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Okay this is my first danh sách article.

I like Icy. She dislikes Bloom. Icy is wonderful but I don't like her that much. She boss her sisters around, that makes me like her and how she hates Bloom. I dislike her when she falls in tình yêu with a new villain.

Brandon is NOT my favourite specialist, but he still is in my hàng đầu, đầu trang characters category. He is always funny, and the most strongest specialist. I don't like him when he fights, he acts like he is a wimp.

I really like Diaspro, she hates Bloom, she's beautiful and has radiant skin like me, I don't like her in season 5, she wanted Sky again she's diễn xuất like a little baby. "Sky, Sky," and she doesn't help him get his memory back, she made him felt boring. Lol

Roxy is no fun anymore. I like her because she likes động vật as much as I do, but I hate her when she acts like a baby not believing in nàng tiên and doesn't want to be one, she is really childish!

My personality is most like Tecna. I like her when she becomes useful to the Winx, and dislikes her when she noticed the Winx treat her like a computer. She's too rational. Tecna is just like me, we both tình yêu technology!

hoặc Aisha. I like Layla because she's good at sports, but I can't beat her. I dislike her when Nabu "dies" she acts like a baby. But Nabu didn't. Go to because there is an episode titled Nabu Returns, the fifteen episode.

Bloom, I don't hate her anymore. I dislike her 20%. I like Bloom because of her bravery, and she never gives up hope about her birth parents. I dislike her because she is too full of herself.

Flora is in my hàng đầu, đầu trang 3. She likes nature as much as I do. She's sweet and kind. I dislike her when the trees were cut, she was weak and she acts like she doesn't have powers. Her powers were drain, but don't act like she doesn't have the powers!

Musa. I like her because she is the fairy of music, we both like music, I don't dislike her one bit.

I tình yêu Stella. She's cool, she is the fairy of the sun and moon/shining sun and we both like the sun, I dislike her when she becomes a girly girl.

Please comment! We all have our opinions.
 Just pretend she is đọc her phone instead
Just pretend she is reading her phone instead
Flora: (writing in her diary)
A last week was the fall formal and it was the perfect night after a week of seeing my ex-boyfriend/Killer, faking my disappearance to buy some time, dealing with our enemies of the past, revealing some of my secrets, and being dead for about ten minutes; but my knight in shining saved me from being dead for an eternity and then at the dance he proposed in the sweetest way, after that we won king and Queen for the black and white Dạ hội giả trang ball. I just hope this week can be a whole lot better as a whole rather than just one ngày that will always be the best day...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Once they got to RF, the boys were talking. Ike just pushed past and stormed off to his room. Helia and Riven glanced at each other nervously and walked toward their room. Once they got in, they saw Ike standing there going through his stuff, obviously looking for something.

"Hey, what are bạn look-" Helia started, but was interrupted bởi the sound of explosions echoing though the halls, shaking the ground. Then a voice boomed through the loudspeaker.

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posted by stellawinx101
It is a bright and sunny morning on Earth. "Hah!" Stella yawns. "What a sunny day!" says Stella. "Good morning," says Bloom and the other Winx as they walk to Stella. "Good morning," says Stella and she yawns again. They all want to go to the Love&Pet cửa hàng but..
Tecna received a message. "Hold on, guys," she says and checked the message using an iPad. "Stella!" she exclaims loudly. "Hmm?" asks Stella. "Solaria, now! Your father, he died!" says Tecna. Stella uses her scepter and they arrived at Solaria.
"Dad!" shouts Stella when she sees her dad lying on the ground tiếp theo to a grave. "Aah!"...
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posted by Flora_xx
 "Hello? Flora?"
"Hello? Flora?"
Sorry it's late! Last time Tecna remembered that they were meant to meet the others but Flora and the others were still in Diana's dungeon. Diana couldn't figure out what she had done to hurt Helia the most but did you?

Lets go to Tecna and the others...

Stella: Hello? Flora?

Tecna: Anyone there?

Bloom: Layla? Flora? Musa?

Brandon: Where do bạn think they are?

Timmy: They're probably still at Diana's hideout

Sky: Yeah, you're probably right Timmy, Lets sit down and wait for them

5 hours later...

Stella: Where ARE THEY?!

Bloom: Calm down...
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 Lilly and Bridget
Lilly and Bridget
Lilly:*walking around Alfea with her Pixie Bridget* Oh, on my first ngày at Alfea and I'm already lost.

Bridget:Dont worry Lilly, even though u earned ur Lovix in the dark realm, u've changed and opened ur tim, trái tim to the powers of light.

Lilly:And what does that have to do with me being lost?


This is a Story of Lilly, a new Fairy to Alfea. Even though she has earned her Lovix already, she still has a lot to learn. She has embarked her journey 2 learn about good magic, she is already very skilled in her powers of Darness and Light, but she wants to learn how to use her Darkness powers...
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 The Winx!
The Winx!
AN: I was bored (As usual) and decided to write this quiz. Since my other câu hỏi kiểm tra was a complete success, (Earning the highest rating in this các câu lạc bộ articles) I just thought: Why not write another?
So, here it is. My newest quiz! Enjoy! (Plus, just to let bạn know that Roxy shall be included in the quiz)


1.You find the ideal ngày to be:

A- Ending perfectly, with nothing at all to do but hang out with your besties!

B- Ending with no homework, so I can have plenty of time to figure our what to wear tomorrow, and get some shopping done!

C- Ending nice,...
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posted by Alifya
With this project, the only is your imagination!

Whatever creature, shape, hoặc theme bạn think of could be living on hàng đầu, đầu trang of your pencil!

What you'll need:

* Craft foam sheets hoặc shapes
* White craft glue
* Scissors
* Pencils

How to make it:

1. Start with two identical sized shapes, such as a vòng tròn hoặc heart. Put glue around the border of one of the shapes, leaving about ¾" where bạn will insert the pencil.
2. Press the một giây shape onto the first, sandwiching them together. The glue will need to dry for several hours, preferably overnight, but bạn can decorate the outside now.
3. Decorate the outside of the craft foam shape using pom-poms, wiggle eyes, other foam shapes, glitter glue, sequins, whatever bạn like.


Drying time is important for this project!
 Another twinxy adventure!
Another twinxy adventure!
(The fight will begins)

Ms Faragonda:Lisa and Siobhan,these will be ur challenges.Trained earth powered nàng tiên Kelly and Amy.
Lisa:Oh great!
Ms Faragonda:Terra and Angelica,ur challenges will also be trained elements powered nàng tiên Zim-Zim and Charla.
Terra:I have a feeling that the confidence is leaving.
Ms Faragonda:Kristina and Rosena,u will fight against trained electricity powered nàng tiên Sandra and Camille.
Kristy;Call the ambulance.
Rosena:We might need the mental hospital.
Ms Faragonda:Sabbra and Sunshime,u will fight against trained air powered nàng tiên Karma and Lucy.
Sunshime:I am sweating!!!!My...
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posted by tslol99
Riven doesnt know what to say after Musa đã đưa ý kiến she is leaving and the other guys r just standing there just well shocked

Musa: Riven earth to Riven
Sky: I think he's in shock hoặc something
Brandon: Yeah I think so to
Musa: Um guys can we have a minute
Everyone but Musa and of course Riven: Sure
Musa: Riven Im sor-
Riven: How long
Musa: How long what
Riven: How long until u leave
Musa: I leave in 2 weeks
Riven: I got to go
(Riven walks away)
Musa: Riven Wait!!!!
(the others come back)
Bloom: What happened Musa
(Musa runs off crying)
Layla: Musa!!
Stella: Well this turned out to b a perfect day
Hiala: We'll go find...
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