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This Winx Club bức ảnh contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

posted by Flora_Bloom
 Layla~We believe in You~~~
Layla~We believe in You~~~
[I'm nghề viết văn most of this from my heart. I remembered how awful I felt when I saw some video and a web page,so I've decided to share my thoughts and feelings.]

Have any of bạn ever noticed that Layla is the one member of Winx who is always forgotten?
Not that I'm against Roxy hoặc something,but even though Roxy's new,no one forgets her....
People keep forgetting about Layla...
She's the one member of the Winx who isn't paid much attention to from fans.
On a website,I saw that all the Winx were there.
But Layla wasn't.And fact is,I didn't notice myself until I'd looked at the page 2-3 times....
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I was BORED TO DEATH!!I wanted to post some song lyrics,because I didn't had what to do.Hope bạn like the songs!

1-This song is from Magical Adventure.

Winx club adesso é qui
Ed é súbito allegria
Guarda e capirai
Qui tutto in torno é magia
Dentro il mondo winx
Entrare ora potrai
Segui il ritmo e poi
Tuffati nella fantasia
Batte forte il tuo cuore
Mentre sale l’energia
Sei giá in alto e vai
Limite non c’e
Perche é come te
Perche ora tu puoi
Sognare insieme a noi
(Sognare insieme a noi)


Ora che tu puoi volare
C’e un nuovo mondo da scoprire
Solo per te
Tante magiche avventure
Arriviamo fino...
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Hi!I was bored and I was thinking to make a test.Enjoy!

♥Question 1:What do bạn do in the moment bạn wake up?
a)Stays in bed;it's good to get relaxed!
b)run into phòng bếp, nhà bếp to eat breakfast with your family
c)get ready to go to school

♥Question 2:You like more...?
a)to dance and draw!
b)go to the park!
c)the búp bê and the video games!

♥Question 3:Where would bạn like to have your holidays?
a)In beautiful places to take some cool photos!
b)wherever your Những người bạn go!
c)in an organized turistic village!

♥Question 4:Your parents buy bạn a puppy;what do bạn do?
a)quickly decide his name!
b)call your friends...
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posted by lovebaltor
 The "Creature" in Roxy's dream controlling her.
The "Creature" in Roxy's dream controlling her.
AN: And here's the anticipated, part 3! :D
Enjoy and don't forget to bình luận and review! :3


Roxy awoke, her vision blurry, to find no one standing above her. She got up, to find that she had a terrible migraine. She moaned, and rubbed her head. She glanced around the room once more. Great... Did they fucking tranqualize bạn hoặc something? She rubbed her temples, as she glanced at the door, as though waiting for someone to come in. She rolled her eyes, and collapsed onto her bed, letting sleep engulf her...


She was running, no, walking, through...
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posted by Gretsel
 Flora's plant
Flora's plant
Morning in Alfea...
(the girls(exept Stella and Flora) are sitting in the sofa when....)
Flora:Oh,no....come back!!!!!(one big plant jumps in Stella's room)
(all they run in Stella's room except stella and flora because they are already in the room)
Stella:Flora!!!!!!What is that thing which is eating my cllllooo0ooothhhheeeesss????!!!!!!!!!
Flora:Oh,I'm sorry Stella:-( i do un experiment....and i try to give to some plants the ability to talk and to think but that plant is out of control.....
Stella:(cries)oh my god!!!!my beutiful t-shirt...
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 Roxy: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Roxy: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Hello again! : ) Some were pleased on my latest bài viết on Layla (Aisha) and wanted to do, yes, another! :D Hope bạn like this one on, (Drumroll please! ;D) Roxy! Hope bạn like it! ; )



Roxy is the fairy of động vật and is the Princess of Tir An Og. hoặc thêm commonly known as 'The Island of the fairies'. She is 19 years old at her first appearance and her birthday is on June 9th. Her parents are one of the parents in the series who are seen all the time in the series. We even get to learn the names of her parents: Morgana (Her mother) is Queen...
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posted by rabeetbf
Bloom is the main character from the animated series, the Winx Club She is the informal leader of the Winx Club group.    

Bloom has red hair and her daily outfit consists of a blue and yellow midriff áo sơ mi and spangled jeans. She occasionally wears a blue and white striped áo sơ mi and a jean miniskirt, but this outfit is generally only seen on special occasions.


Bloom truly cares for her friends. She's the glue that holds the group together, after the other girls bicker and argue, Bloom's the one that plays peacekeeper and smooths everything out between...
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posted by iwatchthestars
Icy: I bet bạn got thêm insults than us!
Stella: Oh really?? Why not write down how many insults bạn all got on the paper and i'll do the same too
Darcy: Fine.. lets do it.
Layla: I cant believe were wasting our time on this
Musa: I know..
Icy: I think we should cheat !
Darcy: No!
Stormy: Why not?
ICy: Have bạn become to innocent now?
DArcy: No.. its just that im sure they'll get thêm than we do! I mean.. they are 7 and we are three only
Icy: hm... good point
Stella: We are done !
Icy: Alright hiển thị it !
*WINX: 10 insults
TRIX: 23 insults*
Darcy: BUT..But.. HOW?!?!
Bloom: And we win!
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posted by tslol99
last time musa just left and Riven realizes he hurt her really bad and wants to fix it and is getting ready to go to mealody

Sky: Riven r u sure u want to do this
Riven: Yes Im sure
Brandon: But y r u doing this alone u could ask 1 of the girls to help hoặc 1 of us
Riven: Cause 2 reasons 1 Musa might think some one made me go and 2 I need some time to think
Timmy: I dont know Riven this is linda dangorous doing this alone and all
Riven: Trust me I know what Im doing
Timmy: Sorry
Sky: Dont worry about Riven Timmy I think he know what he's doing
Riven: I dont have time to chit chat so I leaving
Sky: Riven...
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posted by tslol99
Musa is on the phone with her dad when she gets off it starts crying and the other winxs walk in

Bloom: Musa whaats wrong
Musa: I I Im leaving
everyone but Musa: WHAT!!!!
Bloom: Why!
Flora: When!
Tecna: How!
Stella: Why!
Bloom: I already đã đưa ý kiến that
Stella: I know but she didnt answer
Musa: Hello mayjor crisis here
Bloom and Stella: Sorry
Layla: So why r u leaving
Musa: My dad đã đưa ý kiến that he couldnt afford alfea and that I would go back to Melody to b homeschooled
Flora: U cant leave u just cant
Stella: I know this is horrible timing but arent we supposed to b meeting up with the guys
Musa: Oh no how am I supposed...
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Musa opened her lunar purple eyes slowly, tired of sleeping, and not even sure if that was possible. It was early as she streched silently in her comfy màu tím night robe. Her four other BFFs were asleep(Roxy had gone trang chủ to the private hàng đầu, đầu trang floor of her dads bar): Tecna in her snug sleepingbag in the corner of the room, Flora on a pile of cushions with Bloom beside her on the sofa and Layla lay across the multi coloured hamock hanging from the cieling quite high: But Layla didn't mind. Musa wished she didn't mind staring at Stella's old neon yellow bed, so bright it was almost shining: But...
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posted by Winxlove
 Who's that girl?!
Who's that girl?!
(I hope bạn like the gift fanfiction,now here is another!)

Stella:Winx,I bring news!
Bloom:What news?
Stella:They have released new shoes and bags!Let's go shopping!
Layla:I thought it was thêm important thing.
Musa:I too.
Stella:Do bạn girls come?
Bloom:Stella,we have works to do.Look,today are much clients!
Musa:Yeah,give us a hand!
Flora:We can go another day,maybe when we finish the works!
Stella:Whaat?!But the shops are closed!
Bloom:Go with yourself.
Stella:Okey,fine.I go with myself.
Flora:But who's gonna wash the pets?
Stella:Maybe you.
Musa:Why bạn let her?
Bloom:come on...
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posted by Winxlove
 Những người bạn are the mostly cost treasure!
Friends are the mostly cost treasure!
(Hey,we are in 2010,be this năm such a nicely,sucessfully,happiness year!But now,let's start with the final part of the gift...)

*the winx Flora,Musa,Layla,Tecna*
Musa:Alright,that's enough!I gonna find Bloom and Roxy,do bạn come hoặc no!
Layla:Musa,come on,wait and just a little bit!
Flora:Musa has right!Bloom and Roxy could be in trouble!
Tecna:Let's go find them!
Layla:Oh,girls,I'm so tired!
Flora:And bạn will give up?You strong girl,great dancer and many others that makes bạn unice,you will give up?!
Layla:No,I'm not give up,just I want to stand and a little bit.
Tecna:Oh,come on!We have to find...
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 Bye and thanks,
Bye and thanks,
(After Musa,Flora and Tune and Chatta r staying at the clinic,Riven decides to tell her the truth after she recovers.......

AFTER 2 WEEKS.......
Tecna:I miss the guys....
Layla:Me too.If Bloom was not here i would be lonely and alone cause Flora,Tune,Musa and Chatta r at the clinic.
Bloom:Lets hope Musa is good.
-Bloom's phone rings.The conversation.....
Nurse:Yes,indeed.I called to tell u Musa has recovered and u can take her home.
Nurse:Yes,my dear.Flora takes good care of her.Allright,i have to go.Come to the clinic right...
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posted by iwatchthestars
 Im not a dancer, but its not illegal to wear one.
Im not a dancer, but its not illegal to wear one.
(Flora calls Bloom)
Bloom: Hello?
Flora: Hi Bloom,
Bloom: Oh ! Hi Flora, wats up? Any news about Tecna?
Flora: Yes, she's here with us.
Bloom: Really? can I speak with her?
Flora: ummm... i dont think she wants to.
Bloom: Huh? Why?
Flora: ... Just come here now. Tecna's not really herself. Bye.
*Flora ends call*
Stella: Who was it?
Bloom: it was Flora... she wants us to go back to Alfea now!
Layla: Did something bad happen to Tecna?
Bloom: I think so. Flora didnt sound good.
Stella: Then lets go!
*They Leave*
*To Flora, Musa and Tecna*
Flora: Bloom and the others are coming here already.
Musa: Did bạn tell them?...
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posted by iwatchthestars
 tình yêu is worth the fall <3
Love is worth the fall <3
(part 7..)

Helia: Flora, are bạn alright?
Flora: Oh Helia ! *sniff*
*Flora falls to Helia's arms*
Helia: Its ok, im here.
*Helia brushes flora's hair*
Helia: Who was that guy Flora?
Flora: ....
Helia: Flora?
Flora: No one. just a nobody.
Helia: ...
Bloom: So bạn were the one who did all that?
*Karel, already told the story... obviously*
Musa: How could you?
Tecna: thats isnt very nice.
Stella: Its absurd !
Karel: I-I didnt mean to do it. I just like her alot.
Layla: Well, she doesnt like you. and that means bạn cant be with her.
Karel: But let me ask bạn girls a câu hỏi (he said...
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(Sfter riven confesses his truth the girls get thêm angry and sad.Even Flora bursts out saying......

Flora:Why did u do this to her?She was ur love.U made ur tình yêu come to the path of death.U have a strange way of hiển thị ur love!!!!
Helia:Calm down,Flora.U know he has always been like this.
Flora:If i lose my best friend.........
Sky:Flora,Riven is worthless.Calm down.
Brandon:By the way dude,why did u say u did not like her?U tình yêu her don't u?
Riven:Ya,but i thought if she knew the truth she would never talk to me again.
Helia:U should have known the truth before u hurted her.
Riven:Ya,but if i knew...
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posted by CyD12
Bridgette: finally we are here in magix!
Elizabeth: it wasnt that long...
Bridgette: i know but i cant wait to go and shopping!
Megan: i thought we are going to eat something...
Rosella: we are...
Bridgette: but first some shopping!
Ariel: no, lets go eat first and then we go to the stores..
Haze: i agree with Ariel...
Bridgette: fine, lets eat something...


Bridgette: xin chào look!
Megan: what?
Bridgette: over there! some specialists!
Elizabeth: oh yeah, they are students of red fountain...
Bridgette: we should go and talk to them...
Ariel: i dont know...
Haze: yeah, we better stay here......
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 I am Musa!
I am Musa!
(As usual Musa was dreaming about Riven and her.She dreams she and Riven on a romantic thuyền date.She was soooo happy she kept rolling until she fell from her bed.She saw the dream at 6 in the morning.)

Musa:I had the cutest dream ever!
Bloom:Really,what was it about?
Musa:Me and Riven on a romantic ngày on a.......
Musa:How did u know?U were not in my dream.
Bloom:Musa,u always dream about u and Riven.U always tell us about them.
Musa:Ya,i tình yêu my dreams.
Layla:U tình yêu ur dreams hoặc do u tình yêu Riven?
Musa:I tình yêu Riven too!
Flora:U really like him don't u?
Musa:More than...
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posted by iwatchthestars
(kay... part 3 :) as promised, it will be long.)

*layla's room*
Layla: *sniff* flora's leaving... and im not really that close to the other winx.. and musa has to work overnight at the library.. i guess ill be lonely this pass week... :(
*flora goes in*
Flora: layla, sweetie, whats wrong?
Layla: nothing.....
Flora: please... tell me whats wrong.
Layla: Flora.. bạn know that im not really that close to stella, we are just so opposite ! Bloom and Musa have to work overtime because its summer... and bạn know that I cant really keep up with Tecna talking about her gadgets and saying stuff that makes my...
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