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posted by Hraesvelg
For many Delena những người hâm mộ the last episode will always stay among the favourite ones. This aim of this article, however, is not to swoon over the kissing scene, but to open a discussion about the future of our favourite triangle.

Skipping the history lesson we all know too well, I'll put phía trước, chuyển tiếp several facts about the triangle:
1.    Katherine and Elena look the same.
2.    Katherine and Elena have different personalities.
3.    Stefan and Damon have different personalities.
4.    Katherine chose Stefan over Damon.
5.    Stefan...
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This is thêm to do with the T.V hiển thị than the books. This is not carried on from anything, it's just a made up thing. So Stefan has left Mystic Falls without saying good bye to Elena. Elena is still upset a tháng after Stefan has left. Elena knows that Damon knew Stefan was leaving and is angry at him for not forcing him to stay. She has seen Damon around but has not spoken to him preoperly until this point.
I know this thing I've written is a bit sexy and steamy, but I wanted to give the Vampire Diaries readers and viewers the thing that I'm sure they've been looking for. Enjoy :D

The doorbell...
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