Chương trình truyền hình Nhật ký ma cà rồng My yêu thích lines/moments from "The Return". Yours?

Pick one:
"You mean I'm not a vampire. Dammit!"
"If bạn want to forget it happened, fine. But I can't!" (The way he says can't!)
Damon's face when he puts 2 & 2 together. "Oh. Hm, bạn gotta be kidding me!"
Damon's face when Stefan asks what happened when Kat pose as Elena. (LOL!)
Well, bạn know, when two lips pucker and go *smoochx2*
"I'm just gonna ignore the bitch. See ya!"
"Then what?"/"Stake her, rip her head off, something poetic. We'll see..."
"Jersey Shore's on!!" (Oh, Caroline...)
Carol & Sheriff Forbes argue, Damon wants to cut in but they don't let him
Kat fakes pain to Bonnie's power: "I've been around a long time, Bonnie"(Go Kat!)
"Damon was much happier to see me... then again he thought I was your girlfriend"
"I kissed you, thought bạn kissed me back, doppelganger hijinks enusued... "
"...In your case it was true, my dad was a dick" / "Yeah. Yeah, he was"
Stefan wasn't obsessed w/ Kat: "Based on your choice of women I'd say otherwise"
"Ooh... cover up, Fabio!" (HA!)
"I'm not gonna fight you" / "Why?! I'd fight me!"
"Don't pout. It's not attractive on a woman your age" (Total win!)
"I'm better at enigmatic one-liners, Katherine" (SO true)
Damon/Katherine super hot Kiss
Damon's speech to ask Kat if she ever loved him (Sad! Poor Damon!)
You're the liar, Elena. There is something between the two of us and bạn know it
Damon after DE kiss: "Lie about this" (sad and sexy at the same time)
"I was hoping bạn could give the Salvatore brothers a message... game on"
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