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Chapter 2

Damon was feeling even thirstier than he was when he went into the cinema, the sky was growing dark now, and he needed to feed.

The girl who rejected him made his thirst thêm intense, her rejection made him want her even more; he wasn't going to give up until she was his.

He walked down a dark alley, a girl was walking through he stalked over to her like a predator preparing to pounce.

"You shouldn't be out bởi yourself at night, bạn never know what might be lurking in the shadows" Damon steeped in front of her with a smirk on his lips.

The girls brown hair swung phía trước, chuyển tiếp as she stopped quickly so she wouldn't fall into him, she smiled at him not believing her luck at meeting a man who looked like he should be a model.

"Thanks for the advice" she said, looking him up and down.

"You're not scared of me," Damon voice was entrancing as the girl's eyes followed his.

"I'm not scared of you" the girl repeated drowsily, compelled.

"Good, then this won't hurt a bit" Damon tilted her head and sunk his fangs into her neck, he felt himself getting stronger as he gained life essence but it wasn't as satisfying as usual, this wasn't the neck he wanted to drink from. He wanted the girl with the lapis lazuli eye's blood, he wanted to be drinking her sweet smelling temptation of blood but for now he had to settle for một giây best, which was the girl in his hands that was nearly drained now.

He drew back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, the girl's body was limp in his arms, he checked her breathing, it was faint but at least he left her with one, Damon thought thinking he had done her a favour.

He laid her down against the wall, feeling guilty for a một giây before turning his emotions off, he couldn't take her to the Boarding House, Stefan was fed up with having to take Damon's 'friends' home.

She would regain consciousness soon, Damon thought as he walked away, not that he cared…

Elena tried to get her breathing back to normal before her Những người bạn came back, she didn't want to ruin their night bởi telling them a stranger had tried to get her to come trang chủ with him.

She tried to reassure herself that she might never see him again, because it took a lot of effort to say no to him, she was angry at herself that she had forgot about Matt when she was staring into the man's deep eyes.

She was quiet for the rest of the film, while Bonnie cried over the sad ending all Elena could her was laughter playing over in her head, the contagious laughter that had grabbed her attention, his laughter.

When she got home, she collapsed onto her bed, kicking off her shoes and grabbing her diary, her pen hovered over the paper unsure of how to describe her feelings hoặc the irresistible looks of a certain someone.

She just couldn't, she felt like nghề viết văn about him would be like cheating on Matt, so instead she just wrote,

Never go see romance films again

She closed and hid it, replacing her dress with a nightgown, she slipped into giường shutting her eyes and letting the darkness take over her.

The tiếp theo three girls Damon drunk from had blond hair, but none had the exact shade he carved for.

He sent out a blast of Power probing minds until he found the one he had earlier familiarised himself with. He climbed a cây that overlooked her bedroom window, he could easily compel her to open the window and invite him in while she slept but instead he watched her.

She looked peaceful in her sleep, her face was relaxed, and her breathing was slow and deep compared to what it had been at the cinema. The animal inside Damon wanted to bite into her pale neck that was exposed bởi her low cut nightgown, but Damon didn't want to take her bởi force, he liked a challenge.

He watched her until the early hours of the morning too intrigued to take his eyes off her. Finally he left to plan his scheme to make her his, it was only a matter of time…

Elena shoved her diary into her over-the-shoulder bag, checking her reflection in the mirror; she was wearing tight jeans with a dark blue fitted top, adjusting her hair she left the house.

She walked towards the cemetery, it offered her what she needed, comfort. She couldn't understand herself, she thought she loved Matt, sure she had her doubts but she thought that was because he was thêm like a friend to her.

When she reached the cemetery she sat down opposite her parent's gravestones, pulling out her diary, she waited for the words to flow from her but nothing came.

"Writer's block?" her head whipped around, to see black designer jeans, she looked up to see him, how did she not hear him, again and why was he here?

He looked different in the sunlight, his feature were clear, thêm defined. "Uh, sort of" she đã đưa ý kiến closing her diary; she definitely wouldn't be able to write now.

"Need some inspiration?" his eyes shined, she didn't know whether he was flirting hoặc being serious.

"I'll survive" she đã đưa ý kiến getting to her feet.

"Damon Salvatore" he đã đưa ý kiến extending his hand,

"Elena Gilbert" she đã đưa ý kiến placing her hand in his, a feeling of attraction flowing through her. Instead of shaking her hand he brought it up to his lips, and kissed it lightly, taking her breath away.

"Elena" he repeated, thankful for finally getting to know her name, "It's nice to meet you"

"We met before" Elena đã đưa ý kiến feeling tim, trái tim racing.

"Not properly, and saying as you're not nghề viết văn anymore, why don't we get to know each other a little better."

She could feel herself moving closer to him, unable to respond. He slowly placed his hand on her arm, pulling her into him, his lips only inches away, a smile forming on them. Then her cell phone vibrated in her pocket, pulling her out of her trance, she looked around her, confused.

She was about to Kiss Damon when she already had a boyfriend, she hated herself for it. Damon wasn't impressed, he wanted to rip the phone from her pocket and kill whoever had interrupted them. Elena grabbed her phone looking for a distraction to lust she felt towards Damon.

It was a text message from Matt, Caroline's having a party tonight 8o'clock. See bạn there x

Damon glared down at the phone, another scheme forming in his head…
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 greatest couple ever!!!
greatest couple ever!!!
Caution: may contain spoilers from The Return: Shadow Souls

Also if your a Stefan/Elena shipper.... please dont hate me

Since I began đọc the Vampire Diaries series, there hasn't been one moment I haven't thought Elena and Damon belonged together. From the time of their first intense meeting in the gym at her school, I've loved these two together. Not only is Damon hot, wild and dangerous, he is an unapologeticly unique character. While Stefan sits around and whines about the road his life has taken, Damon has accepted his new life and hasn't looked back once. Needless to say, when the Return...
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