The Mất tích Heir:

Chapter 1

"How about," Stella snapped her fingers. "This." The girls' dresses changed again.

"Stella we've changed seventeen times already, I think we're ready." Aisha said. Stella looked at her friends, maybe it was a bit much. She sighed.

"Alright," She said. "I guess we're ready." The girls looked relieved, "Just one thêm thing." She snapped her fingers, and sashes appeared around their waists gemstones embedded on it. Necklaces appeared on their necks. Each had a gemstone of their yêu thích color.

"Stella, they're beautiful." Flora said.

"Thank bạn Flora." Stella said, satisfied.

"So we can go?" Aisha asked impatiently.

"Oh, alright." Stella said, "Let's go. This is gonna be so much fun." The girls followed Stella out.

The Main Hall was made to look like a ballroom. With blue, silver, gold, pink, green, turquoise, purple, and navy decorations. Miss Faragonda was sitting bởi the bàn with the staff in the front of the Main Hall along with Headmaster Saladin, and Mistress Griffin were sitting on either side of Mistress Faragonda. Everyone was there, even the students' parents. Bloom caught sight of her mother and father, Marium and Oritel, talking to Stella's father, Radius. She felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see her sister, Daphne. She might be a ghost hoặc as she preferred a disembodied spirit, but she was one of the most lively people Bloom knew when she wanted to be.

"Daphne." Bloom smiled. Daphne smiled.

"Hello Bloom, did I startle you?" She asked.

"Sure did, sis." Bloom said, "I can't believe bạn came."

"It's the three hundredth anniversary of Alfea." Daphne said, "And I couldn't pass up a chance to see bạn and your friends."

"Thanks, Daphne." Bloom said, then saw Sky . He was with Diaspro, the engagement wasn't off since, well, his parents were really stubborn, especially when they thought their son's girlfriend was getting in the way. Also, Diaspro's parents hadn't been very happy about the engagement being cut off.

"Are bạn alright, Bloom?" Stella asked.

"Fine Stella." Bloom said. She wasn't bothered with it anymore. She knew the full story.

"Really?" Stella asked, "Look at you, all mature and not jealous. I'm so proud." Bloom chuckled.

"Well, I better get going." Daphne said, "I have to watch the palace, I never thought those guards were very experienced, but now I'm sure of it. They got beaten bởi an angry Stella."

"Yeah, that was fun." Stella said. Daphne laughed lightly.

"Well, see bạn soon." She said, and then disappeared in a flash of gold. Stella grabbed Bloom's hand, and led her to the other girls.The specialists were there too, except for Sky of course.


A couple hours passed, and everything seemed pretty calm.Then a roar broke the silence. The doors broke down, and a lion with a bọ cạp tail made entirely of ice came in. Everyone in the room gasped. The Winx exchanged worried looks, and then got into their positions.

"Winx Sirenix!" Bloom cried. Transformation began, and soon it was the five girls against a manticore made of ice. The Manticore shot daggers of ice at them, and swiped at them with its claws, but with a lot of work the winx beat him. Though everyone was pretty wore out and Flora got wounded (though she was dealing with it pretty well).

"Are bạn alright Flora?" Bloom asked.

"I'm fine, it's nothing really." Flora said, and started chanting a nature healing spell for wounds. New power.

"Did bạn like our little gift?" A cold voice asked.
The Trix appeared on the window sill. They all had smirks on their faces.

"The Trix." Bloom said, and shot a glare at them, "What do bạn want?" A fireball forming in her hand.

Icy sighed, "Just once Bloom, can't bạn act like a normal person, and just say hello, and then start trying to incinerate us with those things."

"Stop playing games, Icy, why are bạn here?" Bloom asked. Icy cackled.

"Look over there, Griffin, Faragonda, and Saladin; the big three. All together, I'm a little starstruck." Icy said.

"What do bạn want?" Bloom asked again, and actually threw an attack this time. Icy seemed to make it disappear slowly.

"Those little tricks don't work on me." Icy said, "Your power is over-rated." She threw a tường of icicles sharper than any blade at her. She barely got away, though one hit her arm. Bloom fell down to the floor, clutching her shoulder.

"Bloom!" The other girls, and Sky yelled.

"I'm fine, get the Trix." Bloom said. She felt a comforting hand on her shoulder, and then the soft voice of Flora spoke.

"The icicles are poisonous."

"Can bạn help her?" Stella asked in a worried voice.

"I don't think nature healing can cure something like this." Flora said, just as Bloom passed out on the floor, Sky went over to her, and took her in his arms.

"Flora, maybe bạn should take her to the infirmary." Aisha said. Flora nodded, and she, and Sky, went to the infirmary. Stella and Aisha turned back to Icy.

"If only they knew." Icy cackled, "It would be much funner to watch."

"Panicked little nàng tiên running around to find a cure to their little hero's wound." Darcy said.

"What are bạn talking about?" Stella asked. Darcy looked at her, and threw daggers of pure darkness at her. Stella dodged each one. The bàn behind her burst into ashes.

"That could've been me." Stella whispered.

"Wrong that should've been you." Darcy said, and then disappeared and reappeared behind her. Stella turned to her, and threw an attack at her. Darcy made it disappear in her hand. She that threw a tường of black at her. Stella screamed, Brandon came to her side instantly.

"Two down." Darcy said, "Three to go." Stella glared at them, she tried to attack them with a spell, but her power seemed to have been drained.

"My powers," Stella said, "They're gone."

"And isn't it fun." Stormy said. The three took Musa, and Tecna down easier than they should've. Icy gave a satisfied smirk while counting the nàng tiên they had beaten, but soon it disappeared.

"Where's the hoa girl?" She asked.

"I think she went to the hospital." Stormy said.

"Well what are bạn standing here for, go get her." Icy said.


While Icy gave her sisters the order, Flora was eavesdropping right outside the door. She took a few steps backwards. They were after her! She had to run away. She wouldn't be of much use with the powers they had, and even less if she was drained of her own. She ran out of Alfea into the forest, and sat down on the grass, breathing heavily. She suddenly heard thunder and saw lightning followed bởi a Icy's demand.

"Find HER!" She heard the cruel witch's voice. Flora sighed, how long would she have to be here, exactly?


Icy and her sisters had searched everywhere, except for the forest, but no one in their right mind would actually go there in the middle of the night.
They finally decided maybe she'd gone out of the grounds of Alfea. Finally the rain stopped, and the thunder rolled away. Flora breathed out deeply.

"Finally." She got out of the forest, and ran back to Alfea. Worried sick about her weakened friends. She burst through the doors in the once beautiful ball room. Her Những người bạn were no where in sight. Her tim, trái tim beat quickened, and she started running out of the ball room until a kind voice stopped her.

"Flora." Miss Faragonda said, "Thank goodness you're all right."

"Miss Faragonda," Flora said, "I'm sorry that I didn't help, I just didn't think I could do much."

"It's perfectly understandable, Flora." The wise fairy said, "It's wise that bạn didn't do anything reckless, the Trix might've drained your powers as well."

"And the others?" Flora asked, worry in her voice and face.

"They're safe, just unconscious. They'll come back around in a while." Miss Faragonda reassured her. Flora breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Come, I'll hiển thị bạn to them." The older fairy said. Flora nodded, and followed her to the infirmary. All five girls were there . . . unconscious.

"Flora." Helia đã đưa ý kiến smiling, he seemed to be happiest to see her, the others just smiled faintly at her.

"Are bạn alright?" Helia asked her.

"Yes, I'm alright." Flora said, smiling shyly.

"Good." Helia said, nodding. Then, behind them, one of the girls groaned. One of them was awake. They turned around to see Aisha. She had one hand to her head, and seemed a bit dazed.

"Aisha." Flora said, "How are bạn feeling."

"What happened?" Aisha asked.


*Few hours later*

The girls were all awake now, though Bloom wasn't in very good condition, being hit with a poisoned icicle and all. Miss Faragonda asked them to come into her office. Once they were all in, and they made sure no one was eavesdropping.

"Miss Faragonda, why did the Trix attack us?" Bloom asked.

"Other than to be annoying." Stella said.

"And how could they be so powerful?" Aisha asked.

"I fear that my suspicions are correct. They seek to become all-powerful, to become unstoppable." Miss Faragonda said, "But how they got the power they have now, I do not know."

"We have to stop them." Bloom said. Miss Faragonda nodded.

"And I believe I know how."

Miss Faragonda made them come into a place they never saw before. It was a chamber with stained glass windows, but nothing seemed to be in it. Except for a golden podium where a beautiful box stood. Miss Faragonda motioned them to follow her. When they got to the box, they realized that it had a sort of glow around it, and was encrusted with all sorts of precious gems which looked nice against the vàng and silver.

"Woah." Stella said. Miss Faragonda took out a vàng key with blue gem on the handle, and opened the box. What was inside, wasn't exactly what they expected. It was a book.

"A book?" Stella asked.

"Not just any book, it's the book that holds secrets of the Magical Dimension only few remember." Miss Faragonda said. Stella looked at the book. With it's blue cover, and the spiraling vàng that made sure it was locked. Miss Faragonda opened it, and the book opened bởi itself. They realized the book's pages shined with a star-like brightness.the book opened to a particular page with a majestic lâu đài as a picture. Though it was drawn, it looked very real.

"Girls, it's time bạn learned about the Magical Dimension's deepest secret." Miss Faragonda said, "The royal family of the whole Magical Dimension."

Stella cut her off, "Wait, what do bạn mean the whole magical dimension. bạn mean they ruled everything?"

"Yes." Miss Faragonda said.


A/N: Hi, I just want to ask your opinion on something. There's going to be an original Character coming. I can't decide what her eye and hair color should be. Her personality would be feisty, rebellious, lonely, fun-loving, cheerful, head-strong, kind, and spirited. I want her appearance to reflect her personality.