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 Christian Potenza Gets Campy
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This Total Drama All-Stars bức ảnh might contain dấu hiệu, poster, văn bản, bảng đen, ký hiệu, bục giảng, đọc bàn, bài giảng, đọc sách, and kinh.

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A sneak-peak of the 11th episode of Total Drama All-Stars! I don't own anything! Enjoy!
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Thanks to her arrogance, Dipper Pines will not return on Fanpop.
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The intro began with the camera panning across the island to the locations of all 38 contestants. One part of the island reveals Jo's Heracross using Megahorn to send Brick's Pinsir flying. On another part of the island, Alejandro's Gardevoir is doing her best to impress Heather's Gallade.A couple miles away, Bridgette's Vaporeon and Geoff's Cloyster look at each other in confusion while their trainers make out, B's Magnezone uses Zap súng thần công, pháo to send Scott's Raticate flying, Mike and Zoey are floating downstream towards a waterfall, while their Flareon and Jolteon run to meet them, on a log,...
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Again, this is not my article. Enjoy!
Check out SailorMarble14, who wrote this.
Back at Zoey's house, Zoey was anxiously watching out her door, checking for Mike, hoping that he would arrive soon. "Oh Mike. Where are you?" Zoey đã đưa ý kiến worriedly.

"Don't worry Zoey. I'm sure Mike will be here soon." Cameron told her, patting her back. Zoey smiled. "Thanks, Cam." Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Zoey smiled and rushed to the door and pulled it open, but once she saw whom it was she frowned.

"Hi Zoey." Mal said. Zoey was disgusted...
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Source: TD Creators, CN, Teletoon
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