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 Season 7 :Fairy động vật
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Bloom's Pet Elas
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season 7
fairy động vật
So I've been meaning to write a one shot Bloom/Icy fic for a while but no ideas have come to me and also I simply haven't felt like typing it. :P But without any further it is.

Bloom didn't quite understand Icy...or witches in general. Little over a tháng ago, the woman had religiously tried to destroy her and take her powers. Currently the woman had made a habit of visiting the woman, mostly at night when they could be alone. At first these visits were something of a horror, riddled with insults and threats. And slowly the mood changed to something almost light hearted. The witch...
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One ngày flora was sitting on the bench thinking that helia like krystal and they r the childhood Những người bạn too..flora is very angry suddenly krystal came and asked what happened flora?? Flora slap krystal very loudly and keep slaping and scratching her ..Mrs Faragonda came and stop their fight
Mrs Faragoda's POV
U both r fighting for what??? U both have done what it didnt happened in the history of alfea now u will get punishment u have to go to earth and have to be good friends...
They pack their bags and went to the earth when reach to the earth suddenly weather change and its start raining they...
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