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 Tecna Tynix (PNG Version)
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This Winx Club tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ contains iris râu, beardless iris, bó hoa, phần trên áo đàn bà, bó hoa thơm, bouquet, corsage, posy, nosegay, iris râu, râu râu, and râu iris. There might also be mơ japanese, mei, mai mơ, mai tây, prunus mume, nhật mai, tiểu muội, prunus mơ, hippeastrum, hippeastrum puniceum, hoa hồng, and rosiness.

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They think of me as just Tecna, the technology savy fairy. But I'm not. I am the princess of Zenith, but I never told them. I was and still am afriad to tell them. Now, my parents have sent the guards to retrive me for the corination, so I HAVE to tell them now. But how will I tell them? We've known each other for years, and now, if I tell them, they will probably lose their trust in me. But I have to take risks. But on the bright side if they know that I'm the princess, when the guards take me to Zenith, they will know where I am and that I am safe, and they won't end up embarrassing themselves...
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It seems to me that Winx has really Mất tích its magic touch. I honestly feel like I've been growing away from the show. I tình yêu the first 3 seasons but the latest 3 just don't even seem like the same hiển thị anymore. Honestly I hate these 3 seasons, I really I do. Again, I don't even feel like I'm watching the same show; it's like watching a new hiển thị but the characters have all the same names as the characters from the other hiển thị and are drawn similar.
All this đã đưa ý kiến I'm going to explain why I feel this way.

For one all the girls seem to look the same and dress the same. They used to have originality....
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This Winx Club câu hỏi kiểm tra will help bạn identify yourself. If bạn lived in the Magical Dimesion, Are bạn a Fairy, Wizard hoặc Witch? Let's find OUT!

1. What spell sounds magical to you?
A. Rays of Pure Light
B. Ice Bolts
C. Round of Claps

2. What's a perfect animal sidekick?
A. Pegahorse (Unicorn)
B. Bats
C. Owl

3. If bạn had powers, where'd bạn go to school?
A. Alfea
B. Cloudtower
C. Red Foundation

4. What do bạn like to be?
A. Fairy
B. Witch
C. Wizard

5. What club of the Winx Club Series do bạn like?
A. Winx Club
B. The Trix
C. The Specialists

6. What's your personality?
A. Kindness, Bravery, Generous...
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