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posted by iheartwheaterly
Disclaimer-I am not affiliated with NCIS hoặc CBS.
I do not have any part in creating in these characters, nor do I own them.
Anthony entered the building with less swagger and less spring in his step. Mondays were basically torture for him, it ended his weekend that was filled with bia and thuyền mành, rác rưởi, rác food. As soon as he placed down his gear, Ziva started to snicker.
"What?" he snapped.
She looked up from her computer screen.
"None of your business." she retorted hatefully.
McGee watched the bicker and realized the intensity in the bullpen. Tony stared intently at Ziva, and she ignored him....
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posted by iheartwheaterly
I've been gone for a while. Needed to think about things...but anyway here's a new series!
DISCLAIMER-Dude,you know the deal.

First Chapter-Tony's POV
After much thought,I decided I should just call. It couldn't hurt. I moved to grab my phone and felt a sharp,sudden feeling. Suddenly, the pungent smell of blood flooded my nostrils. Another bloody nose had come about,all I did was move!
Earlier today,McGeek threw a football to me. Not fully watching where I was heading,I ran into the metal pole. Last time I'll go along for him. I had broken my nose. Whipedie fricken' doo!
Gibbs was pissed that...
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posted by mossheart1235
This was actually going to be my submission for the TFFF, but I changed my mind. I hope bạn enjoy it, though :)

In her apartment, Ziva watched news of an explosion, from somewhere across the country. Tony had been sent on an undercover mission in Los Angeles, working with NCIS Los Angeles team. Ziva hoped that he was all right. She had to tell him something important.
Her cell phone rang. She picked it up, not recognising the number. “Hello?”
“Ziva?” It was one of the L.A. Agents.
“Agent Callen? What is going on?”
“That news of an explosion on TV? bạn watching it?”
“Yes. Why?”...
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(Rating: K/ Word Count: 1498)

It was Tuesday. As Ziva rode the elevator up to the bullpen alone, she could not avoid dwelling on the last three weeks. A desperate tìm kiếm to find Jackson Gibbs, days of terror, a thrill of relief at seeing his kind, if exhausted, face, blessedly unharmed, the fearsome crack crack of two gunshots during the rescue–-and suddenly, just like that, it was over. Paloma and Alejandro lay dead in the battle, McGee shaking as he replaced his gun in its bao da, holster and ran to Jackson’s side.

Today was boring, but boring was a relief. It was just another Tuesday, just the...
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posted by mossheart1235
DISCLAIMER: I do not own NCIS hoặc any of it's characters. That is the genius that is Don Bellisario.

Tony edged his way through the elevator door, holding the multiple coffees in one hand and Abby's Caf-Pow drink in the other.
“How do bạn do that?” McGee asked.
“He doesn't know.” Gibbs spoke suddenly, making Ziva jump.
“Gibbs! Coffee?” Without waiting for an answer, Tony handed Gibbs a coffee.
“Thanks.” Gibbs said. He took a sip. “Come on. We have a dead Marine in southern Pennsylvania. McGee-” he tossed him the car keys-”You're driving.”
McGee smirked and led the way out of...
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Disclaimer: If I owned NCIS Tiva would have gotten together long ago! So disclaimed.

She stared down at the little white stick that was supposed to tell her if she was going to be a mother. She was not sure how she felt about peeing on a stupid little stick and waiting for the pregnant hoặc not pregnant words to flash across the screen of the test. How could this possibly happen? Well... she knew how it happened, that one night 6 weeks cách đây that she spent wrapped in the arms of her partner, her friend, now her lover. It had been a long time coming with many years of denial over their feelings....
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When I spend time with my sis heather she always gives me ideas not all good but bạn know what this one was really good like so good that I had to write it so here I go
ziva’s pov (the italicized part is thoughts)

I should not be here

I should just be home

what was I thinking of course someone will recognize me I mean the probe giving the tore wont but that is besides the point

Abby will of course will ahhh I am so so incredibly stupid

And tony no I refuse to think of him and what he đã đưa ý kiến when...
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this is just something that popped into my head while I was đọc a fanfiction but it is not a repeat at all it is completely different it is just something that they had ziva say so remember I don’t own NCIS hoặc the characters that play in it I just took them out to play

Ziva’s pov
She had to admit the past 3 months had been the best of her life she did not think that she could ever been unhappy again.
She was going on a run before she meet her boyfriend for lunch that is right an ex-assassin just đã đưa ý kiến boy friend do not look so shocked...
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posted by BarbaraCocaCola
Ziva POV
The âm nhạc ends. He slowly removes his hand from her face.
I’m blushing… I wish I had a break on the floor to crawl. I need some… space…
I run to the mini bar, I’m needing a cold drink.
-Please, give me a cold margarita.
-Are bạn alright ma’am? Your cheeks are a little red. –The waiter says.
-Ah ah... –I hear McGee laughing, and even don’t seeing I know that Gibbs is smiling. This only makes my cheeks turning even redder.
- I’m fine. I just need a cold drink. –I say.
-Ziva look to that dao, con dao there on the mini bar.-Gibbs says.
-Yes, I’m seeing it, what does it have?
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posted by Ms_Montana
Life after you

The sun rose in morning. The sun sank down on the horizon at the end of the day. ngày after day. Time passed bởi unnoticed. Rain drops fell from sky and dried up again. Wind blow through the city and the skyscrapers. Leaves lay under big trees. Children ran through the streets. hoa Mất tích the last colour. Autumn was a beautiful season of the year. Autumn should be a beautiful season.

Everyone needed a personal life. Everyone deserved happiness. Everyone wanted someone to cry out at his shoulder. Important content in life. All this wasn’t important for her. She wanted vengeance....
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posted by BarbaraCocaCola
Ziva POV

I see him, he is rigth there, in front of me, sitting on his chair, with his feet on his table, probably đọc one of "those" magazines... He will never know how much he irritates me... so probably he will never now about the chills I have everytime his eyes vượt qua, cross mine, hoặc about how he makes me sing mentally, but thêm than that he will never know how much I tình yêu him. Yes, I admit, I'm not stronger as I seem... if I was maybe I would tell him everything I feel.
He is looking at me now, and a stupid fever is crushing down on me, I'm being consumed with the desire of Kiss him. But I...
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posted by NCIS_Addict_87
Sorry for the oh so long break & oh so short chapter, but I think my Muse in back. The tiếp theo chapter is already in the works. Enjoy & don't be mad!

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS, the characters hoặc any of the lyrics used.

Having phone sex? Laila Tov. Nesiah Tovah. I’m tired of pretending. I was just going to tussle your hair, sometimes it makes bạn smile. For you. Why are bạn here, Tony? I couldn’t live without you…

Tony groggily tried to open his eyes but was unable to. He was confused and in pain. What happened? he wondered. He turned his head to the side searching for his McGee,...
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posted by goodgirlmikey

It was inspired bởi Tony's "You looked comfy enough" bình luận to Ziva in Jet Lag.

Disclaimer: RAWR. I don't own the characters, and NCIS. CBS owns them/it.


“You know you're in tình yêu when bạn can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”- Dr Seuss


Arrive in Paris. Check.

Get the luggages. Check.

Hail cab, get to the hotel. Check.

Room reservations. Check—oops.

There is no way they were going to share a room....
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Author's Note:

Came up with it a night hoặc two after Outlaws and In-laws. It was a dream at first, I only remember some parts. I was annoyed with myself that I can't remember the other, so I thought up of something to fill the empty spaces.

I know it's kinda cliche, but I Just want to share. My shipping instincts, apparently, are still very alive, even in slumber. When I'm not satisfied with my dream, especially when I forget a lot of parts of it hoặc when it's interrupted with me waking up, the creative juices just flow.

My dream, which has become a fluffy day-dream.

Sorry for the blabbering! Okay,...
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Chapter 2: Rude Phone Call

Ziva felt Tony’s eyes following her every movement. It wasn’t until they finally reached her apartment door that Tony’s eyes finally shifted away from her backside to lock onto Ziva’s exotic brown eyes, the eyes that had captivated his imagination ever since he first met the Israeli. He searched them for reassurance, to be certain that Ziva really did want to be with him. To be with him, and no one else.

Gibbs may have được trao them his permission, but they still would have to keep their romance outside of the office and off the field. Tony understood that.
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posted by NCISCHIK
ok heads up this is written from my I pod touch so it we be a little rough so be gentle I just had to write it before it was out of my head forever
All of a sudden when she thought that it was an all clear she heard a single shot Followed bởi hearing her partners agonizing cry
She had never been so scared in her entire life ... hoặc so she thought seeing him being carried off on a gurney was way way worse
Upone her arrival to the hospital she ran in flashed her badge and đã đưa ý kiến DiNozzo
The woman didn’t even bother to look up she had dealt with NCIS...
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posted by NCISCHIK
Ok please, please don't judge me to harsh on this. I was up till 3 am nghề viết văn this and then my little brother deleted it all, and I am in troubles for screaming at him, so this was better until I had to re-write it. And don't bother đọc this if bad spelling and punctuation bothers, bạn because I am not going to check this over and over again, just to get it right. I did that once and it got deleted, so oh well. This is my first người hâm mộ fic so i hope bạn like it
It was almost mid-night and Aiva was ready for a night at trang chủ with a good book, when...
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Tim made his way to the bullpen after briskly jogging off the elevator he set his workload down on his bàn and stopped as he noticed Abby leaning on Gibb’s desk…his coffee was there but he wasn’t.

“Hi Abby” He smiled

“Your late Timmy..” She smiled back.

“I know…I know” He was about to sit when he was stopped bởi the footsteps of his boss.

“Sorry Boss…I nearly overslept”

Gibbs nudged the Goth.

“Oh! Yeah….your going to be training today.”

He looked at Abby.


“Nope…well kind of… your going to train with our newest probie.”

He smiled.

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Rating: K+
Word Count: 1.479
Summary: The story is about Tony and his meeting with Louisa. Italics are flashbacks.

The blood in his veins froze. Tony was sitting on the most uncomfortable chair in his whole life and that made him crazy. Being a nervous wrack would be overstated, but it hit the mark. It was just a cheap, plastic seat. Not ideal for hospitals. Relatives and friends, who spent 24 hours here, needed something better, he thought. Beside him, in front of him and everywhere around him – A rush of colours running up and down the hallways. Nurses with clothes, coloured like the...
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The Team had worked many cases in many parts of the world, but something always washed over them all when they would visit anywhere within the former Soviet Union. Eastern Châu Âu had been rife with mystery for centuries. Now the team would learn why when in unfamiliar territory one is best advised not draw the attention of too many sets of eyes.

“Ziva, bạn know slow driving is not against the law here I don’t think.” her Italian partner đã đưa ý kiến as the small car they were in bounced over the rough terrain. He was looking as if he was on rough seas.

“Tony…” The young Israeli smirked...
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