Titanic Are bạn Obsessed With Titanic?

TitanicLeoKate posted on Aug 17, 2012 at 02:28PM
-You take any insult to Titanic to heart.
-You wish you could see Titanic in theatres one more time.
-You got a DVD player and a wide screen TV just to watch Titanic.
-You marked the day you bought your very own copy of Titanic on your calendar and you celebrate annually.
-Your life dream has something to do with Titanic
-Your friends quote Titanic- even the ones who haven't seen it.
-Your friends who have vowed never to see Titanic have agreed to see it with you.
-You don't just ask people to come over anymore- it's always 'Wanna come over and watch Titanic?'
-The first thing you would do with 1 million dollars would be buy everything to do with Titanic on the market.
-You want to get married in one of Rose's dresses or Jack's tux.
-You want or have a Titanic website.
-You have spent all of your money on Titanic stuff or are saving up for some more.
-You think that The Heart of the Ocean in the most beautiful necklace in the world.
-You either have the screenplay or don't need it because you've memorized it.
-You have an entire sub-directory on your computer devoted to Titanic.
-When you die you either want to be put in a life jacket and dropped above the wreck of Titanic or have your ashes spread above it.
-You can tie Titanic into everything.
-You figured out how to make graphics just to make Titanic graphics.
-Your siblings know the words to 'My Heart Will go on'
-You own more then three versions of 'My Heart Will go on' and all the available versions in sheet music.
-You can play 'My Heart Will go on' on the piano better then anything else (Except maybe another Titanic song!)
-People who are around you to much start humming or singing 'My Heart Will go on'
-Without question, Titanic is most definitely the best movie ever.
-You judge every movie against Titanic (Which of course makes them all stink!).
-You make yourself Titanic bookmarks.
-You think that Rose is the prettiest name ever.
-You have written a Titanic poem longer then some books.
-You have studied the note Rose wrote to Cal and try your best to write like her.
-You are having a Titanic wedding-end of discussion.
-Your best dreams are ones about Titanic and your worst ones are ones where Titanic doesn't exist.
-When you are bored you imitate Rose's make-up.
-You have a Jack or Rose hairstyle or are planning to get one soon.
-The last 4 numbers of your cell phone number are '1912'.
-Your cell phone rings 'My Heart Will go On'.
-When going to type any year that starts with 19, you automatically type in 1912, even if you are thinking 1995.
-You automatically type in 'Titanic' whenever you are typing something that starts with 'tit'.

Add your own! Let's see how many of us are truly obsessed!

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hơn một năm qua AaronHaley4ever said…
-YOur friends/family don't argue with you about Titanic anymore...they know they'll never win
-You spent hundreds of dollars on video edittng software just so you can make Titanic videos.
-You have an animal named for a Titanic character
-You own a replica of everything your favorite Titanic character ever touched
-You write Titanic fanfiction
- You've written a song inspired by Titanic
-You've written an album's worth of songs about Titanic
-(Girls only) Your nailpolish matches your favorite character's most iconic outfit
-Your ultimmte goal is to immortalize your favorite Titanic character in every possible art form
hơn một năm qua TitanicFabri said…
- You have Titanic pictures everywhere.
- You dream about Titanic
- You dream about your fav character
- You cal Titanic a she, not an it.
- You are a little in love with at least one character :$
- You think of Titanic the whole day
- You use quotes as much as possible.
- You can quote the full movie
- You can associate every letter of the alfabet with Titanic
- You cal yourself a Tifanic.
- You have a Twitter account special for Titanic things, because your followers on your normal account get annoyed of all your Titanic tweets :$