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 Season 7 :Fairy động vật
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season 7
fairy động vật
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Icy wanted a story about herself so I gave her one. Only she's not a witch here. She's more. One-shot. Dark.

In my perception, I would appear as a ngẫu nhiên girl wandering through the streets and casually window-shopping. But that was not what I was really doing. I wore dull, black and gray clothes. They spoke of lack and it described me. I took things from people and left them with nothing.

My hair, a freakishly light blonde that might have passed for white, would have caused people to think that I was an old lady. Except for when they saw my face, of course. It might have been my eyes that had...
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I’ve been thinking about doing this review for a while (like two weeks) but hadn’t gotten around to it. If bạn hadn’t seen the tiêu đề I shall be reviewing the Winx Fairy School app. I’m going to start off bởi saying I really tình yêu this app and have been playing this throughout the summer so without anything else, here is my review.

The fairy school app is available on both iOS and Android devices, however it isn’t free. bạn are able to purchase this app for £4.99 hoặc $6.99, there is a lite version (free) on the iOS but bạn can only reach level 3.

The aim of the game is to become a Believix...
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Author’s Note: xin chào everyone! Jeez it’s been awhile since I’ve written something. And what is my wonderful excuse? Hue, I’ve been reading/catching up on Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) and basically going out with my friends. Hey, it’s summer, I can have a life now- sorta. But I was really in the mood to write something, and since I’ve been listening and đọc to mediums that have been nothing but depressing and dark- here’s the song-fic I prepared for y’all! This one-shot will be about Musa and her feelings towards Riven (I do NOT like this ship, so be warned). The song that I...
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