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season 7
Fair warning to all, this one has a very strong adult theme to it. I don't get into graphic detail, but you'll understand when bạn start reading. And bởi all means, if you're uncomfortable with the topic, please just stop đọc lol.

"Stoplight, lock the door. Don't look back. Undress in the dark, and hide from you, all of you."

Cold welcomed itself into the dark forest. She sat in the just outside the foreign cave, legs drawn closely to her body--quivering just short of violently. A horrid and unwanted lack of clothing did no good in sheltering her pale body from the chill creeping its way up...
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posted by florasedge31
Aisha ran in and looked for the specialist. She saw them all in a corner waiting for the girls. She ran over to them.
"Guys." She started to say.
"Aisha. Where are the rest of the girls?" Sky asked.
"The trix got 'em." Aisha said.
"Oh great." Riven said.
"What should we do? It's...9:50, It's pitch black outside and we need a strategy." Timmy said.
"Wait a sec." Aisha đã đưa ý kiến while running around looking for MF. She saw her bởi the refreshments.
"Ms. Faragonda!" She yelled while running to her.
MF turned and saw Aisha running toward her through the crowd.
"Yes Aisha?" MF said.
"The trix, they got the winx."...
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posted by limited9906
At home.......
Brandon:im trang chủ sorry if i was too long
Kaitlyn:what the...!? Ur trang chủ already i thought stellas lâu đài was far away sooooooo far away from here
Brandon:yeah but i used a ship to get there sweety
Kaitlyn:well bạn can go back there now....
Brandon: well ok if bạn suggest ill go back(leaves)
Kaitlyn:whew....!good thing hes gone xin chào zayn go home
We will have sex again maybe tommorrow hoặc tiếp theo week....
Zayn:ok honey ill go.ill be bk! Tommorrow
Ok ppl who are đọc this let me explain why this boy zayn is here kaitlyn is cheating on brandon but brandon doesnt know....
In part 4 wich is the...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
"All of bạn against me isn't fair, now is it?" Dean asked.

"Since when do bạn care?" Ike growled. He was focused on one thing, and that was killing Dean.

Deans hands began to glow and he summoned two huge beasts.

"There we go." He said. Everyone began to fight, but Dean was left for Helia,Ike, and Flora.

Autumn POV

I opened my eyes to see everyone fighting in front of me. I wanted to get up and help, but for some reason I couldn't move. I tried to push myself up, only to send a searing pain through my whole body. I put my hand to my head, and felt something. I brought it back down to find it covered...
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 The Trix
The Trix
It’s a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Meeka’s Take SUNDAY winxies! Wait it’s Tuesday… FUUUU- Are bạn ready? Because I am. Who will bạn be rambling about today Meeka? Today we will be discussing the Trix suggested bởi MissAngelPaws.

How I’ll be reviewing these lovelies.

Just simple my thoughts on each individual trix.
And at the end there will be the winning biểu tượng and Meeka’s Secret.
So let’s get started!

Icy the Ice Queen

Icy is quite a character. She in an tổng thể thought is a fine character. It’s just the way Iginio made her be in season 5 that just annoys me down to the very...
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