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 Winx in Transformation: Magic Winx (Layla)
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This Winx Club tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.


"Stella, regret it!" shouts Flora. Stella blasts to Flora." Plasma Warp!" blasts Layla. Stella's spell didn't work. "Yes!" cheers Tecna. Bloom slowly gets up and flies to the others. "Stella, regret it!" shouts Bloom.
Stella didn't listen. She still thinks the Winx hate her. Then, Bloom realizes the only way to stop this is to apologize to Stella. Musa realized if they didn't blame her for everything that happened, this wouldn't happened. And finally, Stella realizes it's cruel to seek revenge.
Flora slowly walks to Stella. "Regret it, Stella,"...
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posted by winkslover22
sky just broke up with bloom. what bloom did't know was its her twin sister. her sister is the goddess of magic.

hey bloom. what stella bloom said. guess what their a new fairy at alfea she looks exaclty like u. really bloom said. come look: stella. bloom:fine. roes: bye sky tình yêu bạn to. sky:love bạn roes have fun at alfea call me when your done unpacking. Roes:i will. roes:i better head to my dorm. Bloom: xin chào watch it. Roes: sorry i didt see u. can bạn help me find my dorm? bloom: sure let me see your paper. ok your in the same dorm as me. Roes:cool. thanks.Roes: whats your name im roes. Bloom...
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posted by nugget14
Nova is a fairy at Alfea from Solaria. Her first appearance is in episode 4 of season 3. She is from Solaria, the same realm as Stella. She helps fill in the news for Stella and tells her the latest gossip for Solaria. When the Winx went to Andros to slow Valtor's takeover of the realm Nova helped Stella cover up for them.

Nova also helps Stella and the Winx Club to sneak into King Radius's wedding bởi suggesting they impersonate the flying biker troop.

First appearance: The Mirror of Truth
Age at first appearance: 16
Origin: Solaria
Affiliations: The Winx (friend), Alfea, Solaria
Power/powers: Stars
Relationship: Stella(princess and long time friend), unnamed mother

Info from winx club wiki
 Nova's magic winx outfit
Nova's magic winx outfit
posted by CyD12
Bloom: we need to talk to bạn Riven
Riven: uuummm ok... whats up?
Stella: where is Layla?!?
Riven: xin chào calm down Blondy!
Musa: Riven we need to know if bạn know something
Riven: i told bạn already, i saw her at the beach
Tecna: did bạn saw something else?
Riven: I saw the same bạn saw...they just disapear
Bloom: im wondering who was that guy
Riven: i dont know who was he but he was at the restaurant before Layla walked bởi the beach
Flora: did bạn talked to him?
Riven: no, he was getting into the restaurant when he saw Layla
Musa: well thanks for the help Riven
Riven: oh one thêm thing, they went to Arakna...
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posted by MissAngelPaws
 Let's go shopping!
Let's go shopping!
~The tiếp theo ngày when the Winx are waking up, they each find an invitation under their door~
Flora: It's an invitation to Musa's birthday party!
Bloom: Tomorrow night from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm.
Layla: Great! But where's Musa?
Tecna: She texted me and đã đưa ý kiến that she and Riven are decorating the place for the party. She doesn't want us coming because she wants to surprise us.
Stella: In that case, there's only one thing to do... Shopping!

~At the mall~
Stella: Look girls. I found us some of cute dresses!
Flora: Wow! They're all beautiful! I'm getting this one.
Tecna: This one looks cute.
Layla: I'll get that...
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