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posted by yasmin124
Yasmin hi
Flora hi
whats your name mine is Flora
Yasmin my name is Yasmin
Flora your name is amazing
Yasmin yours too your my favourite winx i tình yêu bạn hugs
Flora AW thats sooo sweet thank bạn tell me about yourself
my favourite colour is màu hồng, hồng
mine too
Yasmin im sooo glad we tình yêu màu hồng, hồng its sooo pretty
Flora agree
who are your Những người bạn
Flora Bloom shes nice Stella has great fashion sence Musa is very musical Tecna is a great friend Aisha helped me with Helia
Yasmin whos your boyfriend
Flora Helia hes very sweet and romantic hes perfect i tình yêu him soooooo much hes so romantic...
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Chapter 4

Royal Meeting [Adventure to Crystal Island]

So with Stella I went phía trước, chuyển tiếp and I was very sad and at the same moment feeling pity for her. I slowly came close to Stella and murmured “Everything will be fine, believe me” when I đã đưa ý kiến so she smiled slightly and in a soft voice say “Yeah I guess so” she was still sad and suddenly a voice came and it was too loud to be heard “Bang!” And Stella holds me and đã đưa ý kiến “Save me! Save me! Save me!” she screamed and I đã đưa ý kiến “Don’t worry dear it’s a cây fall I guess, don’t be afraid” and I hugged her tryin’ to give her...
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Do We See Her Ever Again?

Well, this chapter is kind of bonus chapter. This will be about Nature Festival. Enjoy!

Chapter 5: It's Party Time!

* Princess Crystal's POV , Linphea 's Royal lâu đài *

I stared silently out of the window of the Great Hall. The sky is clear and cloudless, the air is warm, and I should be happy, but I'm not. I sighed and stared out thêm closely. Soon my mother, the Queen, came to me.

" Are bạn waiting for Flora ? " She asked me. I nodded quickly, and looked at her.

"Do bạn think she will come?" I asked her. She chuckled.

"That was like, the tenth time today, when bạn asked...
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episode 22
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episode 21
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posted by RoseOlaf
I saw Winxclubgirl202 do this, so I decided to do one for myself.

Name: Rose _______ ______ (only those who know my FB knows)
Age: 15
Birthday: 18th October
Favorite TV Show(s): Winx Club, Doctor Who, Avatar, Sailor Moon, Sam & Cat, Pokémon
Favorite Movie(s): Frozen, The Hunger Games, Burlesque
Favorite Celebrity/ies: Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Idina Menzel, sứ, đồ sứ Black, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Lorde, Ariana Grande, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Xandria, Epica
Favorite Book: Nữ hoàng băng giá novels

I describe myself as..

Feisty, kind, sweet, shy, energetic, adventurous, courageous, rightful,...
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posted by zikkiforever
This is a song fiction about Helia and Flora when Krystal comes into their romance ,so Flora thinks they are dating blah blah blah. The song is White Horse bởi Taylor nhanh, swift and I hope bạn enjoy.

Flora's P.O.V

I am so confused. I tình yêu him ,but he felt for another,my tim, trái tim was broken and not even Layla could comfort me nor my own sister-Miele. Honestly,I will never know how it happened Helia introduced Krystal as a friend,nothing more. One một giây bạn are defeating the trix,the tiếp theo the tình yêu of your life slipped away from you. It was too late now for him to come around.

All I needed was to get my...
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The winx were shocked as they saw 21 men appear in front of them with spears pointed at them.
"INTRUDERS!!" One guard yelled.
"Whoa whoa whoa, it's cool it's cool we come in peace." Riven stated nonchalantly.
"LAST TIME SOMEONE đã đưa ý kiến THAT TH SACRED chim bồ câu, bồ câu WAS THREATENED!! ATTACK!!" The leader yelled. 11 guards went for the winx (Including the leader) and the other 10 went after the specialist. after about 3 miutes of swinging staffs and swords. shooting spells. The leader đã đưa ý kiến (Telepathically),
"Use a wave spell to hit 'em against the wall. Make sure the victim goes a separate way." The guards did...
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Birthday: December 10
Astrological Sign: Dragon
yêu thích Food: Pizza
yêu thích Color: Red
yêu thích Hobby: đọc sách about spells
yêu thích Pet: Kiko
Ideal Boyfriend: Sky
Best Friend: Stella
yêu thích Movies: Romantic comedies
Loves: Playing with Kiko
Hates: Tidying her Bedroom
yêu thích Music: Pop
yêu thích Shoes: Comfortable, but stylish shoes
yêu thích Subject: Potionology
yêu thích Spell: Dragon's Flame
Birthday: August 18
Astrological Sign: Mermaid
Favourite Food: Chips
Favourite Color: Green
Favourite Hobby: Shopping and organizing pajaama parties!
Favourite Pet: Puppies
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Whoever thought it would be a good idea to choose a ngày to the Valentine's ngày dance bởi drawing names from a hat had to be truly the biggest nimrod Icy had ever met.

It was his fault that she'd be going to the dance (a dance she hadn't even planned on attending in the first place) with Roxy. She didn't even know Mirta! And yet she was supposed to take the woman out on a date. At least she wasn't stuck with Flora as Stormy was. hoặc even worse with Griffin...whom was stuck with Griselda. At least she had something to laugh at as she prepared for a horrendous day. Valentine's ngày was a crappy...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Flora’s p.o.v
I cannot believe that freak is back and she thinks just because she has the inextinguishable dragon ngọn lửa, chữa cháy that she’s oh so great. I catch up to my Những người bạn and have two on each side because I’m the IT girl on center stage now. Also I’m the Queen bee now, not that red headed girl who ruled for too long. Knowing her she’ll try to get the group back together; however, I’ll tell her sweetie there is not enough time to undo what we’ve become which is our real selves. My best friend Diaspro who switched to this school when Bloom left asked what is she doing back here. I tell...
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