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 Sweet cute, động vật ! :)))
Sweet cute, ANIMALS ! :)))
Flora: Chatta, is he behind us?
Chatta: Im too afraid to look back !
*Flora turns around*
Chatta: Is he behind us?
Flora: No.. he's gone
Chatta: Hah ! he's such a scaredy cat !
Flora: *giggles* Chatta... bạn talk to much
Chatta: I am the pixie of chatter !
*Before they could relax, Karel jumps in*
Flora: ... !!
Chatta: AHHH !
Karel: Grrr....
Layla: Where is Flora?
Amore: Follow us!
*they arrive to the cottage and see that its been damaged*
Stella: My goodness, look at this place !
Bloom: Tecna, scan it please
Tecna: On it !
*Tecna scans*
Tecna: My God !?
Musa: Why? what did it say?
Digit: Its warewolf...
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