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The decendent of Exra was found at last; Katie, Kishes little girl. As a twist Eric and Zakuro got married on the same day. Everyone is at the Cafe', talking of what transfired.

Cini-We found the decendent of Exra!

James-*still tied up*Can I come down?


Winter-She's kinda scary when angry like this.....*hides be hind her mom*

Eric-She still mad at him?

Ichigo-I won't get invold when shes that mad.

Kish-I don't know what to do?

Kasey-Let me see......We all know that Katie is the chosen one...and some guy called Grave here to protect her.

Grav-Its Grav, like Gravity.....

Zakuro-Why are bạn here...
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Fanart drawing of Ichigo Mew
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I've been hearing a lot bởi những người hâm mộ shouting "Who's idea was it to name every one after food?!?! 2.lettuce WTHF?!?! This ones the worst 3.pudding Only Zakuro hoặc wateva and Ichigo are the closest to normal" (Real comment.)

So here I'm going to explain all of the main characters' names.

As bạn all know, the mews and aliens are named after food, but the mews and the other males are named also with colours (with the exception of Zakuro)

Here I go.

The Mew Mews

Momomiya Ichigo:
Momomiya = đào shrine. (Momo can also mean pink)
Ichigo = Strawberry.

Aizawa Minto:
Aizawa = Dark Blue Swamp
Minto = Mint...
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