Ryan what are bạn doing here?

Sgt. Calhoun: yeah bạn weren't caught

Ryan: yeah but I found your trophy...

Chris: oh yeah forgot to mention that part....

Chris: so Ryan gets invincibility.....

Ryan: *sits tiếp theo to Isabelle* I hate these games

Isabelle: *leans her head on Ryan's shoulder* Ditto
*In the Engine room*

Sayu: its just a bunch of engines...

Draven: they must power the whole castle

Sayu: yeah

Monster: *breaks the door down*

Draven: *screams*

Sayu: woah!

Draven: *pushes Sayu towards the monster then runs*

Sayu: oh bạn ass!

Monster: *catches Sayu*

Draven: ha! *hits his head on a pipe and gets knocked out*
*In the green room of the studio*

Sgt. Calhoun: *throws Draven and Sayu inside*

Chris: looks like bạn two lost

Sayu: only because of him!

Draven: *wakes up* agh my head

Chris: yeah bạn took a bump

Draven: yeah but I have this *takes out chris statue*

Chris: Draven also has invincibility!

Draven: wait who else has invincibility?

Ryan: *raises his hand*

Draven: oh

Chris: so is everybody here?

Sgt. Calhoun: where's Kylie?

Kylie: *walks into the room* Here *tired*

Chris: Kylie also has invincibility!

Kylie: yeah yeah.....

Chris: ok its time to vote for who bạn want to leave!
Time to vote some out and make the final 5

Kylie (Invincibility)
Draven (Invincibility)
Ryan (Invincibility)

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