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Dear readers,

Sorry yet AGAIN for the delay; my parents decided to drag me camping in a filthy log lều, cabin owned bởi my dad's friend and I had no internet access there (curses!) so...yeah. Oh, and also we went river rafting and I almost Mất tích my shoe to the rapids and also I got hit in the face with a cây branch and got knocked out of the bè, cái bè, chiếc bè into freezing-cold river water. Yippee. Anyway, I hope bạn enjoy this tiếp theo chapter!

-TheFan2000 :D

"You must be hungry," đã đưa ý kiến Ember. Bloom nodded eagerly. "Come with me, we'll have some thực phẩm and water ready. How long do bạn think it will take for your friends...
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Dear fellow readers,

So sorry for the long delay, I was out of the country for the last tháng and had no internet access there. I'll be continuing to write this fanfic though, so worry not! I was also able to vanquish a brief bout of writers' block.

-TheFan2000 :D

"I've finally been able to identify who the dark forces are."
The sound of conversation woke Bloom up. She found herself laying in a net that was suspended bởi the ends, almost like a hammock, from the branches of trees high above her.
Bloom looked down and gasped.
She was fifty feet above the ground.
Uncomfortably, she struggled to...
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The goddess landed right before Bloom. Bloom did not dare look up into the fearsome eyes of one of the supreme beings of the universe. She did not dare do anything except stare at the bare feet before her, which were wrapped in straps of black fabric and adorned with jewels.
A voice, low, female, and full of hatred, sounded and echoed above her.
"You dare intrude this island, this sacred land? Do bạn dare?"
Suddenly, a gasp sounded behind Bloom. "Bloom, watch out!" Stella screamed.
Bloom looked up and was vaguely aware of the hard, warlike female face. She took in every detail like a sponge...
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The Winx and the Specialists are now within a 100 mile radius of the Island of Stars...

"This is strange," Tecna đã đưa ý kiến warily. "We're almost to the island, and no opportunities to earn our Lunarix have come up yet!"
"Maybe we just have to wait and see!" đã đưa ý kiến Digit, her helpful, quirky pixie pal. "This is probably the one thing bạn can't calculate with numbers."
"There are plenty of things bạn can't calculate with numbers," Tune snapped. "Like etiquette, for example. And speaking of etiquette, it's rude to try to calculate everything, especially things that can't be calculated!"
Musa laughed...
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A couple hours after the Winx's and the Specialists' departure for the Island of Stars...

Bloom sat bởi herself in one of the tiny, primitive cabins of their Red đài phun nước airship. She pondered her arduous quest. Maybe going for the center of the universe was not the smartest idea.
Prince Sky, who had not gotten a chance to talk to Bloom for a while, walked into the lều, cabin and sat down tiếp theo to her.
"Are bạn scared?" he asked gently. "Because it's perfectly all right to be scared, bạn know. This isn't going to be easy."
"I'm scared out of my wits," Bloom admitted with a sigh. "I didn't think it...
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On the Island of Stars...

A whip of blue and purple cape sailed past Ember's eyes.
Echo, the eldest/leader of the Valkyries, the other major protective force of the island, landed in front of her. Ember could tell she was not a bringer of good news.
"What do bạn have to say?" asked Ember.
"Someone's coming," Echo replied.
"Stop speaking in riddles," Ember spat, trying to stay calm. "Who's coming?"
"I have no clue," đã đưa ý kiến Echo. "That's why I'm saying someone. I don't know who's coming because of the dark forces. But it's not good. Most likely they're here to steal something from us."
"What would...
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posted by Rainflowers
    When Kristina finally cam to, she couldn’t see anything. It was pitch black. She sat up on her knees and reached her hand out to find a hard wall. Then everything came back to her. She remembered the man who attacked her and put her in this black prison. She sighed wondering what was going on outside that she couldn’t see. Suddenly she saw the black hole, the same black hole that had devoured her plane. Her eyes filled with tears, they fell down her face. She then realized that she was living her nightmare.

    Jasmine looked around the corner...
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
Party girls don't get hurt
Can't feel anything, when will I learn
I push it down, push it down
I'm the one "for a good time call"
Phone's blowin' up, they're ringin' my doorbell
I feel the love, feel the love

I never felt like they cared about me, but cared for themselves. They may have helped me free Morgana and the rest of the Earth nàng tiên but only to become thêm được ưa chuộng in the magic dimension. I just feel so used bởi them. Everything just comes so easy to them. They don’t get hurt at all. A few blows from the trix every now and then and that’s it. I try my best to ignore those thoughts but...
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Hello everyone, I am here with my yêu thích danh sách oF Winx Girls. I hope you'll enjoy đọc it and look what I am adding my yêu thích winxies too and it's not based on friendship. It's based on contribution.

Winx's in order from LEAST to MOST yêu thích

7. Roxy : Actually I don't have any particular reason for her being last in my danh sách it's just I can't accept her as a Winx still. And I adore her beauty still I am not that attached to her bạn see.

6. Layla : The main reason for her being @ #7 is her being underrated for me at least. I guess she didn't have that confidence which I think she should...
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posted by FloraorStella
On the phiếu bầu "Do bạn want a Fairy of the tháng phiếu bầu too" a lot of những người hâm mộ voted yes. I'm not sure if bạn know what it is, but I'll give bạn a little explanation of what Fairy of the tháng is. This is what is will be called so bạn don't confuse it with người hâm mộ of the tháng : WOTM( Winx of the Month).

Alright, WOTM is where bạn vote out your least yêu thích character. But if bạn want your opinion why bạn voted her out, bạn must leave a bình luận so that I can add it on the bài viết that I will post every month.

A phiếu bầu with all seven fairies(including Roxy) will be đã đăng every two days. Make sure bạn vote...
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"no bạn carnt kick me out of the winx i may be a goody goody but i do know how to fight" đã đưa ý kiến flora crying
"no bạn dont and we can kick bạn out so come on girls lets kill her"said bloom
"tick tock gose the clock floras end is one stop tick toc gose the clock come on girls kill her "said all
"attack"said all running towards here
"what no arrrrrr" flora was...
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A vàng and silver heart-shaped brooch and a fuzzy màu hồng, hồng heart-shaped hip-bag.

Earned by: Thinking quickly and saving her Những người bạn from a falling cable car without using their powers, but also bởi admitting her angry behavior towards Sky.

A brooch with two long silver upside-down curves ending with spirals with a dark purple stone and a dark màu hồng, hồng rose shoulder bag.
Earned by: Admitting her feelings to Helia.

A gold, silver mirror pin with a divided moon and sun hip bag.
Earned by: Apologizing to Aisha and admitting her insecurity.

A leaf-shaped pin with a Morphix colored stone and...
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posted by FloraorStella
Yeah, so everyone hates Bloom. I'm saying I hate Bloom too. The seasons are all Bloom this, Bloom that, Bloom dies, Bloom comes to life-wait, that didn't happen. Sorry, I'm getting carried away. She's annoying and she's a Mary-Sue.
But I can't help liking her for her red hair. It's gorgeous! I tình yêu red heads. That's all I like her for.
So I don't like her as much as my favorite.That's Musa. Musa - , Bloom - 2(for the hair.)
Yeah... that's it. Thanks for reading! Comment! And oops... nearly đã đưa ý kiến subscribe! How embarrassing!
posted by tecna535
 Hey, Bloom
Hey, Bloom
xin chào Bloom, is Tritanus defeated yet? đã đưa ý kiến Roxy
Hi Roxy, and your question, actually not yet but we are getting close. đã đưa ý kiến Bloom
Calling all freshmen to got to class 20r4, đã đưa ý kiến Miss Fairigonda over the loud speeker.
Sorry Bloom, can't chat, need to get to class, See bạn later, đã đưa ý kiến Roxy.
Ok, see bạn later, Bye, đã đưa ý kiến Bloom

Hello Class, I am Miss Greselda your teacher, today we will be shapeshifting objects. đã đưa ý kiến Greselda. Get in to partners and I will hand out a pencil to each pair and then bạn will change it into a ruler, now hurry.
Hello, I'm Roxy, can I be your partner? đã đưa ý kiến Roxy
Sure, đã đưa ý kiến Alex...
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posted by Rainflowers
After the assembly the fifteen contests and three head masters gathered in a restricted room of Alfea behind the auditorium. “These games are extremely dangerous.” Ms. Faragonda warned, looking a deathly stare that sent shivers down Julie’s spin. “These games are merely a form of entertainment to the Game Masters. bạn are merely pieces of a puzzle, while it would look bad for them if bạn got hurt,” Ms. Faragonda paused then continued after taking a deep breath to calm herself, “They don’t really care. This is why I ask bạn please be careful.” She đã đưa ý kiến with a grieving look...
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posted by laylafly
Bloom: we been invited to a Halloween party over Mitzi's house
Stella: no thx the last time was enough
Layla: that's true I dont want to be pranced again
Musa: come on we were 17 we were young then
Stella: ok then we have a party to go to now
Bloom: the party is tomorrow
Stella: we have to go to the mall
Roxy: why
Stella: because I don’t have anything to wear
Flora: but Stella bạn have the hole mall hahaha
Tecna: let's take the bus

Stella: these stores are all new
Tecna: wow
Mitzi: xin chào nice ngày to bạn
Layla: excuse me what
Mitzi: I said
Flora: we get it
Mitzi: bloom did u get the invitation
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posted by Alifya
What is so fascinating about bubbles? The precise spherical shape, their incredibly fragile nature, the beautiful colours that shimmer…and the fact that they are made only of water and soap!! All what bạn need to create amazing bubbles is:

*6 cups of hot water (Distilled is best)
*2 cups of dish washing liquid
*3/4 cup ngô syrup (Karo Light), if bạn don’t have it, use honey hoặc sugar!
*A blowing cone

First of all bạn have to create the cone: bạn can make your own with only two sheets of nghề viết văn paper, masking tape and scissors. Start bởi rolling the two paper sheets into a funnel shape. Roll...
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posted by Alifya
Hi girls!
This is a little present for you, a cầu vồng spell! This spell asks for everything in general to be good to you, all the time!!

You'll need:

7 ribbons (one in each colour of the rainbow) (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet),
7 hoa (one in each colour of the rainbow),
One cup of Aloe vera Gel,
Five drops of lavander oil,
Two tablespoons of Rose Water

Take the 7 hoa and tie each one at its base with a matching coloured ribbon.
Recite this spell:
Rainbow chase this mess away.
Keep it far from me today.
By the power with in me let happiness be.
I am happy, I am free,
No more...
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posted by CyD12
Tecna: time to go!
Bloom: bye roxy!
Musa: see bạn soon! *they get into the portal*
Roxy: bye! be carefull!

At Arakna!

Flora: wow! is really cold
Stella: this planet is pretty big!
Bloom: thanks God Lockette came with us
Musa: yeah... now try to find her!
Lockette: follow me!
(they went to a forest)
Stella: ough! i hate this place!
Flora: the trees are cute!
Lockette: is in that cave!
Bloom: Lets get in!
Tecna: Winx Beliviex!

In The Cave..

Flora: *whispers* look, there is Layla!
Layla: *with her mouth covered looks at them*
Musa: OMG! Layla!!!
Bloom: *covers Musa`s mouth* Sssshhhh!
X Guy: what was that?!? *looks at Layla*
Stella: *hiding* who is he?
Tecna: *hiding too* i dont know...
Bloom: where is he now?
X Guy: *behind Flora but no one saw him*
Musa: i dont know, lets help Layla and get out of here!
X Guy: *grabs Flora* do something and bạn will never see your friend again!
posted by iwatchthestars
Stella: Tecna?
Musa: but...but... Nabu sid bạn disappeared with Darcy!
*Flora faints and Layla catches her*
Bloom: are bạn ok?!
Tecna: ....
Stella: uhh Tecna?? whats wrong?
Tecna: Nothing... Im fine, I came to get my computer, where is it?
Musa: Umm... with Digit
Tecna: Thank bạn *leaves to her room*
Flora: *wakes up* I..Is She alright?
Layla: Yup.. but then , could Nabu be lying?
Blooms: Who knows
*everyone stares at tecna's room*
Tecna: DIGIT!
Digit: TECNA?!?!
*flies to Tecna and hugs her*
Tecna: uhh.. enough chit-chat, where's my computer?
Digit: over there...
Tecna: thanks, I have to go *grabs computer...
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