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carlie445 posted on May 18, 2013 at 08:18PM
Basicly, Camp Wawanakwa, ( after the radiation, ) was changed into a secret base where SPC's were kept, They escaped, and Tweens are locked in, trying to escape with their lives!!! NO SWEARING!!!

Me: clare, SPC173, Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Bridget, Jeff and Trent.

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hơn một năm qua carlie445 said…
( everyone is running down a hallway from SPC173 )

Duncan: HOW SHOULD I KNOW!!! ( runs faster )
Courtney: EEP!!! ITS GAINING!!! ( everyone starts screaming, even DUNCAN!!! they also run super fast )
hơn một năm qua carlie445 said…
( everyone splits up. Clare ends up with Jeff, Bridget ends up with Trent, Courtney ends up with gwen, and Duncan, that unlucky guy, ends up taking the route of SPC173. )