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One of my OCs, Alexa

Name: Alexandria Montgomery
Nickname: Alex, Alexa, Lexi (only certain people can call her Lexi)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Status: Fairy
Power: Northern Lights
Hair: Dark brown streaked with different màu sắc
Eyes: Blue
Color: Black, dark green, and lavender
Friends: Hellboy (also known as Red), Abe Sapien,Liz Sherman, Princess Nuala, and Johann Kraus
Best Friend(s): Red, Liz,Abe and Nuala (she's known them for a long time) and The Winx
Transformation Level: Goldenix
Family: Her mother Evelyn (dead) , she doesn't know what happened to her father hoặc who he was.
Enemies: Prince Nuada, and The Trix
Likes: Music, books, drawing, spending time with her friends, training horses
Dislikes: Being alone, losing a friend
Personality: Alex is Công chúa tóc xù and bold, she doesn't take no for an answer, but she can be helpful in serious situations and at times she is known to be sarcastic at times.
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I am sick of the people who say that 4Kids is the best dub when it fact it is a terrible dub that totally butchered Winx Club.I don't give a damn if bạn like it because it was a big part of your childhood,that still shouldn't stop bạn from realizing how bad it is.When I was a child the crappy"Lavagirl and Sharkboy"movie was my most yêu thích movie of all time but when I grow up I realized how bad it was and hated it.Yes it was a big part of my childhood and despite it being bad I am still glad that it was part of my childhood but I don't go around claiming that it is a masterpiece and that people...
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Hello guys~! Farhah (could bạn gaiz call me Jeanine 'cuz I thot maybe the F4 already heard the name Farhah too many times so it's time for a fake name to be safe) the Fangirl is back..and apparently when I had school holiday I wasted it bởi spending time on YouTube rather than with bạn gaiz. Oke, sorry! But xin chào time for a fanfic. So I just watched a movie called "House At The End of The Street" and I thought it'd be cool if I make a "Winx" version of it. And if bạn wonder what I do besides Fanpoppin', well I was Twitterin', Facebookin', YouTubin', Tumblrin', and.. enough bla bla let's get to...
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