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Bloom pressed herself as close to the tường as she possibly could. Her breathing was heavy, she had to slow it down, and fast.

They did this every year.
Each năm selecting a new target.

And they were gonna do it again this năm too.

And this year. This năm it was Bloom’s turn. Frankly she didn’t know what kind of giáng sinh tradition this was. Nor did she know how it came to be.

“Come on Bloom, bạn can’t hide forever.” Icy called.

She underestimated Bloom. She could hide for hours and hours. She’d hide all giáng sinh eve if she had to.

“I don’t get it.” Stormy pondered. “She was here a một giây ago.”

“Don’t worry ladies, we’ll find her.” Icy declared.

Bloom made her way around the corner and slipped down the hall.

“I could have sworn she was in here too.” Bloom heard Darcy mutter. Her voice was now distant.

Bloom gave a sigh of relief, before crashing into Stella.

“Stella…don’t bạn dare!” Bloom shouted.

“Hey everyone look who I caught!” Stella announced.

“Why!?” Bloom asked with a laugh. “You’re such a traitor.”

“What can I say, we can’t let a good tradition die.” Stella giggled.

“Sure we can.” Bloom insisted.

“Funny.” Icy smirked. “Last năm this was ‘the best giáng sinh game ever’, what changed?”

“The fact that I’m going to be tied to the tree, not Riven.” Bloom replied.

“You picked the red and silver ornament dear.” Flora pointed out. “Fair is fair.”

“How did this even start?” Bloom asked.

“Go down without a fight and I might just tell you.” Icy replied. “I was there when the tradition was first made.”

Bloom sighed. “Alright, fine. I’m probably going to get captured again anyways, may as well get a story out of it.”

“That’s the spirit!” Tecna called.

Musa led her to the giáng sinh tree, pulled out a strand of lights and proceeded to tie her to the tree. Right after Layla add a touch of tinsel and a few ornaments to her hair.

“I look ridiculous.” Bloom muttered.

“You got that right!” Stormy agreed.

“My story?” Bloom glanced at Icy.

“A while back, a few years before bạn got here, the two headmistresses…and one headmaster…were in this sort of competition. bạn know the usual, trying to see which school was the best. They had various contests; school and cây decorating, gingerbread baking, so on. Needless to say it was one of those silly three way ties. So Griffin tied the other two to their trees, decorated them, and declared her victory. The năm after Faragonda got her hands on one of Griffin’s best professors.” Icy paused. “After that it became a school wide thing, one of the Alfea students decided to add the whole ‘whoever picks the special ornament gets to be the target’ thing. Personally I enjoyed the free for alls.”

“Is that really what happened?” Bloom asked as Flora hung a little mistletoe on her ear.

“You look precious!” Flora clapped her hands together.

“Yes, that’s really what happened.” Griselda frowned. “That năm was the start of the most horrendous giáng sinh tradition ever.”

“She’s just đắng, cay đắng because we got her on the third year.” Saladin whispered to Bloom.

“Who was the first student to get tied to the tree?” Bloom asked.

Darcy pointed at Icy.

The witch frowned. “Darcy was the first to step under the mistletoe. Stormy wasn’t too far behind.”

“We don’t talk about that!” Stormy shouted.

“I miss when everyone got excited for the presents…not this.” Griselda grumbled.

“Bitter.” Saladin muttered in a sing song voice.
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I screamed as Helia tried to wake her. Nothing was working and all at once I was filled with anger towards that shadow. I summoned magic making the garden shake and the palace doors that led to the gardens in which he entered from. He took the first shot but I reflected in and decided I would use my magic to defend myself until he was weak enough to destroy him. As the Winx used their magic to protect everyone, I used my gift and power to destroy him. Once he’s gone my sister will return since it’s a life for a life. The battle I was fighting was intense; however, the whole time a voice...
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Chapter Twenty Four

A few months after the ball, I got my own knight in shining armor. The two of us were perfectly fit for each other just like our older siblings were. I had spent a plethora of my time going outside with my sister to every little boutique just to find the perfect dress. In December we found it and shortly after that we found the bridesmaid dresses. I was going to be the maid of honor in my sister’s wedding, with the Winx as the bridesmaid and Miele as the hoa girl. As spring approached the days to June 1st would go bởi fast. The two had chosen that ngày because it was...
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Can’t Remember To Forget You

Here come another ngày with a new sun, new environment, new people, but old place and old memories but I have decided to di chuyển on, I have decided that I won’t run from here, I am not a coward and I will face my fear. So now after so many days I will take a proper bath in washroom, really, when bạn don’t get anything only then bạn realise the value of everything.
Stella had some money left with her and she knew that we can’t leave forever in this clothes and she’s a fashionista so she bought us new amazing clothes, and they really are adorable. Tomorrow, is...
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Hi guys,
as I was surfing around I found this on a website and I thought I must share it here.

Website quoted

Amazing news Winxers! There is a seventh season of Winx Club in our future! The bài viết here on an Italian news website, Corriere Adriatico contains an interview with Iginio Straffi, the CEO of cầu vồng and creator of Winx Club in which Straffi confirms a seventh season of Winx. Here is a snippet from the interview (translated from Google translate, so it's not the best translation).

" So many initiatives underway at the cầu vồng ... "We are in full swing: it is in preparation for the...
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Getting To Know nmdis

Hi guys,
Now it’s has been almost months, don’t believe me? Ok,ok 2 years and 6 months! :P
But I am really a member of this spot from a long time and I thought now it’s time to đệ trình this right? So, I am gonna write it in portions.

First năm On fanpop

I am huge búp bê barbie phim chiếu rạp fan, like HUGE I won’t regret saying that it’s my life, I tình yêu them thêm than any other stuffs in the world, though Winx Club is special too but it’s on một giây place and it became thêm special only because of this spot. Because after coming here I got to notice this hiển thị thêm than ever....
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“You may now Kiss the bride.” The minister said. Helia kissed Flora and everyone clapped and whistled for the newlyweds. Musa started to play a song. As Helia carried her off and everyone headed to the place they would meet for their reception.

The Reception

They all met in the Leylattie garden on Lynphea. It was one of the most beautiful gardens on the whole planet. Flora and Helia stood and waited just to make sure everyone had time to get there.
“Thank bạn all so much for coming to the reception of the newlyweds, Flora and Helia.” The Queen đã đưa ý kiến while everyone applauded.
“We hope...
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 Ed shows the girls his right arm.
Ed shows the girls his right arm.
(Chapter three everybody!)

Bloom asked "human transmutation?" giống ngựa rừng ở mể tây cơ, mustang nodded, he replied "it's forbidden to attempt it and it's alchemys one and only unforgivable sin." Ed sighed and đã đưa ý kiến "that's what me and Al did." Flora asked "what caused bạn to do it?" Al answered "to bring our mother who died from sickness." Musa đã đưa ý kiến "that's terrible." Ed nodded, he took off his áo khoác to reveal his right arm. Bloom stared at him in shock and surprise she đã đưa ý kiến "it's....metal?" Al corrected "automail to be exact. It's also the same for his left leg, he sacrificed his right arm to transmute my soul into...
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