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 Me Near a Water Hole
Me Near a Water Hole
Hello there Mew fans! It's me, Kasey. bạn might know me as the newst memeber of the mew Crew right?

Well, I am about to hiển thị bạn guys one of my many transformations and give a short descriptuion of them. Here we go! ^_^

Have bạn ever wondred what is faster then lighting, able to defend itself upon creatures bigger than iteself, hoặc something so deadly, everyone would be scared to encounter? Well, meet one of my transfromations- the Pyroraptor.

The name "Pyroraptor" means "Olympic ngọn lửa, chữa cháy Theif". This species of raptor was natvied to the coastal islands...
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Verse 1
Ichigo: Let's eat some strawberries...
Mint: With parfait, cakes, and cơm, gạo cakes
You'll be happy if bạn eat them all
Lettuce: hoặc a bunch of other fruits...
Pudding: Kiwis, sweeties, and peaches
I really like fruit!
Mint: hoặc cold ice cream
Lettuce: Put it in the freezer to harden
Top it with sauce later
Pudding: I like all of these...
Ichigo: I'm a little irresolute
But that's OK, because I'm cute!
Zakuro: Just being very sweet...
Lettuce: Would leave something...
Mint & Lettuce: be desired~
Ichigo: Put on your yêu thích topping
If bạn don't have it, then go shopping
wait for it nyaa~
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 "You better back away from my friends!"
"You better back away from my friends!"
Hi again bạn great Mew fans! It's Kasey here, giving bạn another desciption of another one of my famous creature transformations.

Well, lets say we get started! :D

If bạn rememebred the movie, "Jurassic Park", than bạn might remeber this little fella. It's the cute, but deadly dinosaur known to all as "Dilohposaurus" hoặc "The Spitter" bởi others.

This dinosaur's name means "Two-Crested Lizard". It lived during the Jurassic period and was a dangerous preadtor. Unlike the ones bạn see in "Jurassic Park" however, this dinosaur didn't EXCATLY had a...
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does ichigo like ryou? if so how could she develope feelings for him if she is so in tình yêu with mark and dating him. ? does she not think of marks feelings? does she think its ok to ngày someone and still like others? i bet she wouldnt like it if he did this.whats wrong with her morals? i feel bad for mark. he is so kind and loves her deeply he was even born to protect her yet she is a two timer. she doesnt even tell makr ryou and her kissed and she still says she loves mark. why do ppl hate mark anyways. is he two perfect? ppl just like ryou bc he is goodlooikng. i bet if he was ugly no one...
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posted by BeckieXCieran
I've been hearing a lot bởi những người hâm mộ shouting "Who's idea was it to name every one after food?!?! 2.lettuce WTHF?!?! This ones the worst 3.pudding Only Zakuro hoặc wateva and Ichigo are the closest to normal" (Real comment.)

So here I'm going to explain all of the main characters' names.

As bạn all know, the mews and aliens are named after food, but the mews and the other males are named also with colours (with the exception of Zakuro)

Here I go.

The Mew Mews

Momomiya Ichigo:
Momomiya = đào shrine. (Momo can also mean pink)
Ichigo = Strawberry.

Aizawa Minto:
Aizawa = Dark Blue Swamp
Minto = Mint...
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posted by deathchick9
Summer:Winter what are bạn doing here?

*There at school.*

Winter:My mom thinks I should go to school.That it will fix my fear of pepole.

Luke:Oh great the freaks here.

Winter:Yes.You.Creep !

Luke:You know what I've had enough of your crap bạn bunny freak go get eaten!

Winter:I told bạn he whanted to eat me!

Summer:Oh Luke is having an anger attack.Some one get the nurse.

Winter:Well I'm not going to wait here to be eaten.

Summer:Winter bạn can't leave it's agenst the rules I know I've tryed.

Winter:I'm not leaving the school.I'm just geting away from bạn guys.

Summer:Wait for me.

Winter:I can't wait around...
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1. Put laxatives in her drink.
2. Tell her she has a moustache.
3. Keep getting mixed up with whether her name means bưởi hoặc Pomegranate.
4. After about a tháng of getting confused, about which one is right, decide to solve the problem bởi just calling her "Mr. Grumpy."
5. When (and if) she tries to talk to you, pretend not to hear and stare at the exact same place for the tiếp theo 15 minutes.
6. Keep insisting to her that her and Mint are a couple.
7. Force-feed her Ichigo's cooking.
8. Pinch her cheek and go "Aww, who's a good wolfy then?"
9. Everyday, ask her if she's going to America yet.
10. Find...
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The decendent of Exra was found at last; Katie, Kishes little girl. As a twist Eric and Zakuro got married on the same day. Everyone is at the Cafe', talking of what transfired.

Cini-We found the decendent of Exra!

James-*still tied up*Can I come down?


Winter-She's kinda scary when angry like this.....*hides be hind her mom*

Eric-She still mad at him?

Ichigo-I won't get invold when shes that mad.

Kish-I don't know what to do?

Kasey-Let me see......We all know that Katie is the chosen one...and some guy called Grave here to protect her.

Grav-Its Grav, like Gravity.....

Zakuro-Why are bạn here...
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posted by mintymomiya
 With your help, ichigo can live again!
With your help, ichigo can live again!
this conserns all people who loves mew mews and wants to see new episodes ON TV thêm than ANYTHING. I think that if everybody on fanpop became a người hâm mộ of tokyo mew mew hoặc it's affiliations (charecter người hâm mộ clubs, and such) that would be like, 4 million people, right? if that many people were fans, i know where i could get a petition to tokyo pop to try reviving it on tk mew mew's fanpop page's behalf.
even if it doesnt work, spreading the word will be great either way! we could get people informed and with a litttle work and a few letters, tokyopop will HAVE to take notice!So, what do bạn say, mew-niacs?
 the original pure first glimpse of ichigo!
the original pure first glimpse of ichigo!
posted by deathchick9
 ngẫu nhiên pic of Taruto
Random pic of Taruto
Mint:Sooooo bạn and Taruto hu pudding?

Pudding:Yep! -^_^-

Zakuro:Gross.Same goes for bạn Mint.

Mint and Pudding:What?

Zakuro:Are bạn going to have little alien babys with your boyfriends?


Pudding:Zakuro bạn pig!

Zakuro:What bạn have to think these thing through.

Ringo:And bạn did?



*Pudding kicked Zakuro out.*


Ryou:Is Ichigo in there?


Ryou:How about Mint?







Zakuro:You sick-o!Taruto!

*Taruto attacked Ryou the left.*

Zakuro:Thank you.

*Zakuro left.*

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1. Call him "Little Baby Taruto"
2. Ask him if he knows how em bé are made, if he says he doesn't know, laugh, if he says he does, but he's wrong, laugh, if he does know, laugh.
3. Take all his kẹo away, for a month!
4. Yell "Guess what, Taruto loves Pudding!" really loud to anyone who will listen, make sure Taruto is there at the time.
5. Make him listen to clam, slow music.
6. After a month, when bạn give him back his candy, make him eat only ice cream, so much that he gets terrible brainfreeze.
7. Lock him in a room full of cicadas, make sure he the room is teleport-proof.
8. Put a cổ áo and...
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posted by mintymomiya
1. Insist that he is a furby.
2. Keep calling him useless.
3. Pull all his lông, lông thú off so he's just a load of wires.
4. Shut him in cupboards and say it was an accident.
5. Get his name wrong all the time.
6. Ask him is he actually has a gender.
7. Sit on him.
8. Carry him around with you, and lung lay, swing bạn arm like bạn would with a bag so he's getting rattled about.
9. Play drums on him.
10. Put him in an aquarium tank, say it was because bạn wanted to know whether hoặc not he could survive underwater.
11. Tell him that he's being replaced, bởi one of those màu hồng, hồng poodle robots.
12. Throw him out of your car in the middle of a desert, so he has to fly back to the café.
13. Do this again, except with an aeroplane instead of a car.
14. Constantly claim to Ryou and Keiichiro that he isn't working.
15. Give him to a dog as a squishy toy.
posted by mintymomiya
1. Everytime he says something, say "I KNOW" loudly.
2. Dance past him with a drum and cymbals.
3. Paint his bedroom walls green with màu hồng, hồng stripes.
4. Then paint his ceiling Yellow with purple spots.
5. Put hair gel in his hair and make It all spiky.
6. Throw Pie at him, the alien hoặc the food, both are sure to annoy him!
7. Sing happy songs to him while he's working.
8. Give bánh pudding lots and lots of sugar when she's at work.
9. Poke him, constantly.
10. Insist that he is a priest, dress him up as one.
11. Turn the café into a pub.
12. Force him into wearing dresses, then taking các bức ảnh of him like that...
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. Ask him if he even knows what Quiche is, hoặc does he just think he was named some ngẫu nhiên word?
2. Tell him daily that Ichigo hates him.
3. While he is sleeping, replace his dragon swords with copies of them bạn have made from toilet roll tubes.
4. Make các bình luận about his strange clothing.
5. And his hair.
6. Walk up to him, look at him seriously, and say "I know what bạn did Brian." Then walk off without explaining anything.
7. Buy him dâu, dâu tây patterned pyjamas, and make him wear them in front of Pai and Taruto.
8. Get Pai to leave the ship for a while, so Kisshu has the responsibility of looking...
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posted by deathchick9
Pai:How many times must I tell bạn stay off my computer!!

Taruto:Ummmm 3000!

Summer:I'm going to work.

Taruto:You work?

Summer:Yes and I own the cafe!!

Taruto:Sense when?!

Summer:Senes Ryou gave me the keys!

Wesily:Ryou bạn did not give her the keys!!!?

Ryuo:Of course not!

Summer:Yes bạn did!!See?

*Summer heled up the keys.*

Ryuo:Hey bạn lấy trộm, đánh cắp my keys.

Winter:Nu-uh bạn gave them to her bạn were drunk!

Ryuo:I don't get drunk I get wasted!!

Winter:It's the same thing stupid!!!

Ryuo:Thats not what my mom told me.

Winter:She lied I mean Kishu's mom is trying to kill him!!


*Kishu hides under...
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 This is what I look like as this exotic creature
This is what I look like as this exotic creature
Hi all bạn Mew những người hâm mộ again! I have returned once thêm with the ultimate suprise of a lifetime. Another new transformation, but this one will amaze and shock bạn all!

I am so excited to tell bạn guys about this tiếp theo transfromation of mine.

Well, lets get started! :D

Most people know what a regular leopard is. It's a big cat that comes Africa and Asia. But this sub-species of leopard is the most amazing, the most beauitful, and the rarest and exotic of its own kind.

Meet the Snow Leopard!

The Snow Leopard, judging bởi its name, lives in the snowy,...
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-these are lyrics that I found online, but I adapted them and made them so that they are good for kareoke.
I took me a while to do them.
You can use them and post it any where else as long as bạn CREDIT ME!!! ( azumarill at fanpop)

I tied a ribbon in my hair
and then I tried to smile
I had gotten the feeling I
Had changed who I was
A little bit of strong courage
Becomes confidence
I had forgotten that lil' fact
Untill I met you

Something that every girl would no
Is how to be fearless
By knowing the magic that lies deep within our hearts

ITS hiển thị TIME

Make my tim, trái tim beat faster then ever
I always want to feel...
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posted by azumarill
-these are my lyrics :p but u guys cam use them for stuff and post elsewhere

these are a bit crap so I will update them when I can.
Remeber if used DO NOT claim them as your own CREDIT ME (azumarill at fanpop, lauren m, invader loz)

Blue Bird:
as I look down at the city from this hill
my hair sways with the wind of tomorow
Oh deary me, it's as if it's resounding
with the earnest đám mây of this lame gray earth

this world brims with betrayal and immitation
I think I am lacking something
now I rember I want to tìm kiếm for my true heartbeat


Before I realise it, a rainBow appears right here
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1. hiển thị her a picture of her and Masaya kissing
2. She actually kisses Masaya
3. If her ears and tail come out around Masaya
4. Masaya says he loves her (notice the theme here? XD)
There's too many to list, so bạn guys finish the danh sách XD (but i have a feeling you're all gonna say stuff about kisshu and ryo :l )
posted by azumarill
Okay some of u people like dren from mew mew power and u might be like "oh oh what a cute name!!" but but during a disscusion with my brother I was all like" xin chào let's make a code!" and my bro was like yer! " let's do words backwards!" and I đã đưa ý kiến sure ok first word... NERD!! :p " and luke đã đưa ý kiến "errr that would be.... Dren! Yer!" *GASP* ever thought deems voice was nerdy??! Nerd dren dren nerd YES? and to stretch my point further brat backwords is Tarb!!!!!!!!!! 4 kids are mean
I now hate mmp but lurve tmm cos it's better and kisshu is one of my gave charectors dunno why

byz have a nice dayyyyyy