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posted by Princess-Flora
 unbroken pointe shoes
unbroken pointe shoes
----The tiếp theo morning everyone wakes up to the sound of a phone ringing and the smell of waffles, pancakes, toast, eggs, sausage, and bacon.
Marissa: (on the phone) thank you, we will be there very soon (hangs up the phone)
Brandon: mom, who was that?
Marissa: we can pick up your sister
Aaron: can I go pick her up
Marissa: yes, sweetie. (Tosses him car keys) there bạn go
David: I’ll go with him also
Marissa: ok (David and Aaron head out the door and leave to go pick up Flora)
----Everyone heads down the stairs and sits down at the bàn little talk is exchange. Until the front door creeks open to reveal Aaron, David and Flora and everyone yells her name happily
Flora: hi, everyone
Helia: (walks over to her and kisses her forehead) how are bạn doing my flower?
Flora: fine; but I have some messages to xóa based on what I have heard
Stella: so how do bạn feel about what bạn have heard?
Flora: people can be cruel, words can hurt but the people are just immature fools who have not learned to think about what they are posting since I am going to báo cáo them and block them from my page plus remove them from being my friend on Flutter.
Savannah: I think that is the best idea, plus it shows others that bạn are being the bigger person bởi turning the other cheek and letting it roll off like water off a duck’s back
Riven: I get most off it but water off a duck’s back? What is that supposed to mean? (Everyone laughs)
Layla: well I think we know who has the lowest IQ here.
Riven: (sighs) but could someone please just tell me what it means
Timmy: I think Musa should explain this one
Musa: okay, the phrase literally means water doesn’t stay on a con vịt, vịt it just rolls off; but since it is an which proves how immature they are and should think before they act
Nabu: well đã đưa ý kiến Musa
Musa: thank bạn Nabu
Riven: that makes a lot thêm sense now
Flora: well, I’m going to head up to my room to clean it up and the xóa the messages on my Flutter page
Musa: do bạn want help cleaning up the room?
Flora: thanks for the offer; but I kind of just want to be bởi myself right now
Layla: completely understood and we will see bạn at lunch time
Flora: (heading up the stairs) see bạn then
Flora’s p.o.v
Right now I vacation seems a lot like what I left behind before we left for these two weeks. The worst part out this is now they know about what people have written on my Flutter page; but it really has been going on since the start of senior year. I get up to the hàng đầu, đầu trang of the stairs and see my room staring at me, part of me doesn’t want to open the door but I have to if I want to be alone. As I touch the door knob, I hear footsteps so my reaction is to quickly open the door, shut it then lock it. I can breathe again; but not for long. My dreams are still shattered like the glass on the floor. I use a spell to restore everything back to its original place except the blood which I made disappear. I look over to the ballet barre and head over to my cái ví, ví tiền and get out all my dance shoes (ballet, tap, blonde jazz, black jazz, pedinis, character heels, character taps, ballroom, pirouettes, foot paws, hip hop sneakers and my pointe shoes) and set them on the barre with the mirror behind them. In my eyes it’s a beautiful scene that makes me cry and take a picture of it. I head over to my computer to post it on my Flutter. I put a few words that đã đưa ý kiến maybe some dreams aren’t worth giving up. After the picture was posted, I sighed and realized it was time to save the messages to a word document for proof, xóa them, báo cáo the people and remove them from being my friend on Flutter. Once it was done a part of me felt relieved; but something didn’t feel right I looked at the bathroom, and then the closet and once my eyes hit the ballet barre I froze with fear.
Flora: (breathing hard and trying to speak but nothing except air comes out)
Guy: (playing with the ribbons on the left pointe shoe) what did bạn not expect me to be here?
Flora: (nodding her head)
Guy: (putting the pointe shoe back in its place) well here is the thing, I’m not going to kill bạn like I have tried in the past, and I figure after 3 tries, I will do something else
Flora: (finally able to speak) so bạn were the one who destroyed my room and gave me the cut that led to stitches!?
Guy: oh, món ăn bơm xen, charlotte bạn know me too well
Flora: well Eric, bạn know nothing because I don’t go bởi món ăn bơm xen, charlotte anymore (now furious)
Eric: (holding her face in his hands) oh that’s right bạn told me that when I was Chad and I heard it while bạn were talking to Mirabella.
Flora: (moving his hands out of the way) don’t touch me (step backwards and unlocked the door, and ran downstairs at the speed of light and reaches the living room where everyone else is)
Eric: (running after her and realizing everyone else is there too) mark my words, any of bạn try to kill me and I will snap her like a pair of unbroken pointe shoes that need to be broken in.
------Everyone goes silent and smoke appears letting him disappear behind the smoke. Flora falls to her knees and starts crying. Helia runs over to her side to comfort her and hold her in his arms, until she stops crying but it didn’t happen. She finally got to cry for the bullying that has happened, almost losing her life twice in the past two weeks, watching her life almost go right from her in front of the people she loves the most, finding out Những người bạn from her past are deceased, and then there is the happy tears for her engagement, meeting her grandmother and finally finding out who her parents are. She was chẻ, phân chia, split in two; but as she cried her Những người bạn and family watched over her because they weren’t sure if this was her breaking point.
 broken pointe shoes
broken pointe shoes
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This fanfiction is far beyond The Winx Club Series. This is made bởi Avater13. This fanfiction is really quick, so please minded the shortness of this story. Thank bạn for reading!

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!", screamed The Winx in their Dimentix Fairy Form as the The Dark Wizards attacked with full force. The Winx and The Specialists has been battling them for a while. It was the Final Battle in The Omega Dimesion. The leader, Orgon faught against Bloom and Aisha. Troller (Vice Leader) faught against Tecna and Musa. Devon faught against Stella and Flora. The Specialists help their girlfriends.
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