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 Season 7
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Earning their Tynix power!!
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season 7
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This Winx Club bức ảnh contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

posted by fifirose

LAYLA: that two timing jerk
STELLA: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MUSA: flora what do bạn want to do
(floras looking at the ground)
FLORA: lets go back to alfea
LAYLA: bạn want to just leave without screaming at him
FLORA: the only thing worse than this is letting them see me like this lets just go before i totally break
SKY: xin chào do bạn hear something
BLOOM: shh
BRANDON:its coming from outside
FLORA: please i just cant let him see me like this
MUSA: fine than lets bolt
STELLA:oh flora


HELIA: guys i'm sorry but...
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posted by FloraBoricua
At Amazonia
Diana(Fairy of nature, appears season 4): OOh no... It can't be true. She is alive!!

At Alfea

-Flora went running to Stella's room-
Flora: What happened Stella?
-Flora looked surprised for a moment and then started giggling-
Stella: What is it funny about being trapped and kidnapped bởi your living plants?
Flora: Is just that they're harmless and bạn act like it is a big deal
Stella: It is a big deal!!
-She looked away and close her eyes mad-
Flora: bạn just have to say please and they will let bạn go
-Stella looked indignant but still said-
Stella: Can bạn please...
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posted by Winxlove
*Stella in her room*
Stella:Anyway,he always go with girls.I don't now why I'm crying.I mean,isn't thing important!Okay,I gotta work!

*Stella cell*
Stella:Who is it?I really don't seen this number before!
Stella:Im'not gonna answer...
*Winx on first floor*
Musa:The cellphone!
Tecna:She's not gonna answer!
Flora:Let's go up!
*Winx go to the door of the room of Stella on một giây floor*
Bloom:She is not answering.
Layla:Who will be?!
Musa:Maybe Brandon,but she don't talk to him cause it's angry with him!
Bloom:Or no...
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Musa opened her lunar purple eyes slowly, tired of sleeping, and not even sure if that was possible. It was early as she streched silently in her comfy màu tím night robe. Her four other BFFs were asleep(Roxy had gone trang chủ to the private hàng đầu, đầu trang floor of her dads bar): Tecna in her snug sleepingbag in the corner of the room, Flora on a pile of cushions with Bloom beside her on the sofa and Layla lay across the multi coloured hamock hanging from the cieling quite high: But Layla didn't mind. Musa wished she didn't mind staring at Stella's old neon yellow bed, so bright it was almost shining: But...
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posted by CyD12
 Michelle, the girl who made the exchange with Rikki
Michelle, the girl who made the exchange with Rikki
Our girls finally arrived to Gardenia. Its 1:00 pm on Earth so they have the rest of the ngày to meet the place where they are going to live. But first, they must meet the parenst of the girls with whom they are doing the exchange. Every girl has the direction and the names of the family. Its time to meet the family and the house our girls are staying for some months...

Resa: So girls, what is the name of the family bạn are going to live with?
Rikki: mine says Mr. and Ms. Lopez....
Vivienne: Mr. and Ms. Contreras
Ashley: Mr. and Ms. Hernandez
Brianna: Mr. and Ms. Maradiaga
Dakota: Mr. and Ms. Caceros...
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