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posted by limited9906
In one summer evening...
Bloom:oh sky isn't this great we're spending our whole summer together I'm so happy about this aren't you?
Sky:well technically not all summer I got some other things I need to do too....
Bloom:really like what??
Sky:umm I gotta go see some of my Những người bạn that are girls see my friend zendaya is having a whole summer party so I gotta go to her house for the whole summer...maybe tiếp theo summer...
Bloom:ok then I'll see u in 2 months bye....
At zendaya's house...
Everyone : omg zendaya your party is awsome
BFF of zendaya:hey look its your boyfriend
Zendaya : oh xin chào sky i mean babe so how's your plan on your other girlfriend ....
Sky:oh that'll be soon ill dump her at Friday ...
Zendaya:yay good so there's a prom thing goin on wanna go?
Sky:with you??? Of course I will ur my girlfriend ....
Zendaya:great and it's on Friday so the prom is at alfea so u don't need to dump bloom shell know ur dumping her....
Sky:really how will she know if I don't tell her?!???
Zendaya:we Kiss in the middle of the crowd ok?
Sky:sounds perfect prepare those lips of yours
Zendaya:ok I will put on lip gloss and everything
At the prom.....
Zendaya:oh sky this is great twirl me
Sky:ok *twirls zendaya*
Zendaya:hahaha that was sooo fun..huh there comes bloom get ready
Zendaya and sky:1..2...3
Zendaya and sky: *gets to the middle of the crowd*then*kiss*
Bloom:omg sky's dumping me!?!?!!!,!
Stella:huh!? Zendaya !? Ugh that freak!
Bloom:how do bạn know her name?
Stella: she was a friend of mine and she likes to steal boys from their girlfriends
Bloom:oh no!

 Sky let zendaya twirl
Sky let zendaya twirl
 sky and zendaya Kiss
sky and zendaya kiss
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 This is an example of Bloom and Sky on vacation on the beach.
This is an example of Bloom and Sky on vacation on the beach.
"Ahh . . ", đã đưa ý kiến Bloom to Sky. The Winx were on vacation with the Specialists. As they lay on the beach, Princess Diaspro was spying on them. Princess Diaspro wanted Bloom To Suffer her revenge and Prince Sky would be hers. At Night, when Bloom was sleep alone, Princess Diaspro commanded Dark Knights to capture Bloom and hang her in her kingdom. As the night moved on, Bloom was in chains in the kingdom of Irises. After a few hours of being torture bởi Princess Diaspro, Bloom cries and suffers with bruises, open wounds, and bloody injuries. In the morning, When the Winx and the Specialist woke...
continue reading...
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