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 Tune and Cherie Butterflix
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The last planet chosen bởi the Dragon

Sparks was the last planet the Dragon chose to rest in, and thanks to this, it enjoyed a long period of prosperity, happiness and peace. Bloom’s natural parents lived here. It was a beautiful place, with enchanting, verdant hills, and a splendid lâu đài in the centre of the valley.

The lâu đài was really harmonious and magic, the stairs wound up around the gently sloping domes, emphasizing the enchanting atmosphere and fields of multi-coloured hoa surrounded it. But one day, the three evil ancestor witches came and spoilt everything. Today, only a few ruins are left.
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Source: Me and KMPlayer which enables screen capture.
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Musa’s p.o.v
Riven and I are now on Zenith, the glass from all the technology and windows is shattered all over the streets. I am actually glad to be here on this realm, it is the trang chủ planet for my best friend of the group Tecna. I miss Tecna so much, along with the others; but her, Flora and Layla I feel the closest with and thinking about them makes me happy to remember the good times; but them not being here with me makes me feel down in the dumps. I follow Riven and we find a valley and a portal is opening. The two of exchange worried glances and run for cover but a place hidden but we...
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 Winx Club~
Winx Club~
The song the Winx sing before leaving Gardenia.
Heart Of Stone lyrics

I've tried to understand you
But you're still a mystery
Sometimes I feel bạn close
And sometimes I feel we're miles away

I wish I knew the secret
to reach your tim, trái tim 'cause lately
You've got me feeling so alone

One ngày bạn take me up
And the tiếp theo ngày bạn bring me down
Stop playing with my feelings
I'm about to lose my mind

Just put your arms around me
Why can't bạn say bạn tình yêu me?
And I can't take this anymore...

I've had enough of rainy days!
To say you're sorry, it's too late
My life has just begun, I'll be OK
That's why I'm walking out...
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