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5th Icy i tình yêu her she rules she so pretty she funny and makes me laugh along with Stella she and Stella and Icys sister are the most funniest in the hiển thị shes very Công chúa tóc xù and strong never gives up and is always trying to destory the winx now matter how strong the winx are shes one of the best villans go trix bạn rule Icy your way better then those villans like trintanis who whine and fuss all the time unlike bạn Icy bạn get your but kicked bởi the winx but bạn dont whine and fuss

4th krystal a lot of people hate her because she flora hurt well i tình yêu flora but i tình yêu krystal shes sooooo pretty...
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 bạn all are amazing Những người bạn :) !
You all are amazing friends :) !
I really wanted to write this long ago, but this time I have a reason why. I atcually didn't know what to write about, but now I do. I want to say thank bạn to all my amazing Những người bạn on Fanpop. I've met a lot of trolls here, but bạn guys never left my side. The Winx spot has become my yêu thích spot and the spot that I actually am the most active all because of the amount of friends here. Here's a big thank bạn to each and everyone of you.

lovebaltor (Aurie): bạn may already know this but I'll still say it. Since you're the Fanatic of this spot, many people look up to you, including me. You've...
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So this is actually going to be my first lyric fic, you'll have to let me know how I did.

"When leaves have fallen and skies turned to gray, the night keeps on closing in on the day."

The season of autumn had come to a nhanh, swift pass, allowing for the chill of winter to creep in. "Temperatures reaching below zero." The forecaster announced on the ti vi in the window of a small electronics cửa hàng in Magix. Bundled up and shielding themselves from the cold were most all of the citizens of Magix. Most all except one; Icy welcomed the frigged air against her skin, craved it. She had seated herself...
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