Titanic Titanic Passenger Manifest

rose13 posted on Apr 17, 2008 at 08:06PM
Have you gone on the web to make a copy of the Titanic Passenger Manifest and if you have will you tell me were?

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hơn một năm qua kayla_marie57 said…
My great-grandma was gonna go on the Titanic, but they said her papers were wrong, but she was happy that she didn't go on the Titanic when she found out it sank.
hơn một năm qua mammamia100 said…
that's good. i don't know of anybody close to me that's survived or died in the wreck. but i'm still lookin it up on the web.
hơn một năm qua ogrote said…
Titanic's lesser known victims.

You can read more about the lesser known passengers on my Squidoo Lens - we must remember that 1517 people died that evening. I thought the movie showed the plight of these people in a very good way.