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-The giáng sinh party and Contractions-

"God, if I get any bigger, I might as well pop!" Ally huffed as she managed to get her thick áo sơ mi to fit over her body.

After the baby vòi hoa sen in November, time seemed to lapse very quickly. It was now giáng sinh Eve, and Ally had hit the end of her 4th trimester. In fact, she was over her 9th month. The blonde girl was actually about two weeks over her due date.

"I should have had them two weeks ago!" Ally exclaimed as she rubbed circles on her sore lower back. "I feel like I'm going to blow up." She roughly sat down on her neatly made bed.

The bathroom door in front of her flung open and Mike walked out of the smoke filled room. He had a white towel tied around his hips and some water droplets were still flowing down his exposed chest. The tanned boy started rubbing another towel against his soaked, black hair.

"Don't worry about it. Some first em bé are born a little late. Everythings going fine!" Mike đã đưa ý kiến a he gave his regular gap-toothed smile.

"I don't think I'm a little late when my due ngày was two weeks ago.." The blonde snapped with an angered look as she laid down on the mattress and messed with her hair.

Mike started drying himself off and threw on a pair of his boxers.

"I know it's not easy..But your pretty, strong, and brave.."He purred as he crawled on his girl and kissed her up and down her neck. Ally moaned, but then felt a cramp  seize her body. She grabbed her stomach in pain.
      Mike thought that he was hurting her and immediately got a concerned look.    
      "I-I'm sorry! Am I hurting you?"   the tanned boy stammered as he stopped kissing the girl under him.
      "N-No. I'm fine. Just some cramps." Ally winced as she got up from under her boyfriend and sat up on the bed.

    "We don't have to go to the party tonight. We can stay trang chủ if your in pain." Mike explained as he sat up tiếp theo to his girlfriend.

"N-No, I'm fine! I just need to walk around. bạn know, stretch a bit.."

"Are bạn sure?"

"I'm fine Mike! Live a little!" Ally happily said.

A cold chill Ran down Mike's spine. The last time Ally đã đưa ý kiến "Live a little", it ended up with the twins being conceived. He was still worried...very worried. Mike just tried to take any bad thoughts out of his mind and started putting on his clothes. Basically his regular T-Shirt, with a white long sleeved áo sơ mi under, jeans, and his shoes.       
       He never really bothered with his hair, it would cause Vito to come out unexpectedly. Though Mike and Ally's M.P.D was nearly gone, they still had some riffs where their personalities had their last time on earth.

After getting ready, Mike helped Ally into the car and slowly rode to Dawn's house for a giáng sinh Eve Party. The snow was swirling around the car. It had already snowed about 4 inches, so some roads were closed off.
     It only took 25 phút to get to the large, pent house looking home. It already had many cars parked in the curved drive way. Ally wrapped her scarf tightly around her body and rang the door bell. 
        The decretive wooden door was lightly opened. Inside the door frame was Dawn. Who was wearing a dark green sweater (short sleeved) and a cute black skirt.
       "Hello Mike and Ally! Welcome to the party!" She greets.
       The couple greets the moon hold back and walk inside. The first thing bạn see in the gigantic living room is a big sofa and a bàn full of thực phẩm and snacks. There was also a tall giáng sinh cây in the corner. People were scattered around, either talking eating, hoặc playing with the Kinect on the TV.
       Both Mike and Ally  went in separate directions and just did ngẫu nhiên things. Mike went into the phòng bếp, nhà bếp to assist Cameron with ordèrves while Ally talked to Bridgette.

"You still haven't had the twins yet?" Bridgette asked as she let Chubby little Lily walk to her father.

"Not yet. And I'm a little concerned. They should've been born bởi now." Ally replied as she felt around her stomach.

"Haven't bạn been having any contractions?"

"Well, if bạn call sudden cramps contractions, technically, I guess." The expecting blonde replied.

Ally finished her conversation with Bridgette and headed to the snack table, where she ate a few chips and drank some water. After taking a few chips, Ally felt another cramp in her stomach.

"Ow!" She groaned. "Must be another contraction. I better tell Mike."

Before Ally could di chuyển any farther she felt thêm tightness in her body..she was totally unaware of what would happen next..

Two chapters in one day!!!!! Score! If u read the end of mylast chapter, u would've known that I'm losing inspiration, but I'm good at nghề viết văn fics about Babies, so this gives me a good back bone...So..comment and Tell me what bạn think.
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