She woke, turned around in the bed, to say good morning to her man. But he was already awake. She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. She was feeling weird. She have been dreaming about that she had a little hiển thị for her man, and that she have been teasing him to the absolute limit, and that they had the best fuck ever.
Now she knew it, she was horny. Then, a great idea came to her mind, she should dress up sexy, and bring him back to bed, and have a little hiển thị for him.

She took a quick shower, and started putting on makeup and found some sexy clothes. She pulled out a pair of sexy red high heels shoes, a red and white corset, white girdles and white stockings with red bows on. She took on the clothes and went downstairs. She walked around, but she couldn`t find him.
She went to the last place in the3 house she expected to find him, the kitchen. He ate breakfast. She grabbed his hoodie, and đã đưa ý kiến “babe, come with me”. He was a bit shocked, but he followed her.
She took him back to their bedroom, and pushed him on the bed. She sat on âm nhạc . Stripper song bởi Brutha. She moved around, slowly. He couldn`t look away. She was so sexy. She took of the corset, and got down on the bed. She made him spread his legs, and she started kissing his thigh, on the outside of his pants. She went further up. She sat on hàng đầu, đầu trang of him and started to rock back and forth. He tried to grab her hips, but she smacked his hands.

“You can look, but don`t touch”. He gave her a sad face.
She kissed him, softly, and bit his lips. She played with his lip piercings. He moaned silently. She pulled up his hoodie and t-shirt so she could Kiss his muscular upper body. She kissed further and further down, and she had eye contact with him the whole time. She reached his võ sĩ quyền anh line. She bit it, and pulled it a little down. She let go, and pulled his pants and võ sĩ quyền anh down to his knees. She took of her own panties, and smiled to him. He was so hard now.
She kissed around his dick.
Teasing him so badly. He whispered “Babe, just touch me, I need you”
She laughed, and breathed on his dick, she was so close to it. He reached after her head, and pushed her on it. She licked for a moment, and stopped. She đã đưa ý kiến “If bạn touch, one thêm time, I will tease bạn for 15 thêm minutes” He sighed. He just have to let her have the control. She took his pants and võ sĩ quyền anh off, completely.
Then, she started on a great blow job. She used her tongue effective and she used both of her hands.
She moaned loud. It felt so good ! But, he couldn`t take it so much longer, after all that teasing. He sat up, took of the hoodie and his t-shirt and pulled her over himself, and started thrusting in and out. He was sitting a little up, so he could use his feet pretty well to control the speed. She was sitting over him. She loved this position. She could be close to her man, she could smell him, and feel him, and he always hit the spot in this position.
She was moaning in his ear. He thrusted harder and harder. She shouted out loud, and she was shaking. He got wet. He loved it when that happened. She was a squirter. He stopped for a moment, so she could calm down a bit. He asked her to rise up, and turn around. She did as he said, and he pushed himself in again. She loved doggystyle too.

She turned her head, so she could look at him. He was so concentrated and she could see his face shining in the light. He was so sexy, with that orgasm face. The way he was looking at her, made her even thêm horny. She turned her eyes to his strong arms, that he had on her hips. They was so well shaped, and she could see that every muscle was working. She layed her head down and shouted loud.
She shouted his name, and he thrusted harder.
They both was really close to reach climax now. She squirted again. He needed to stop up, and let her catch her breath. He turned her over, so she was laying on her back. He kissed her and got back in.
He kissed her neck and looked her in the yes. She had her arms on his back, and her feet wrapped around him.
He kissed her chest and sucked on her nipple. She moaned and gave him a signal, that she wanted more. He started thrusting hard. They had eye contact the whole time. He came and layed his whole body weight on her and kissed her cheek. He got up, lifted her up, and carried her to the batheroom. He sat her on the sink, took off the rest of the clothes she had on, and lifted her in the shower...