I wrote this little piece for Renegades of the FBI diễn đàn about a năm ago, but it still is my opinion :) Originally it had a bit thêm colorful language, but I replaced all the F words with others ;)


I was toying with an idea for his post for a while now. It came to me after watching a scene from episode “3” All those years ago, when I watched the episode for the first time, I hated it. But it’s been a while since then. I grew up, started thinking a little different. Few weeks cách đây I watched a âm nhạc video on Youtube about David Duchovny, and there was the “3” Kiss scene again. And I found it unbelievably hot! So I watched the episode again. And when Mulder kissed Kristen it actually turned me on!

And I though to myself…. “I would tình yêu to see him screw her” The Kiss was so passionate, I would tình yêu to see if the act itself was as well.

And an idea came to me. What if Mulder wasn’t as celibate as we believe him to be? Don’t get me wrong, I tình yêu the idea of Mulder being “faithful” to Scully all those years, but somehow I don’t believe he was. But, I don’t think he had relationships either. What I believe he had is a great number of…. Hmmm, let’s call it hook-ups hoặc one-night stands if bạn prefer.

Just so we are being clear, I haven’t totally Mất tích my mind. I tình yêu MSR, always have, always will. But let’s face it. Mulder is a healthy, grown man, with a big sexual appetite. He watched all those “tapes that aren’t his” after all, right? And 5 years of celibate (because he DID screw that vampire chick!) before all things (that’s when I believe M&S first time was) is a looooong time.

So I mentally went through the danh sách of episodes and situations that might have provided Mulder with a good night(or day) of hot sex. I found a few :D

I am almost positive, I will be crucified for the first one. I was thinking last night about “One Breath” and Mulder with Melissa. I remember đọc an bài viết about XF and that the writers were thinking about hooking M. up with Scully’s sister. And I though, why not? Imagine that scene, when Melissa comes to Mulder’s apartment to tell him to go to Dana. He was angry then, so what if he just grabbed her and had his way with her against the door, to relive some of that anger? She was a Scully after all, kind of like a “next best thing”.

Then there is Dr. Bambi from “War of the Coprophages” bạn could feel the tension between those two. A nice good humping on the bàn while discussing bugs… I know he wanted to!

“Syzygy” also has a scene where I wish Mulder would just go for it. Yes, ladies and gentleman, our lovely detective White. She came to him willingly after all. And what if Scully didn’t come busting through the door? Would he? I think he would. The set up wasn’t quite right though :P I always imagined Mulder to be an aggressive lover, so no Angela on top! And I am sure that a good screw would help him easy the tension between him and Scully later :P

Few thêm women I see Mulder in giường with.

Marita. A beautiful woman after all, so why not. I’m sure he had plenty of opportunities.

The sexy Jade Blue Afterglow from “FPS” I almost wished they showed him having a hard-on in that interrogation room!


The original post had an ending with me saying that I refuse to pair up Mulder with Diana, but... things change and people change. I rewatched the Biogenesis/Sixth Extinction series few weeks ago, and I think I actually started to feel sorry for Diana. So I guess a nice night of hot and sweaty sex for old times wouldn't be such a bad idea either ;)

I know this bài viết will not be well recieved my MSR shippers and believe me, few years cách đây I would probably crucify myself for even thinking about nghề viết văn this, but as I said, times change, people change. And I met some awesome XF những người hâm mộ who opened my eyes for "extreme possibilities" ;)