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posted by jadeISmaNAME
Eventually school ended and i walked trang chủ on my own, the other's asked why so i told them i just needed to think, And i did. I needed to figure out how i was going to tell ryder i didnt like him, i liked someone else. But how?

I got trang chủ and jumped onto the sofa, well i tried too. I ended up missing completely and landed on the table. It frigging hurt! Now, time to call eddie. I picked up my phone and dialed his number. He answered on the third ring.
" Eddie! Hey! how are you? anyway wana go on a da-.. hang out?"

" uhm.. sorry lana.. i cant.. im hanging out with crinipy..."

"Oh... okay.. have fun"

I quickly ended the call and sighed. I guess il have to tell him i like him another time, then again hes been quite distant. IL figure it out later. After thinking i decided on calling kendall, he was pretty fun to be around. I dialed his number and rang.

" xin chào kendall? wanna come over and play on black ops?"
" bạn play black ops? and sure! il be over in about 5 phút okay?"
"hurryyyyy! im so bored"
I heard him chuckle as i ended the call.

When Kendall arrived i pulled him inside and pushed him onto the blue hạt đậu, đậu bag chair while i sat on the cầu vồng one.
"hows it going then kendie?"
He grunted "fine, dont call me kendie, its the most disturbing nickname iv ever heard, i feel like a girl"
I laughed "kendie, kendie ,kendie!!!"
He slowly turned to me grinning, it was a little creepy.
"kendie are you-" He launched a cái gối, gối at my face.
"HEY!" he grinned thêm "you wana play dirty? ITS ON!" I grinned cheekily back at him as i threw a cái gối, gối at his face.

For the tiếp theo half an giờ we were ducking behind objects and having the most intimate cái gối, gối war iv ever had.

~ max's p.o.v ~
I walked inside the flat and nearly screamed, the sofa was upside down, the bàn was ontop of the t.v, and there was pillows everywhere.
"whats going on?" i shouted.
A few giây later lanas and kendalls head popped up from behind a bàn on its side. Both of their hair was messed up, their faces were flushed and they were panting. I was kinda scared.
"A cái gối, gối war! and im totally beating kendies butt!"
" nah uh! bạn only have 1 cái gối, gối left, and i have 4!"
Well.. i guess i didnt need to worry then.
" okay then.. im going.. to bed" I quickly walked away and crawled into bed. While falling asleep i heard giggling from the other room.

Yeah, im a horrible writer, im sorta not the inspired, adjfbasjfb,il try harder tiếp theo time!
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posted by bcthestrongest
 met bơ, miếng bơ, butterscotch those 3 other girls is Brittany Lizzy real hair and my new oc demon Gwen sister
met butterscotch those 3 other girls is Brittany Lizzy real hair and my new oc demon Gwen sister
Its our first ngày we wear something comfortable
come on bc u going to make us late đã đưa ý kiến Ramona outside the door well im sorry we going to tv not a party i đã đưa ý kiến out the door i had on màu hồng, hồng shoes and red pants màu hồng, hồng áo sơ mi ok lets go i đã đưa ý kiến out the door we were going to get Lizzy Izzy sister she was excited to go on the hiển thị with her sister we saw the bus pull up we all ran in well hello im Cody who are u ladies đã đưa ý kiến the boy beside bơ, miếng bơ, butterscotch well im bc thats Ramona and thats bơ, miếng bơ, butterscotch i đã đưa ý kiến trying to find a ghế, chỗ ngồi the bus hit a bump and i landing in a boys lap o chica u alright đã đưa ý kiến the boy...
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