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A few hours later.
Jeremy lied in his bed, his eyes squeezed. He would force himself to sleep. He had been running for hours, helped Alaric with some chores, cleaned up his room, and now he was really tired. Sleeping shouldn’t be a problem. He would give in to the night.
The windows swung open, the glass shattered and rained down on the floor. Jeremy raised up and crawled backwards against the head of his bed. He saw a pencil floating in the air, but knew either Vicky hoặc Anna was holding it. “What, you’re going to write ‘Don’t sleep’ on my wall? I have to sleep, I can’t fight the fatigue forever” Jeremy yelled. “There was a time bạn could” Vicky’s voice đã đưa ý kiến cold. “I’m not using drugs anymore” Jeremy said. “Not since bạn left, died” “Well, maybe bạn should, Jer. It would save us a lot of trouble if bạn could keep those pretty eyes of yours open” Vicky said. Now about a dozen pencils were floating in the air. How was that possible? Anna and Vicky both had two hands, so the two of them together could only hold four pencils. How could the other pencils… As realization hit his brain he gasped and tried to get out of bed. But then the pencils flew his way and pierced themselves into his arms. As he screamed he felt a sudden and invisible weight at the end. He knew someone was crawling on the giường and he was paralyzed bởi fear. “You’re dead. bạn can’t hurt me” Jeremy said, not very convinced. “Well , that’s a good thing” Anna said, who was now visible to Jeremy. “That means this won’t hurt you” She grabbed his hair, put his head down and pierced her fangs in his flesh. Though she couldn’t really feed on him and there was no blood, it felt like someone was stabbing knives in his neck.
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 The Talk Over due
The Talk Over due
"So there it is," Damon says to Stefan. "There it is," Stefan echos. "But it's okay, because if loving Elena means bạn protect her, I'm fine. But I have something bạn never will...her respect." As soon as the words leave Stefans' mouth, Damon lashes out. With one blow he sends Stefan flying into a bookcase, makeing a trail of sách fall to the floor along with Stefan. "Listen here little brother and listen close. I'll only say this once. Yes, I'm in ove with Elena, and no i don't have her respect. But what makes bạn think your little relationship will last? The big bad vampire issue will come...
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