All the Details of the Characters of the WINX GIRLS.

I was born on 10th December and my fairy sign is Dragon. I come from Gardenia, on Earth, and I lived there with Vanessa, my mother, and Mike, my father.

One ngày in the park, I met a fairy, Stella, and a big dangerous troll. In order to defend the blonde fairy I used magic powers that I didn't know I had, and from this point my adventure began! I left Earth and went to the magical school of Alfea. Lots of things have changed since then. I met the wicked Trix, I fought against Lord Darkar and Valtor, but above all I found out that I was adopted.

My true parents are Marion and Oritel, Queen and King of Domino! I also have a sister, named Daphne, who unfortunately can't be with me any longer. Yet she often comes and see me in my dreams... Then there is Kiko, my sweet rabbit and my nice Pixie, Lockette.
favourite thực phẩm : pizza
favourite colour : red
favourite hobby : đọc sách about spells!
favourite pet : my little Kiko
ideal boyfriend : Sky!
best Những người bạn : Stella and...Sky!
favourite phim chiếu rạp : Romantic comedies
I tình yêu : playing with Kiko
I hate : tidying my bedroom...
favourite âm nhạc : pop
favourite shoes : comfortable, but stylish too!!
favourite subject : potionology
favourite spell : Dragon's Flame

Hi, I'm Stella! I was born on 18th August and my fairy sign is Mermaid!

I'm from Solaria, a beautiful planet which is full of light! My parents are King Radius and Queen Moon. Their tình yêu story had some ups and downs, because of Countess Cassandra and cruel Valtor... but finally everything turned out right!

I met Bloom in Gardenia: she rescued me from a troll, but thanks to me she found that she is to be one of the most powerful nàng tiên of the Magical Dimensions! My powers have evolved a lot since then: from Enchantix fairy I became the Fairy Godmother! And I hate studying! My affectionate Pixie is Amore, the most romantic minifairy of the Magical Dimensions!
favourite thực phẩm : chips
favourite colour : green
favourite hobby : shopping, shopping and thêm shopping!
favourite pet : all little puppies...
ideal boyfriend : my lovely Brandon...
best Những người bạn : Bloom and Brandon!
favourite phim chiếu rạp : comedies!
I tình yêu : mhmh, shopping??
I hate : not going shopping...
favourite âm nhạc : anything that makes me dance!
favourite shoes : all. One for each occasion!
favourite subject : must i choose? Metamorphology
favourite spell : Moon Ray!

A fairy hello!!! I'm Flora, I was born in Linphea on 1st March and my fairy sign is Dryad.

I couldn't live without the scent of hoa and plants. That's why my room looks like a small garden! I like studying and I try to do my best in everything I do.

I also tình yêu nghề viết văn poems, a passion that I found thanks to Helia, a special boy who always stand bởi me. Someone say I'm a bit shy, especially my Pixie Chatta, who is a real "motormouth" bạn can guess!
favourite thực phẩm : home-made cakes!
favourite colour : pink
favourite hobby : gardening!
favourite pet : butterflies...
ideal boyfriend : Helia...
best Những người bạn : Aisha and Helia!
favourite phim chiếu rạp : romantic movies...
I tình yêu : staying with my plants!
I hate : shopping with Stella :-).
favourite âm nhạc : reggae
favourite shoes : soft slippers!
favourite subject : botany
favourite spell : Giant Nettles.

Hello, I'm Layla! I was born on 15th June in Andros and my fairy sign is Chimera.

I tình yêu dancing and doing sports, and I face every difficulty with no fear. My parents are the King and Queen of Andros: they care about me even if we sometimes argue. They place utmost importance on etiquette but on the contrary I prefer diễn xuất spontaneously!

I'm very determined and am always on the move: on the other hand, my Pixie Piff is a big sleepyhead!
favourite thực phẩm : pasta!
favourite colour : orange
favourite hobby : sports!
favourite pet : horses...
ideal boyfriend : Nabu...
best Những người bạn : Flora and Nabu!
favourite phim chiếu rạp : adventure movies...
I tình yêu : swimming for hours!
I hate : potionology.
favourite âm nhạc : r&b, pop, hip-hop
favourite shoes : sneakers
favourite subject : magical gym and dance lessons
favourite spell : Morphix

Hi guys, I'm Tecna! :D I was born in Zenith on 16th December and my fairy sign is Triton!

I'm fond of everything has got to do with technology! In my spare time I tình yêu inventing and creating new devices, hoặc I switch on my pc and I venture in new thrilling challenges against Digit, my dearest Pixie!
As bạn might have guessed, I'm a very rational girl and I always use logic to face all situations.
This can make me seem cold and detached, but my closest Những người bạn know that I'm very tender and generous!

Now that I'm a Fairy Godmother, a new challenge has started for me... but I'm 100% sure that it will be one of the most beautiful adventures that a fairy could wish for!
favourite thực phẩm : spinach
favourite colour : light-blue
favourite hobby : videogames!
favourite pet : dolphins
ideal boyfriend : Timmy
bestfriends : Musa and Timmy
favourite phim chiếu rạp : sci-fi
I tình yêu : creating new inventions
I hate : nothing
favourite âm nhạc : pop & jazz
favourite shoes : comfortable!
favourite subject : electromagic
favourite spell : Laser Ray

Hi! I am Musa and I was born on 30th May. My fairy sign is Elf!

I come from Melody, a wonderful planet where âm nhạc is the real Queen! I inherited the passion for âm nhạc from my parents. My mother Matlin, is a great singer, and my father Ho-Boe, is an extraordinary drummer! Now my days are very busy because of the lessons (I have become a Fairy Godmother!), but this doesn't prevent me from learning to play an instrument per week!

My blind spot? Riven, a slightly complicated boy, who makes my tim, trái tim beat faster! My Pixie, it may sound strange, is Tune, the minifairy of Good Manners! Why strange? Beh, bạn don't know me then!
favourite thực phẩm : spicy food!
favourite colour : yellow
favourite hobby : playing & singing!
favourite pet : golden fish!
ideal boyfriend : Riven, when he is in a good mood.
bestfriend : Tecna and... Riven (when he is in a good mood)
favourite movie s: comedies and video clips!
I love: learning to play new instruments!
I hate : arguing with Riven
favourite âm nhạc : hip-hop, r&b, jazz, rock and classical music!
favourite shoe s: sneakers
favourite subject : Musical Creation
favourite spell : Sonic Wave.

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I hope bạn like it[/b]