PopPixie;The newest cartoon from Iginio Straffi
cầu vồng SpA’s latest production PopPixie (52 x 13) had its worldwide broadcast debut on France 3’s Mon Ludo, with amazing results. With its first broadcast on August 14th, PopPixie achieved an 18 per cent audience share amongst its core target of four to ten năm olds. The following week it climbed to 25 per cent in the same demographic and bởi September 4th it reached 27 per cent.

The launch in France was concurrent with a pan-African launch on K-Net and followed bởi launches on TVI and Canal Panda (Portugal), Clan TVE (Spain), Kanal D (Turkey), RAI (Italy), Alter (Greece), Junior and MTV3 (Finland), MBC (Middle East and Africa), and Noga (Israel).

PopPixie (52 x 13 min) takes place in a fantastic dimension called Pixieville where gnomes and magical động vật live happily together with endlessly entertaining Pixies. But the peace and tranquility are often upset bởi rabble-rousing Elves, naughty kids always on the lookout for a little trouble and harmless fun. Magic, adventure and humor abound with these unforgettable characters, first introduced in 2007 in the super-popular Winx Club series two. When they came on the scene Winx Club TV ratings in Italy went through the roof (as did CP related sales such as fashion búp bê and kinder eggs). The colourful Pixies achieved immediate fame and impressive licensing results, prompting cầu vồng to develop the property into its own TV hiển thị and brand. With the results achieved so far, the hiển thị looks set to make a repeat performance in the ratings department and follow in the footsteps of its older sister series, Winx Club.


In a quiet and secluded corner of the Magical Universe, there is a very special dimension, a miniature world populated bởi Gnomes, Elves, talking Animals... and above all bởi Pixies.

The town they live in is Pixieville, and it is here that Pixies go out about their extraordinary daily lives using the incredible magic of the MagicPops, the magical globes of the cây of Life.
The MagicPops, magical globes that contain positive magic grows on the cây of Life. When a Pixie uses her talent wisely for the good of all, she may receive a MagicPop to become a PopPixie.

Pixieville is built in a thick forest of century-old trees and shrubs. It is a large metropolis in a unique setting where magic and nature become one.
It is divided into districts, the city is the trang chủ of Pixies, Gnomes and Elves who form a mottled community where everyone has a role and no one is excluded (except for the Elves who intentionally keep out of the social life of the city). Although the động vật occasionally come to Pixieville, they live in the area outside the city.
Pixieville is very much like a modern bustling human city. But everything has a touch of magic making everything unique...

The Molly Moo is the most famous and được ưa chuộng cake cửa hàng in Pixieville. Its windows are filled with goodies and its gazebo is the best place to enjoy cakes and pies freshly made bởi Caramel.

caramel, kẹo caramel combines her cooking skills with magic to create Chuyện thần tiên ở New York recipes : animated talking cakes and rare-flavoured ice-creams. Cakes and sweets flies out of lò nướng and place themselves on trays hoặc even directly on the tables of customers. This creates colourful movements and aromas - the best publicity for Molly Moo. Behind the shop's counter is Caramel’s off-limits kitchen.

The Pixies gather here, turning the cửa hàng into their private club and meeting place to gossip and plan their free time.

The Plaza is the best (and only) hotel in Pixieville. After Ninfea's Palace, the Plaza is the most imposing building in the city, a mix of elegance, luxury, style and splendour. Its guests come from all over the magical universe.

Hotel Manager, Mr. Rollo, takes care of the smallest detail to ensure that the stay of each guest is unforgettable. The hotel has only two other staff : Lockette and Guzman.

The Pixie Plaza does not have house-maids because the rooms clean themselves up magically whenever the guest checks out. The Plaza also has the most exclusive restaurant in town, whose service and thực phẩm are legendary.

Both traditional and modern toys - bạn can find any toy bạn like in the store owned bởi Gnome Augustus.

The toys are all hand made bởi the factory in the store. Augustus plays the part of a smiling toy maker, holding back his true stingy storekeeper’s nature. It is only with Fixit's (the PopPixie of Technomagic) skills as the worker in the toy store, that the worst disasters are avoided.

The store is a marvellous place and an absolute must to see if only for a visit. In the wood veneered store, there are dolls, puppets and all the fantastic devices created bởi Fixit.

Pixieville is protected bởi a Magic Barrier, an invisible shield of energy that keeps out invaders and threats from the outside.

Pixies, Gnomes, Elves and động vật can pass through the barrier; it only stops outsiders who want to harm Pixieville.

The cây of Life is an ancient magical cây which supplies all the magical power to Pixieville.

The Pixies is responsible for the safety of the cây of Life. The protective energy of the cây of Life, which feeds the Magical Barrier, defends the city from external threats.

The cây of Life is covered with MagicPops, magical globes that contain positive energy which appears as an sparkling Chuyện thần tiên ở New York dust.

When a Pixie uses its Talent for a good purpose, to serve the well-being of the community, it receives a MagicPop from the cây of Life. Discovering their talents and obtaining the MagicPop is a special moment in the life of Pixies and an important moment of their growth as they discover their positive qualities.

Pixieville is a very special city with magic everywhere in the lives of its citizens. Within the town there is a large population of Pixies, Gnomes, Elves and Animals. It is a well organised and structured society where the rules of the Chuyện thần tiên ở New York world are respected (or almost) bởi every citizen.

In the social structure of Pixieville, Pixies are the highest social class. Pixies do skilled jobs (bakers, teachers, inventors, etc.) while Gnomes have different roles, all involving a great deal of hard work at different levels.

The động vật do simpler jobs hoặc jobs that requires less skills compared to the Pixies. Some help Pixies in stores hoặc offices.

The Elves are the last group of the Pixieville society. thêm than a group, they're a gang. Elves do not understand the value of work and simply take want they want when they want, as dishonestly as possible.

A group of inseparable Những người bạn who are always ready to help each other; Pixies are well-mannered and caring, cheerful, courageous and spunky, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

They are full of energy and always ready to lend a hand. thêm than anything, Pixies would like everyone to be as happy because of this at times they tend to exaggerate.

When they become PopPixies they wear different costumes and have new powers with spectacular effects.

Amore is a romantic little dreamer and believes in her mission of making people fall in love. Amore is naïve and sensitive and in her mind, the world is a place where people loved each other and no one is unhappy. To attain her dream, Amore opened a busy little store: the tình yêu Shop, the only cửa hàng in Pixieville which specialises in tình yêu potions and spells.

With her MagicPop power, Amore captures the bad thoughts of people and controls negative feelings, calming them down.

In her store and workshop she is forever working on new recipes for potions powerful enough to melt even the hardest of hearts. Thanks to her special talent she makes tình yêu spells, perfumes and chocolate.

She is optimistic and positive beyond belief, but this often gets her into trouble and when her Những người bạn aren’t around to help her, she can count on her assistants: Otis, a male hippopotamus, and a watchful but rather grouchy owl.

Phobia: Amore is afraid of spiders. She yells and loses her head when she sees a spider.

PopPixie Power: PopPixie of Feelings

caramel, kẹo caramel
caramel, kẹo caramel is an energetic and determined Pixie: she has a very sweet nature and the hours she spends in her bakery taught her to be quick and decisive. Her talent is cooking and Caramel’s Cake cửa hàng the Molly Moo, is the most famous cake cửa hàng in Pixieville. Her MagicPop power gives her an incredible strength; in action she can rout any enemy while in her daily life it helps her to carry enormous weights. caramel, kẹo caramel is full of life but she’s also practical and can defend herself. She is always ready to rush to the help of her Những người bạn (she is the hot-headed and “brawny” one of the group). Tina, her assistant, who is a pastry apprentice is far too greedy, so caramel, kẹo caramel keeps her away from the kitchen. The young pig is not happy and often feels undervalued. caramel, kẹo caramel shares her work and trang chủ with her twin brother Martino, an expert barman who is her exact opposite. When they are together sparks fly, they are constantly bickering (but also very close).

Phobia: Caramel’s bane in life is Dr. Boxen, the Pixieville dentist who is forever popping up out of nowhere to badmouth cakes which he hates and check the teeth of customers at the Molly Moo.

PopPixie Power: The PopPixie of Superstrength

The craziest Pixie of the group is undoubtedly Chatta. She uses her gift of the gab to convince, confound and even stun you, putting her enemies to flight. Chatta is the Queen of gossip: with her power she can get anyone to tell her anything and she uses her chattering to defend herself and attack, but above all the information that she gathers is the best way to get herself out of trouble. Her special power is useful whenever her Những người bạn need information. When she goes into action against her enemies she hears them even when they are very far away, a skill which in her everyday life allows her to intercept all sorts of gossip and she is always the first to know the latest news. Chatta is an enthusiastic Pixie who wants to share her joy of life with everyone around her. Lively and curious, Chatta is a dynamic character who is always on the go. She is a determined and naughty Pixie who loves practical jokes. Her chaotic characteristic terrifies her Những người bạn so that whenever she invites them over they worry.

Phobia: Chatta’s weak point is silence, to which she is allergic. A quiet place makes her anxious, she sweats heavily and her hair stands up on end, triggering unusual reactions.

PopPixie Power: PopPixie of Gossip

Cherie is the richest Pixie in Pixieville who lives in a gorgeous villa. Cherie is a bizarre, capricious and unpredictable but likeable Pixie, whose main interest in life is going on wild shopping sprees. Though very vain, she can also be generous with her friends, sharing everything she has with them. Lulù (an elegant and very efficient cat), her personal assistant, accompanies Cherie everywhere. Cherie gets bored very easily so she needs to be kept constantly entertained with something different and amusing. Cherie doesn’t work because she doesn’t need to. Her Talent is a reflex power because she can change the weather according to her mood. Thanks to her MagicPop power, Cherie can control the weather, dominating the elements and using them as she likes. In action she uses her power to unchain hurricanes, lightening and frost against her enemies but in her daily life she uses her power to change the weather over the town.

Phobia: Cherie’s greatest fear is the Bank Manager, Gnome Grind who is torments Cherie to convince her to open a savings account with him.

PopPixie Power: The PopPixie of Weather

Fixit is the highest authority for “Technomagic” which he uses to make incredible toys. There is no electronics hoặc computer technology in Pixieville - all the systems and devices are magical since magic is the main energy that powers the town. Fixit, is very much into science with a real thirst for knowledge. He is a well of information to his friends. Pixies can count on him when they want an idea, an infallible plan hoặc error-proof project. His Talent is making anything work and he uses his technomagic power to create perfect devices using natural elements. His MagicPop gives him extraordinary intelligence which he uses for unique inventions which combines magic and technomagic. In action, he build devices to resolve any problem while in his daily life he uses his MagicPop power to make exciting modern toys. His desire to understand how things work makes Fixit very careful and sensitive to the problems of the world around him. Fixit spends the ngày in the big toy cửa hàng of Gnome Augustus for whom he works. Fixit spends all his salary on high-tech gadgets.

Phobia: Fixit is scared stiff of a toy – a plush teddy chịu, gấu which walks and talks, and torments the Pixie.

PopPixie Power: The PopPixie of Technomagic

Lockette is a sensible and cautious Pixie who is meticulous and tidy. Organisation is her strong point and she doesn’t like playing it bởi ear because when something unexpected happens she gets into a muddle, becomes nervous and touchy, loses her self-confidence and gets into trouble. Her Những người bạn know her well and try not to upset her; not Chatta though who enjoys it when Lockette is upset. Lockette is very intelligent and sensitive and always ready to help anyone in trouble. Her Talent is to find, follow and locate anything which is lost. As a PopPixie, her power increases and she can open magical passages and find whatever is hidden. If things don’t work out as planned, Lockette just won’t admit she was wrong and is usually stubborn. Although she is not prepared to admit she was wrong, she is ready to go to any length to hiển thị that she was right. Lockette who is generally shy and cautious then becomes overconfident and ends up complicating matters.

Phobia: Lockette is terrified that her watch will stop. She always has lots of other watches in her pockets.

PopPixie Power: PopPixie of Thresholds


Martino is Caramel’s twin brother and he is the barman at Molly Moo. Famous for his skill and the spectacular way he prepares drinks, sữa shakes and trái cây cocktails, Martino puts the same energy into everything he does, both at work and in his everyday life. Combative and determined, he manages to get results that are sweet and absolutely delicious. Martino is a hot-headed amusing hurricane. His MagicPop power is acrobatics, balancing and incredible strength. In action, he jumps in incredible circles and carries out reckless actions. His aim is awesome and he can hit spectacular targets. In his everyday life, the power of the magic globe helps him to lift and carry heavy weights. Martino loves to shows off and is very proud of his hair tuft that he combs, sleeks down and admires often. He has a very strong character and likes be in the limelight. This clashes with the thêm reserved nature of Caramel. Despite their differences, the twins are very close and protects each other.

Phobia: Martino’s heel of Achilles is pineapple nước ép, nước trái cây to which he is allergic. Just a sip of pineapple nước ép, nước trái cây knocks him out flat and confuses him.

PopPixie Power: The PopPixie of Acrobatic Feats.

The Elves who live in Pixieville are very bad. They tình yêu a life of luxury without working (unless it is others who are doing the work).

Elves are independent and live together in a house, without family, real jobs and rules.

Elves use their dark magic for small negative spells. Their witchcraft is used to create chaos, to deceive, cheat and bully. They also use spells and potions causing havoc in different situations and use their magic to make dangerous monsters appear.

Floxy is an Elf with special talent for spiteful tricks and bad jokes. He is not particularly intelligent and is the most immature of the Elves. There is nothing that he takes seriously and since his organisational skills are nil, he follows Rex faithfully. Floxy is both lazy and greedy. He loves cakes thêm than money.

Molly Moo is his favourite haunts when he sweeps into Pixieville. Floxy’s personality irritates his fiancé Narcissawho prefers a thêm competitive and ambitious partner.

Floxy’s animal friend is the Billo the polecat.

Lenny is whacky, loves taking risks for the sake of excitement, reckless and irresponsible. Although he is unpredictable and independent, he is always the first to follow Rex and Maxine in some new raid on Pixieville.

Lenny rides a souped up and very powerful chopper; on his bike called "Ortica", the Elf shows off giving breathtaking exhibitions; Lenny adores a challenge and takes on impossible races that he comes out of with a few broken Bones but happy.

Lenny’s partner in crime is Wolfgang who is a chó sói, sói with special talent for engines. The chó sói, sói services the choppers of the gang but gives special attention to Lenny’s chopper.

Maxine is very malicious and is the dominating personality of the couple with Rex. As the prettiest Elves, she uses all her charm to keep Rex firmly where she wants him. As Rex is a model for the boy Elves, Maxine is the role model for girl Elves.

Maxine adores being admired and envied and can’t tolerate when someone puts her on the spot. She hates the Pixies, who are the only ones who manage to melt her icy demeanour.

The Animal who accompanies Maxine is Rodrigo the cobra.

Narcissa is equally lazy and quirky. She dreams of living the life of a great lady, something that Floxy cannot give her. Narcissa pushes Floxy to be better than the others and this often lands her fiancé in situations that he doesn’t know how to get out of. For Narcissa this is a very painful situation and she reacts in all the wrong ways, feeling inferior to her Những người bạn who have better male partners than she has.

Though Floxy and Narcissa often fight, she is too lazy to leave Floxy and he is too scared to end the relationship with her.

Narcissa has a cá sấu called Lucilla who is just lazy and tetchy as she is.

Rex is an arrogant and haughty Elf who has a big opinion of himself. He admires Maxine and thinks that the rest of the world is not worthy of his attention.

Rex certainly has a big talent for spiteful tricks and carelessly wicked deeds; he has brilliant mind and comes up with perfectly perfidious plans and schemes. The gang looks up to him and when they are bored it is Rex who has ideas on how to keep up the spirits of the gang.

Compared to the others, Rex has a thêm mature and criminal side to his character which often frightens even his companions. This aspect of his character particularly appeals to Maxine, his fiancé who is very ambitious.

The Animal who accompanies Rex is the tiger Cleopatra.

Yucca is the fiancé of Lenny. Yucca is vain and frivolous and adores extreme shopping.

Anytime is right to hiển thị off and she and Lenny make their nights out with the gang an event to be remembered.

Yucca's animal friend is Tito, a bat who loves the night life. Tito sleeps all ngày but is a "party" animal at night.

Gnomes are the elders of the city and difficult to get along with. Together with their families, the quaint Gnomes live in their own district.

They do not have magical powers and are characterised bởi their stinginess, which is their predominating trait...

Pixieville Bank is where Gnomes keep most of their wealth but each has other hiding places.

Gnomes are gruff and suspicious, but they are also comical figures!!

Augustus is the owner of the toy cửa hàng where Fixit works. The arrival of Fixit brought success and lots of clients to his toy shop. Augustus plays the part of a jolly shopkeeper, but he is really a con kên kên who swiftly puts up the price of a toy under his client’s very nose.

Augustus never loses an opportunity to cut Fixit’s salary; the Pixie puts up with the questionable behaviour of the Gnome because Augustus allows him satisfy his whims with his creations in the cửa hàng lab. Augustus on the other hand knows that without Fixit his hàng đầu, đầu trang cửa hàng would simply not exist.

With his pin-striped suit with wide stripes, his waistcoat and pocket watch with its heavy vàng chain, Mr. Grind looks very much like a business Gnome. Grind is very different to the other Gnomes: he is serious and strict and always sits in his ghế bành at Pixieville Bank.

In the gnome community, Grind is an example for everyone. He has built a fortune and holds a unique and enviable social position. Grind knows that he is greatly respect bởi the other Gnomes and he prides himself on this. No one has seen him smile, just as no one has ever seen him give a loan; he is stingy beyond belief and deeply attached to his bank. The Gnome treats the savings of his clients as they were his own and the thought that his clients might withdraw their money anguishes him.

Grind is the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave and his obsession for saving often makes him ridiculous and grotesque, since he forces his employees save in all sorts of ways.

The Gnome doesn’t consider expenses though when it comes to the security of his bank which is a real obsession with him. To protect his treasure, Grind has set up the most impressive alarm system in Pixieville, creating a set of sophisticated hidden traps, mechanisms, bollards and detectors.

The Pixie Plaza is the most famous hotel in Pixieville and is run bởi Mr. Rollo. Despite his elegance and pompous tone, Mr. Rollo is a portrait of anxiety; the hotel manager runs continuously from one corner to another of the hotel trying to resolve problems, supervising and giving orders.

To save cost, Rollo has reduced his staff to a minimum and has to run the hotel with its many clients together with his two employees Lockette and Guzman. Rollo always puts up a smiling face for his clients, but he is a tyrant towards the Pixie and the monkey, who are forced to pass from one job to another.

Any upset throws Rollo into sheer desperation and he immediately sees himself as ruined; fortunately for him he has Lockette who each and every time does her utmost to save the day. Rollo hiển thị his gratitude to Lockette not bởi putting up her salary but bởi giving her new duties, telling her that these duties are a great honour, huy chương of which to be proud. Rollo is mean to the monkey who he considers to be of no importance and often hurts his feelings.

Ronf is the laziest Gnome in town; he has been married to Nella, an energetic Gnome, for several centuries. Ronf is very different to the other Gnomes because he is the only Gnome who prefers a nap to money; now that he is past the age of retirement all he wants to do is nap on his veranda.

Ronf is a real lazybones ready to take a nap anywhere but his chua mercenary wife simply can’t stand the idea that her husband doesn’t want to make money, humiliating her with her friends.

When Ronf drives, he is bane for Lockette who is always hurrying not to be late and is forced to invent ways and do dangerous acrobatics to overtake him.

động vật
động vật have an active role in society, just like the Pixies and Gnomes. động vật work and have the same rights as the other citizens of Pixieville.

Unlike the Pixies and Gnomes however, động vật live in the lairs and houses of the forest community in the forest around Pixieville.


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