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posted by CatiePotter
Marik and Bakura are amazing! I was introduced bởi a friend, who is obsessed with Bakura! We make jokes about her with Bakurs and me with Harry Potter. bạn see, Marik and Bakura aren't just two awsome guys who are gay, they are(what I think) are two bad đít, mông, ass guys. They don't really care if anyone else would make fun of them for being gay. bạn see when I tried to subscribe this to others they just saw two guys who are into each other. Me and myfriend saw true potenial, this made me relieze that not all people can see what we see. I think Marik and Bakura are bad đít, mông, ass and could be the new thing in my group if I could just persuade them. Me (and myfriend mostly) think that Think that they are awsome.
Message to Marik and Bakura:
Be proud that ur Gay! Don't care if anyone hates bạn for that.
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